Him & I (A mafia romance)

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Her fate was sealed as soon as she locked eyes with him.... Adrien Luciano. Businessman to the world, Italian mafia boss under it. He carries a dangerous aura, which makes even the strongest cower. He was the devil himself, with his sexy, alluring looks that were born in perfection. Mariah Rivers, born into a middle-class family. She runs away from home as she couldnt control her emotions anymore. She realises that she is being chased by a gang of boys. What happens when she bumps into the Mafia boss on her way of looking for protection? Contains mature themes and strong language. 🔞

Romance / Erotica
Midnight ✨
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Chapter 1

Adrien's POV:

Screams echoed in the air of my torture dungeon.

I smirked at the man, Caleb, who tried to betray me to our rival gang.

"p-please d-dont hu-urt m-me!" he begged and begged.

I loathe traitors. He wanted to double-cross me when i own him. I own every breath he takes, every movement he makes, everytime he blinks.

Now he will suffer. Every breath till his last, every movement until he goes limp.

"Rompi ogni osso del suo corpo e tagliagli il cazzo. Voglio che le sue urla vengano udite attraverso le pareti insonorizzate." I ordered. ("Break every bone in his body and cut his dick off. I want his screams to be heard through the soundproof walls.")

"Ci boss." My best friend/second in command, Damien replied. We are really close. He is basically my brother. ("yes boss")

I exited my mansion and drove to my private jet. I was going to London to meet my third in command, Ethan. Him, Me and Damien are inseparable.

Ethan was there to complete a mission. He had to find out which mafia boss dared to send their filthy rat (Caleb) to reveal our secrets.

2 and a half hours later:

It was Midnight. Me and Ethan exchanged greetings and smiled.

One of the guards, dropped their gun in shock.

I gave him a menacing glare. He gulped and quickly picked his gun and returned back to his stiff posture.

"ho mandato uno dei nostri uomini a seguire le tracce che abbiamo trovato sull'impostore. Dobbiamo incontrarlo nella parte est di Londra. Stanno seguendo qualcuno." (i sent one of our men to follow the traces we found of the imposter. We need to meet him in the east part of london. They are following someone.)

Half an hour later:

We got our guns out and started walking slowly.

The reason I am here and not waiting at one of my London mansions is because I am not those type of mafia bosses that sit and let all their men do the fun stuff.

I crave action. I heard loads of footsteps. I dont bother hiding, loving the thrill of a new fighting opponent/s.

As I stared into the abyss, the most beautiful women caught my eyes. She was sweating, her hair was dark brown and messy from the wind hitting on it. Her midnight blue eyes glimmered in the moonlight with desperation. Despite looking like she escaped from an asylum, she looked PERFECT.

She was running towards me, not even paying attention to what was infront of her because she was too busy looking behind.

She was running from a gang of boys. My instincts wanted to protect her and save her from those malicious beasts and make her mine forever.

She bumped into me causing her to fall. I catched her before she hit the ground.

"P-please help m-me!" she cried. She hid behind me.

I was angry...very angry. How dare they touch what belonged to me. As soon as I layed my eyes on her, she became mine.

BANG! BANG! BANG! I SHOT eithout thinking twice. Her eyes widened with shock and fear.

My men shot the others but the boss unfortunately ran away.

"Era l'uomo che stavamo cercando. Se n'è andato." Ethan said. (He was the man we were looking for. He got away).

"Shit." I cursed. From the corner of my eyes, i saw the girl was about to run.

I grabbed her wrist tightly making her since.

"Where do you think you going, babygirl?" I whispered to her ear, making her shiver.

"T-thank y-you for saving m-me but i got to go." She stuttered, her voice barely a whisper at the end.

She was scared of me. Was it because if the guns? Yeah, it probably was.

"I dont think so mi amore. You belong to me now. You don't have to be afraid. I will not hurt you" I said. (my love)

I could not believe the words coming from my mouth. Me, Adrien Luciano, the most merciless torturer will not hurt this special girl.

"I-I am not scared. " she stated, trying to make herself sound confident although she stuttered at the beginning.

On second thoughts, i wouldn't mind torturing her a different way.

"sure you aren't... stellina." (little star)

I threw her over my shoulder know that if i let her go, she will try to escape me...not that I would let her.

"Let me go!" she screamed. She kicked and punched me, not like it made a difference.

"I'm afraid I can't do that princess." I said.

She tried to knee my manhood but i predicted her move and stopped her.

"You wouldn't want to do that.... someone is getting too fiesty. If you behave like a bad girl daddy will have to punish you."

Her breath hitched and she stayed still for a few seconds. I could tell I had an effect on her.

She tried to wiggle her way through. I spanked her hard. She whimpered.

We walked to our private jet. Everyone didnt say a word. I kinda wish the girl could try to move or escape. I wish I could punish her.

I dropped her on the bed in one of the rooms in the jet so we could have some privacy.

Her eyes were closed. Her breasts were rising up and down with her breathing. She looked like an angel.

Little did i know that she was a devil. A cheeky little vixen who will brighten up my life from its darkness.

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