The deal

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Chapter three- How on earth

Okay this chapter is Bobby's POV I hope you don't mind at the switch of Pov.

B O B B Y R O B E R T ' S P. O. V.

In the cafeteria I was sitting alone, the bell rang for the next period and at that time I didn't have any classes to attend to so I sat down and continued to think about the maths assignment we got today, it's not that I can't solve it or anything but it's just that Ryan my best friend is too playful, always staring at girls and stuff like that and there are better things like maths to do. I promise I'm not going to help him to do that assignment if he isn't ready to help himself and according to my dad we need to learn to work together to take over our parents business as partners.

Well whatever.

Suddenly, think of the devil and he appears. Ryan came over and sat down "what up, ma man" then he hit my shoulders a little before stating "you're always lost in your thoughts, c'mon Bobby tell me if you've found the perfect girl"

"Shut up" I glare at him "when on Earth are you ever going to become serious? When you wanna become a successful business man in future then I don't think girls come in contact with that"

"Then who you gonna fuck to give you kids, to you know, take over your company when you die?"

Then I gave him this shut up glare because honestly if he talked one more time, I think I am going to loose my manners.

Cool down Bobby. It's not time for all that.

Then suddenly a cool guy named Harry just came over "hey Ryan, am throwing a party tonight and you both are invited"

"Seriously?" Ryan 3xcitedly asked.

"Well only if you want" he said and left.

Then Ryan and I looked at each other "I'm not going" I broke the silence.

"Come-on" then he pouted "try and be free for once"

"I am being free. With my books that is, which I think you should also join me"

"I'm pretty sure the only reason you don't wanna come for the party is because you're so ruthless you don't have a girlfriend"

Then I almost choked hearing what he just told me. "Me? Course I have a girl to take, who's your girl?" I asked defensively.

"I'm taking Rachel Pott."

"I...I well" nothing came into my head.

Just say a name.

Which name?

Any name.

Like my name?

A popular girl!

"Irene" I blurted out and felt him stiffen.


"You heard me. Ivy Star is my girlfriend...well we keep it secret"

He first of all laughed at my ridiculous statement before finally saying "prove it"


"You can start by taking her to the party"

"Why would I wanna prove it to you"

"If you do, then I'll agree to learn some maths with you. And I'll be serious"

It took me a while before I finally agreed with my inner self even though I had no idea of what I was doing, I always find a way to make my things work (not to brag but I was born smart).

Then I agreed to the deal.

But now the question in my head is.

How on Earth am I gonna get Ivy Star to be my girlfriend for a day talkless of a week?

So now I think I have introduced both sides to the story, maybe it's time they meet each other.

How will this two different worlds collide?

Let's read and find out.

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