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Chapter 3 ~ Running Away From Destiny

Skylar's P.O.V

Mate. I have a mate. All my life I've been preparing myself for the heart-shed that comes from never finding your mate. I always thought that since I'm half witch, a mate was never in the cards for me, but now I have a mate. A mate who's the freaking Alpha to be.

I quickly scramble to get off the bed and force myself to look away from his eyes. I focus on the cream white carpet and harshly pinch my arm to try and wake up from this sick dream.

"Mate. Be with mate." This is probably the first time I've heard my wolf speak in years, and it's still as strange as ever. There's practically another person, living inside my head, and screaming out a millions different things with all the same consequence, be with Alex.

I can't though. I can't be with him. Being with him means accepting the pack, being with him means being Luna and that instantly puts a dent in my plans to soon escape this horrible place.

"I should go." I mutter, grabbing the towel he dropped onto the floor and wrapping it around my shivering body. In the process, I caught a glance at myself in the mirror and I'm instantly more self-conscious now.

My dress is sopping wet and stuck to my body. The white material is practically see through, showcasing my pitch black underwear, and my mascara is smudged underneath my eyes, resting in big clumps. I'm a mess. Who wants a mess?

"Don't go." His hand reaches out and his fingers clasp around my worst. I freeze in my steps and gasp as tiny jolts of pleasure shoot throughout my body. I know the mate bond was intense, but this is incredible.

Alex's eyes slowly return back to their normal colour and his breathing starts to get under control, as if my touch is soothing his wolf. I can't bring myself to tear away but I know I have to.

In one swift move, I yank my arm away from him. Hurt flashes over his eyes and my wolf is practically growling at me for doing so. The longer I stay, the more I become attached and that's no good for either of us. I don't think I could handle a rejection today, and I don't want to hurt him right now.

"Please stay." His voice sounds broken and my heart clenches at the sound. I just want to run into his arms, kiss him hard and let him mark me for all to see.

"Listen to mate. Stay with mate." My wolf pleads, but I push her back.

"I'm sorry." I whisper, my voice falters slightly and I walk out without a second look back. I shut the door behind me and pause. What am I doing? You're doing what has to be done, my subconscious rings through my head.

I take a couple deep breaths and then head down the stairs. The towel is still wrapped around my body and I make my through the kitchen, towards the main door. Hopefully it's still unlocked.

"Mate." A voice rumbled lowly and my body comes to a halt. Did Alex follow me downstairs? I turn around, when suddenly I'm pushed up against the wall. My feet dangle above the ground and I place my hands on his wide shoulder for support.

I gasp when he suddenly buried his face into the nape of neck and his hand settles on my waist. My eyes close and my head falls back, as he places slow kisses on the most sensitive part of my neck. His hand grabs ahold of the wet material of my dress and he bunches it up in his fist, causing it to ride up. My towel falls to the ground in a heap, long forgotten and I cling to him like he's my lifeline.

Maybe this could work? Maybe me and Alex could be happy? He pulls back and it's like time stops.

Jack. Jack. Jack. Why is Jack holding me up right now? Why was Jack kissing my neck? Why did Jack call me his mate?

His brown eyes widened in shock and he suddenly drops me onto the ground. I barely register the fall as my mind is swarming with so many different thoughts and all at the same time my wolf is screaming mate inside my head.

"It's you? I've waited all this time and it's you?" His tone is one of shock, anger and disbelief. I grab the towel, securely fastening it tight around my body, and lift up my head. My cheeks flame up when I'm greeted with his bare chest and tiny water droplet dripping down from his wet hair, and disappearing into his joggers. I absentmindedly lick my lips and slowly stand back up.

I'm short, barely tall enough to reach his shoulder, but somewhere the height difference seems perfect. We're so close to each other right now, I can practically feel his body heat radiating off him.

I meet his eyes again but he's not focusing on me. He's staring at the wall blankly, probably talking to his wolf, or arguing from the way his face is contorting from shock to upset to anger to pure rage.

"I can't believe my mate is the freak." He mutters under his breath, probably thinking I can't hear, but then he quickly lifts his head when he realises. I take a sharp intake of breath, before storming out of the house.

Freak. I'm called a freak by my own mate.

"Go back, go back!" She urges, trying to desperately to take over my body and turn us around

"Did you not just hear him? He called us a freak. He doesn't want us." I snapped, hoping that it was enough to shut her up.

"Not for him. He disrespected us. Go back for Alex. Go back for mate number one." Number one. I have two mates. Two freaking mates?

Holy shit, this whole thing is just starting to dawn on me. I've got two mates, two mates who together are going to rule the place I despise to much. I'm bound by destiny, bound by fate to them both. One doesn't want me, one seems like he does.

Should I give him a chance? Alex is nice at times, he gave me a ride the other day, he doesn't bully me like the others, he doesn't judge based on a mistake. Then again, he didn't exactly come to my rescue earlier on. He's not stupid, he could even see the back garden from his window. So what if he cut me down, the pain was already inflicted? And then, what about all these years?

He doesn't stick up for me, he doesn't try to stop the bullies. Will tries sometimes, he tries so hard, but he's no match for all of them. Alex could make all the bullies go away with the snap of his fingers, but he doesn't?

Then, there's Jack. Bethany would literally murder me if she found out I'm Jack's mate, and then every girl would join in once they realise I'm Alex's mate too.

Jack enjoys my pain. He's just like his girlfriend, cruel and a sadist. He likes to watch me suffer, I can't even count the numerous amount of times that I've been beaten or humiliated, all whilst he's stood on the side lines and watched me suffer. He found it funny. He found pleasure in my pain. I could never be with someone like that, someone as sick as that.

I finally reach home after what feels like hours and the first thing I do is strip and jump into the hot shower. The water beats down on me and I block out the burning sensation from the scalding water. I needed to shower until the temperature is hot enough to cause pain.

For some reason, knowing that I feel pain whenever I do such a normal and necessary thing makes my guilt slowly go away. It always creeps back up by the next time I have a shower, so the cycle just works again. I know it's wrong, I know it's crazy but I am what they call me, a freak.

I turn off the shower, once I'm satisfied with the red tinge of my skin, and then dry myself by scrubbing my skin until it's bright red and raw. I can't do this. I can't live like this.

Curling up into bed, I grab the towel that Alex brought for me and hold it to me closely. I take a deep sniff of the scent and instantly relax. It smelt just like him, making it feel like he was right here.

I close my eyes, a small smile on my face as I imagine Alex wrapping his arms around me tight as I fall into a deep slumber, when suddenly Jack comes to mind. I can't control myself anymore as I break down and tears of pain flood out. I cry until I eventually fall asleep.

The next morning comes slow. I woke up at about four in the morning, meaning I got barely any sleep at all. I've simply been lying here, wallowing self-pity and dreading the thought of school. I have to go though. Graduation is coming up soon and I'll be damned if I don't get a diploma because of the Walker twins.

The clock strikes seven so I force myself out of bed. I dress in a plain baby pink shirt and a pair of grey leggings. Screw make-up, screw looking nice. I don't even bother putting my hair up and instead pull it back into a simple low pony tail. My eyes are still red from all the crying last night and the dark circles underneath my eyes, showcasing my lack of sleep.

I completely dismiss breakfast and just grab my bag, before heading out, for what I'm sure is going to be a lovely school day. The walk takes longer than usual with my slow small steps. I can't even bring myself to walk properly and my wolf is still whining in my head because she's not with her mates.

Why doesn't she understand they don't want us? Well, Jack at least.

"Hey, so I heard about last night." Will places a comforting hand on my shoulder and brings me in for a hug.

"I'm so sorry." Shit, does he know about my mates? Did Jack and Alex already spread it around? Fuck, if they did then I'm in for a very hard day.

"Um, well it came as a shock to me too. I never even expected to find my mate, never mind have two, and the fact that they're Alex and Jack is just crazy. I guess the Moon Goddess hates me too." I pull out a couple of books for my next lesson and wait for his response. When I got none, I shut my locker and turned to face him, only to find him completely gobsmacked.

"Uh, Will." I poked him in the chest, causing him to fall back a little. He shook his head and then closed his mouth.

"Holy fuck are you serious? I was just talking about the way Harry and Bethany played that cruel prank on you and then chucked water on you." Whilst tied up, I wanted to add, but I was too busy mentally punching myself for opening my big mouth.

"Are they really your mates?" There seemed to be a little hurt and even maybe disappointment in his tone.

"Yeah, I mean I guess. Alex called me his mate first and then when he touched my arm, I felt sparks fly you know. Just like how we were told, and then I left and bumped into Jack on the way. He called me his mate, and a few other things, but then I left. I just left. It doesn't matter, they don't want me anyway." I mumbled, trying to block out the pain.

"What? Did they reject you?" Will seethed and I was taken aback by the harsh tone in his voice. I've never seen Will so angry before, it was kind of scary.

"No, no they just didn't really seem to care that much. Jack, especially." He gave me a small nod and seemed to calm down slightly.

"So, what are you going to do?" Ah, the dreaded question that's been haunting me all night.

"I don't know. Maybe I'll..." My words were cut off my own scream as I felt someone grab a large chunk of my hair, and throw me onto the ground.

"I can't believe you have the nerve to show your face at school. I would have thought yesterday's humiliation would have been enough." Okay, so she doesn't know about Jack yet. That's good at least.

"Bethany please, not today."

"Haha, you actually think I'm giving you a choice freak. Oh, maybe you didn't learn your lesson. Perhaps I should teach you."

Her claws elongated and she swiped them at my face. In one swift move, I managed to roll out from under her before she could make contact with my skin. She fell onto the floor and lets out a low growl, her green eyes shifting into pitch black. Okay, it's time for my wolf to play too.

I let myself float back into my subconscious and gave full control to my wolf, who was still reeling over yesterday. The emotional trauma we faced should be enough to power her.

Bethany lunges at me once again but I manage to dodge her just in time and I swipe her legs out from under her, sending her falling to the ground. The large crowd around us let out an oo, as the sound of her head smashing against the hard concrete ground filled the air.

I stepped forward to start apologising profusely, when she clawed my thigh in a cheap shot, and reached up to grab my hair. In turn, I kneed her in the stomach and grabbed ahold of hers, yanking it back harshly. She let out a yelp and I cried out when I felt her high heel connect with gut.

I kicked her knee and pounced on her. I pinned her hands to the side of her head, but she managed to get one free and land a punch on my cheek.

I couldn't even process what was happening right now. I was fighting back. I've never fought back before. I've always taken it, but now I want to rip her face off. I want to rip it off for making my life miserable, for making me suffer, for being with Jack. It's not just rage that's consuming me right now, it's jealously too.

Suddenly, two arms encircle my waist and pull me back. Bethany uses the opportunity to launch at me, but Jack grabs her and pulls her back too. Thinking it's Will, I squirm in his grip and try everything to get out. I need to kill this bitch .

"No Will let me go, I need to rip her face off. Let me go." I scream out.

"Shh, calm down little mate." I freeze. Alex? Of course it's Alex, no other person has such a sexy voice that makes me wet instantly.

"Alex, let me go." I plead, all anger slowly disappearing.

"Will you calm down?"

"Yes." Lie.

"Hmm, why don't I believe you?" He whispers huskily into my ear, his arms still wrapped around me, and his face so close to me that I can feel his hot breath on my neck.

"Everyone get to class! Mr Walker, Miss Hopper, Mr Walker and Miss Reign detention." I don't miss the way the headmaster spits my name out with disgust. I expect Alex and Jack to put up a fit but instead they simply nod.

What? They don't do anything they don't want, and why would anyone want to go to detention? Detention with me, especially.

Oh crap, I'm going to be stuck in detention with Jack, Alex and Bethany. Perfect.

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