The deal

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Chapter four- here's your phone

I R E N E F R E D R I C K ' S P. O. V.

After classes today, I headed up to the parking lot to go back home, none of the girls got a detention today, apart from Tasha. When I arrived at my car, I noticed Heather from the other corner of the scene glaring at me.

Whatever the fuck she wants she better come here and tell me or else I'd freak out.

Well I shrug anyways but when I was about to get into my car, I hear someone call my full name "Irene"

Noone calls me Irene apart from my mom

Well it was clear that that was not my mom because of the masculine voice, I turned around and my eyes met up with the one and only Bobby Robert Jones.

"What the fuck." I almost had a heart attack when I turned over and saw him looking at me, perhaps he saw me looking at him today in the cafeteria and he wanted to talk to me about it.

Hell no Ivy now pull yourself together.

"What." I started.

"I was wondering if, you would like to go with me to tonight's party"


"Excuse me?" I asked for confirmation and when he wanted to speak again, I said sharply "no. You...and...I?" Then I paused a bit "hell no" before I turned to get in my car.

How on Earth do you just walk up to someone (as a nerd may I mention) and confidently ask the person/popular girl to go out with you to 'Tonights Party.' I may do well on the bed and all but I'm not cheap.

What is this? Prom?

Before I left, I heard him call [once again] my full name.

"Irene" then I turned about. "Here's your phone" and he gave my phone to me.

I first looked into his eyes with many questions going through my mind of how he got my phone, but then I just assumed it fell off my back pocket before muttering "thanks" and leaving.

Well that was weird.

And it's about to get weirder.

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