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What will happen when Skylar Reign, the school freak, finds out that she's mated to her devilishly handsome twin Alphas? _________ Freak, that's what they call me. Just because of one mistake, one tragic mistake I made. Something I couldn't control. You see, I'm different from all the others, and for some reason that makes me an outcast. I'm a cross-breed. Half werewolf, half witch and my powers are out of control. I never expected to find my mate, never mind to have two of them, and they just happen to be the future Alphas of my pack. The place I've been dreaming to escape from for years but the question is, now that they have me, are they willing to let me go? *** [ Can be read as a stand-alone ]

Romance / Fantasy
โ˜… 4.8
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 ~ A Ride

Skylar's P.O.V

I gently start to tug a brush through my long blonde curls, before throwing them into a high ponytail. My violet coloured eyes stare back at from the mirror and for moment I think it's my mother again.

I quickly shake off the thought and leave my small bathroom, averting my eyes from the mirror. It's been almost 6 years since the incident. Since the first time I became in touch with my powers.

You see, my mother was a special kind of a witch. She was born as part of one of the most powerful covens in the world, and alongside my Aunt Jessica, she was raised to rule over it. That was until my mother accidentally stumbled into the New Moon pack and met her mate, my father.

My father was one of the top ranked and trusted warriors of the New Moon pack. He was patrolling the border when he just happened to stumble upon a blonde haired girl, who looked crazed, with mud caked all over her clothes and dirt smeared across her cheeks, but still my father said he never knew true beauty until that night.

Apparently they fell in love as soon as their eyes met, light purple clashing with chocolatey brown, underneath the moonlight sky. According to my father, it was as if time had stopped and all it took were two minutes for them to calm completely in love with one another.

My mother gave up her position of ruling the coven and it took months of convincing and begging too the elders for them to let her go. Then, they got married and had me a year later. The perfect life, right?

Their love story is one for the ages and they would recite it to me every night before bed. I still remember the love in their eyes as they replayed the memories out loud, but unfortunately life isn't a fairytale.

Most people don't get their happily ever after, and they're most likely ripped away when you least expect it.

My mother died when I was six, from cancer. Despite being a witch, no spell could save her. Even magic can't cure cancer.

I watched the life slowly drain out of her every day, until one day she was simply gone. I still remember how broken my father was that night.

There was a month long period of mourning, where he drank himself to sleep and isolated himself into his bedroom. It wasn't until my Aunt Jessica threatened to take me away that he snapped out of his funk and became the strong man I always knew.

He was loving and caring and sweet. He raised his daughter all on his own and put his own heartbreak aside just to raise me right. He always told me that I was his moon and in turn he was mine.

We were each other's everything, and we actually happy until that one horrific night. The night I killed my father.

It was a full moon, meaning my powers and wolf were stronger than ever. I had just turned 12, and the moon was at its highest peak. I don't even know how or when, but I started to shift. My bones began to crack and fur started to sprout along my body. My face was contorting into a whole different shape and I was screaming out in total pain and agony.

I remember it all like it was yesterday. My father came running in, concern and panic plastered all over his face. My body was in half-shift and my father was trying everything he could to calm me down.

The magic in my body was trying to fight the shift, making it so much more painful, and eventually I just let go. My powers ripped through my body and the magic won.

Blasts of magic shot out of my fingertips and I flew back, colliding with the tv. The noise it made was almost deafening, so I knew it was only a matter of time, before people began storming into here.

My whole body was extremely sore and worn out, and it took me a minute to realise I was in my human form again. I remember the feeling of relief I felt. Relief that I hadn't shifted and torn our house apart, relief that everything was fine, but it wasn't.

I crawled over to the limp body, sprawled across the floor. A hole burned through his chest and his eyes shut closed forever. Glass crunched underneath the palms of my hands, digging into them, but the pain was nothing I felt compared to the feeling of knowing my father was dead.

I held him tightly in my arms, tears streaming down my cheeks and hitting his lifeless body, for what must have been mere minutes, before warriors came swarming in.

Everyone stood still in shock, staring at the dead man and the wailing girl. The house was a mess, the carpet and walls were all burnt, and I was sitting there with ripped clothes.

The Alpha made the first move, pushing past them all, but he froze upon seeing the scene too. Luna Jade gasped in horror, clinging to her mate's arm, with tears filling up in her eyes.

My father and Alpha Kaiden were close friends. I can't count the numerous times we went over to his house for dinner and dined with him, the Luna and their three children.

They looked at me the way everyone looks at me now, like I'm a monster. That was the first time I realised I'm different, I'm bad, I'm evil. I'm a monster that should have never been created. A cross between a witch and a werewolf, that isn't natural. It isn't right.

It didn't matter if they didn't think I did it, I admitted it. That was the least I could have done for my father. Admitted guilt.

If it wasn't for my Aunt Jessica, I probably would have be in the pack cells by now or dead. I wouldn't mind the latter.

My Aunt Jessica promised Alpha Kaiden that she would take me away and train me, help me to control my powers. Unfortunately, my powers are out of control. It's like they have a mind of their own, so now I simply keep them dormant.

For some reason, my Aunt forced me to return back to the New Moon pack and finish up my studies. Once I graduate though, I'm out of here. No looking back, no more being afraid of myself because I'll finally be free of my past.

I've been back here for about a two years now. Of course everyone knows the psycho girl who killed her own father. The freak who has magic powers. Being in high school is hard enough, but with everyone knowing about my morbid past, it's even worse.

I quickly spread some jam over my buttered toast and then grab my bag, before running out. I can't be late again, I've already got three tardies.

I lock the door and then start to run to school. Perks of being a wolf, I don't run out of breath easily, but it does get hard when I'm carrying a piece of toast in my mouth.

I live right on the edge of the border, in a small little cottage. It's perfect though. The closet neighbour is about a mile away and I'm surrounded by trees. Lots and lots of trees. It also makes perfect practice for when I shift or the rare occasion when I actually try and practice magic. It never goes well though, always ends with me knocking down a tree or two.

I make it with five minutes to spare and I stand outside the gates of hell, taking a breath, before having to deal with all the torment I get and deserve.

The minute I set foot in the place, I'm tripping over someone's leg and falling face flat on the floor. My head collided with the hard surface and I lift myself to get up, when a familiar high heeled boot presses me back down.

"Eat the floor, freak." Bethany's nasally voice giggles, digging her boot further into my back. I bit my lip to try and muffle the pain, as usual. My screams just urge them to hurt me further, sadly I know from experience.

The bell rang, once again becoming my saviour, and the boot is removed from my back. I glance up only to find his black orbs with tiny golden flakes in the iris, staring down at me. He leans against the lockers, his black shirt straining against his bulging muscles, and arms crossed over his chest. His hair is styled as it usually is, gelled back to perfection, and he's wearing a pair of dark ripped jeans that fit him perfectly.

Jack Walker. One of the most popular guys in the school, and future Alpha of the pack.

Also a major dick and asshole. His girlfriend Bethany however, is much worse. She's my worst tormenter and given herself the job of making my everyday a miserable one.

"Come on babe, we're gonna be late because of this bitch. Let's go," She flips her shiny red hair over her shoulder and grabs onto his collar, pulling him into her. She kisses him hard and sticks her tongue into her mouth. I almost gag at the sight of them sharing their own spit and then she pulls away, licking her lips slightly.

"Don't gawk at my boyfriend freak. He's mine." I pulled myself up off the floor and rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, like I would." I mutter underneath my breath, but clearly not quiet enough from the raging on Bethany's face.

"What? You don't think my boyfriend's hot Skylar." Fuck, this is bad. She only ever calls me by my actually name when she's furious. I looked around for help but I was stuck in a deserted hallway with only Jack and Bethany.

"Should I? I mean, either way you're gonna be pissed off so there's really no right answer. Now, can I leave? I've got class to get too, you know the place where we learn stuff. I have to actually get there, but please feel free to stay and have a good fuck in the hallways." I heard Jack try to stifle his laughter and for some reason I smiled at the thought of being able to make him laugh. I gave Bethany a big smile, before turning away to storm off.

I didn't get far as Bethany's hand shot out and grabbed a fistful of my hair. I screamed out and fell to the ground in a heap. The contents of my bag spilled out and my head was throbbing in pain.

"Know your place freak." She spat, before walking away. I blinked away my tears and slowly sat up, picking up all my stuff. I felt a pair of eyes on me and noticed Jack still standing there staring at me. He didn't speak as he kicked off the wall and followed after Bethany like a lost sheep.

I sighed in frustration and reached for my notebook, when someone else picked it up instead. A hand shot out and I reached up to grab it.

"I've been looking for you everywhere. Let me guess, Bethany?" Will said, giving me a knowing look. I grabbed the notebook off him and stuffed it in my bag, giving him a smile.

"Who else?" He groaned and wrapped an arm around my shoulder, letting me rest my head on his.

Will is my only friend and the friendliest guy in the world. He's the only one who's ever looked at me like I'm not a monster or a freak. I know that he knows everything about my past, but not once in our two years of friendship has he ever mentioned it. I have to admit that I used to have kind of a crush on him. He's attractive in a geeky way with his honey blonde hair, bright blue eyes, a cheeky smile and round glasses but now I just see him as a friend, a brother even.

People stare at us when we walk down the hallways. Will is automatically branded as an outcast for just being seen with me but he doesn't care. According to him he'd rather be me be his only friend, than have a bunch of fake friends with no lives. We bond over our mutual love for pizza and horror flicks, which is enough for us.

It hurts sometimes when I realise I've only got one friend. It hurts even more when I realise I'm going to have none when I leave this place.

Even the Alpha hates me. If he had his way then I would banished from the New Moon pack forever, but thankfully Luna Jade managed to persuade him otherwise. Her, her daughter Lola and Will are the only people who actually like me. The others are simply disgusted with me or afraid.

"Baxter is going to kill us for being late again." He muttered, as we reached our English class. It didn't matter if Bethany was bullying me and her and friends abused me on a daily basis, Jack is her boyfriend, therefore she can do whatever she wants.

"Ahh Miss Reign and Mr Summers, how great of you to join us. You can now come up to the front and explain to us the key themes in Pride and Prejudice." He said sarcastically, a big fake smile plastered on his face. I had the urge to call him a bastard in-front if everyone but it really wasn't worth the hour detention.

"I'll do it." I stepped to the front, and gestured for Will to sit down. After all, it was my fault he was late. He tried to protest but we both knew literature wasn't his strong point.

"Key themes in Pride and Prejudice. Let's see." I pretended to put some thought into it, before showing off.

"Gender, class, integrity, reputation, family and most importantly love." Will sent me a sly thumbs up, causing me smile proudly. I am so glad that I spend two hours studying every night.

"Hmm, why love as the most important?" Mr Baxter countered, giving me a clear look of distaste.

"Well, why not? It is known as one of the greatest romance novels of all time. Darcy and Elizabeth's love story is the main plot line. Without, would the book even be as successful as it is? Let's just face it, us as a society crave to read about things we don't have. Love being one of those things. Love is rare and only a lucky few ever get such a thing, so to read about it, to become immersed in the love tale itself is something millions want. That's why it's the most important." I took in the shocked looks from my fellow pupils, even Mr Baxter mouth was practically hanging open. I gave everyone a shy smile, before quickly scurrying to the back and taking my seat.

"Well, anyway let's get on with the lesson. So Macbeth, a story about a Scottish king and..." I drowned the rest of the lesson out. I already knew all of this. My Aunt made sure to teach me about every Shakespeare play known to man. She even has a theory that Shakespeare was a witch himself.

"Hey sleeping beauty, let's go." Will whispers in my ear, bringing me out of my peaceful slumber.

"Uh, what's next?" He flipped open his book to his timetable and showed me the syllabus, causing me to groan out loud.

"Fuck!" Today was the day when me and Will have absolutely no other classes together. There's English and that's it.

"Okay, I'll see you at lunch."

"No, I have to practice my music then. Mr Fieldstone wants me to work on another song, for extra credit." He rolls his eyes but nods anyway.

"Fine, see you later then." I turn to leave, when grabs my arm.

"Sky, be careful." His tone turns completely serious. I give him a reassuring hug and whisper I promise in his ear.

I head to my next class, maths. The most dreaded subject and then go to music. Mr Fieldstone is probably the only teacher who I actually like and in return likes me back. I spend every minute I can in either the library or music room. He's also the one who inspired to take music.

"Okay, okay, that's great. You know, you can go if you want Skylar. Go enjoy your lunch." Mr Fieldstone says, trying to usher me out.

"No, it's needs to be perfect." He rolls his eyes and chuckles.

"Such a perfectionist. Okay fine, from the top." I start to sing from the beginning and close my eyes, imagining I'm all alone.

Mr Fieldstone is a middle-aged man with salt and pepper hair. He prides himself on being apart of a band that's had one hit single and always has a smile on his face. Sometimes I think I about if that's what my father would be like today. A happy man, despite having broken heart.

The rest of day runs smoothly. I go to the rest of my classes, without bumping into Bethany or one of her minions, so I end with day without so much as a scratch. Will sends me a text saying that his mum wants him home straight away, so I decide to spend an hour or two in the library.

Money is tight in my household. I don't have time to get a job and it's not like anyone would hire me anyway, so I survive solely on the money Aunt Jessica sends me every month. The library is a big help. I normally take about ten books home a week and read them all within a couple of days. I also love to go for the company as well. Miss Sharpe is the school librarian and one of meanest strictest women I've ever met, but for some reason she likes me.

"Back for more." She says knowing it's me, without even having to look up.

"Who else would dare risk seeing your wrath?" She chuckles but stops after a couple of seconds

"Go pick your books." She orders and just like that I head for the shelves.

I take my time, since there's no-one at home waiting for me, and pick out five books. I'm about to leave when I notice the spine of bright pink book standing out, amongst all the black.

Curiously, I take out the book and read the blurb. Dangerous desires is the title and it definitely suits the blurb and picture on the front cover. If I didn't know any better, I would think this is a erotica. I can't believe Miss Sharpe would have such a book on her shelves.

I glanced over Miss Sharpe, who was busy with her head buried in a book, giving me time to quickly stuff it in my bag. No way am I letting her know I'm taking this one home, and besides it's not stealing if I'm going to return it.

"Just these." I pile the five books into her desk and wait for her to log them all in the system. I quickly leave, avoiding all eye contact, and make my way to the exit.

"Watch it freak." I'm pushed to the ground and cry out as my knees smash against the hard floors.

"You can't even fucking see properly. What a mistake?"

"You are so right Jenna. Maybe we should teach her a lesson about looking where she's going?" Bethany sneers and I can already picture the sick smile on her face.

I grunt as I get a sharp kick to the stomach. I curl myself up into a ball but the kicks keep coming. Occasionally one of them would bend down and claw at my face, but I didn't make a sound. The quieter I stayed, the quicker they got bored.

"Come on, let's go to cheer practice. Watch yourself next time freak." I nodded violently and waited until they were gone to scramble back up.

I could already feel the bruises starting to form and I couldn't take as much as step without crumbling to the floor in agony. Even with my wolf powers, it would take a day or two for this to heal completely.

"Need some help?" I heard a deep voice offer and my head slowly looks up. My eyes widen and my mouth falls open.

No freaking way. Alex Walker is talking to me. Actually talking to me. In all the years I've known him for, I've only ever heard him grunt and here he is actually offering to help me.

"Um yeah sure, I mean no I'm fine, I don't actually know um.."The corners of his lips twitch up at the sight of me baffling like a fool. I mean the boy is hot. Maybe even hotter than his twin brother? No actually, they're both on the same level of hotness.

The Walker twins are practically identical, with the small exception of the tiny mole at the corner of Jack's eyebrow. Their hairstyles also make it easier to distinguish one from the other.

Jack's is short and cropped, yet still long enough to run your hand through, whilst Alex's curls are tousled on the top of his head and cut short at the sides. Alex also has the signature bad boy look, with his eyebrow piercing, motorcycle and leather jacket.

I would be lying if I said I never had a crush on Alex Walker.

"Here, let me." He bent down and starts to pick up some of my books that are scattered all over the floor. I'm stuffing my biology textbook into my bag, when I notice the book in his hands and freeze.

"Dangerous desires, huh? Wonder what it's about?" He looks up at me with a knowing smirk playing on his lips. My cheeks turn a deep shade of red and I'm quick to snatch it away from him.

"Um, I should really go. I need to get home, but thank you." I quickly mumble, slinging my bag over my shoulder and running towards the exit.

I don't even make it two steps outside the door, before collapsing to the floor in pain.

"Here, you can get a ride with me." I look up and for a moment I think he's my guardian angel. The light is shining down on him, capturing every perfect feature, and the smile he's wearing is bright enough to light up my entire day.

His hand comes into view and I grab it, making me shocked at how good his hand feels in mine. He pulls me up to my feet and helps me to limp over to his motorcycle, parked out front.

"You really don't have to do this, I'm fine. Just a little sore but that's it." I say with a nervous laugh, as he pulls out two helmets from the back.

"My mum would kill you if she found out I just left you there, plus it'll be fun. You still live in that cottage right?" I nodded absentmindedly, staring up his gorgeous face as he fixes the helmet onto my head. He pats it twice, just to make sure it's secure, before climbing onto his bike.

"Come on." I slung a leg over but didn't know what to do with my arms. It felt a little weird wrapping my arms around him like that.

"Here," He grabs my arms and placed them gently on his waist.

"You ready?" I nodded against his back and just like that, we were off. I've never been on a motorcycle before, but the ride was exhilarating at the least. The feeling of wind rushing past me and the high speed were flying at, made the whole thing feel so dangerous and exciting.

I got a little more comfortable and tighten my grip around him. I was surprised at how comfortable it felt to wrap your arms around a man's body, especially with that body being Alex Walker's.

The motorcycle slowly comes to a stop and he pulls over, right outside of my door. I undo the strap underneath my chin and pull the helmet off my sweaty forehead. He does the same and I climbed off the bike, stumbling back a little, but his hand quickly shoots out and grabs my waist to steady me.

"Careful," He whispered, and then suddenly our eyes met and everything else was irrelevant.

It was like I was entranced by his dark eyes and to turn away would be a crime against nature itself.

Suddenly, he broke our intense stare and cleared his throat. "I should go now." His tone was now much more gruff and rude. Maybe it was too good to be true?

"Yeah sure, um thanks." He got back onto his bike and paused for maybe a couple of seconds, before turning back to me.

"By the way, I agree with." I narrowed my eyes in confusion.

"Love is the most important thing in the world." With that he sped off.

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