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Chapter 5 ~ On The Edge

Skylar's P.O.V

I'm still reeling from that mind-blowing kiss I received yesterday. Even though it wasn't my first, it made me want to forget every other guy in the world.

I swear I can still feel his lips pressed against mine, his hand gripping my ass whilst the other cradles my face. It was the perfect kiss, and it was from Jack.

Of all the people in the world, it was Jack.

I thought he hated me, I thought the mere sight of my face made him want to vomit but now, now I don't know what to think.

My mind is a broken place and to add Jack and his amazing kiss just tears it apart. I don't know what to think anymore. My life plan has always been so clear. Graduate and then leave.

Leave my past behind but I'm slowly being sucked back in.

I can't be their mate or the pack's Luna. I can't live here for the rest of my life and I sure as hell don't know how I'm supposed to face Jack at school today.

Has he broken up with Bethany? Is he waiting for me by my locker, a bunch of roses in hand?

No, stop it Skylar. Don't be an idiot, it was just a kiss. Just a kiss. I'm sure he's probably forgotten all about it by now anyways.

I walk over to my closet and pull out a pair of leggings and a jumper. The epitome of comfort. Wait, no. I put them back and instead grab a fitted white crop top and a pair of black ripped jeans.

This is not for him. This is simply because I want a change for once.

I put on my clothes and then comb through my hair, before grabbing the upper half and twisting it into a messing bun. I pull out a few strands of my blonde hair and strategically place them perfectly so they frame my face, whilst still looking completely natural.

I've got plenty of time before I have to get ready for school, so I grab my curling wand and switch it on. Carefully, I curl the ends of my hair and then brush through them. I spray some hairspray all over the style and then let it sit for a minute or two.

I apply a thick layer of mascara and some lipgloss, and then put in some small gold hoops. I take a minute or two to admire myself in the mirror, something I rarely do, but today I just want to look pretty, beautiful even.

I pad downstairs and pull out some left over fruit salad and just eat it out of the container with a fork, as I sit down in-front of the tv and switch on Gilmore Girls.

Time flies fast and before I know it, I'm chucking the container and fork into the sink, with the promise of washing it up later, and running to school.

I make it there, sweaty and out of breath, but fortunately the sweat gives me a little shine and I still smell like Victoria Secret's Love Addict perfume, so that's great.

Like usual, Will is by my locker, pretending to text some girl when he's really playing angry birds on his phone like a dork. I push him playfully, earning his full attention, as he tucks his phone safely back into his pocket.

"So, how was your first experience on the dark side?" I rolled my eyes and slammed my locker shut.

"Woah forget that question, what the hell are you wearing?" He gapes, his eyes raking me up and down.

"A top and jeans." I muttered, feeling completely naked right now, despite wearing more clothes than most of the girls walking around right now.

"A top, you call that a top?" He spat in disgust, instantly making me cower in fear. Will's never spoken to me like this. Noticing my discomfort, he sighs and brings me in for a hug.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. It's just, you don't wear stuff like this. I don't understand what's so different about today?" Me either, I wanted to say but what comes out of my mouth is.

"I kissed Jack." He pulls away and stares at me with wide eyes.

"Well, he kissed me actually." I corrected, nervously biting my lip.

"What? You kissed, but I thought.. I thought he didn't want you as a mate." Okay, that stung.

"I don't know, I thought he didn't. I'm just so confused right now, this whole thing is crazy right?" I laughed trying to play the whole thing off but he didn't laugh with me, instead he just looked sad... and hurt.

"I've gotta go to class. See you later." He mutters, before turning away and leaving me all alone. What the hell just happened? I needed my friend and now, I have no-one.

With a sigh, I pushed off from my locker and began to head to my class. Might as well be early for once. I turned left and started to walk to physics, my first class of the day, when I looked up and froze.

Jack and Bethany were leaning against the lockers, his body pressed up against hers, just like mine was yesterday and he's kissing her neck slowly, making his way back up to her lips, before devouring them as if they were his own. Her hand was running up and down underneath his shirt and she was giggling in between their kisses, just like how was laughing and smiling.

He was happy with her, and that hurt like hell.

I stormed off and made my way into the girl's bathroom. I quickly checked under the stalls and thankfully no-one was here so I could breakdown without an audience.

Big fat salty tears gushed out of my eyes like a waterfall and didn't stop until I had long streaks of mascara running down my cheeks.

I'm a mess. A total mess and all because of him, because of a guy.

He made me feel like a fool, he kissed me and played me around. I don't deserve that. Yes, I've done some bad things but I don't deserve this. Right?

My body was practically shaking with anger and I felt a surge of power rock through my body like a wave. Suddenly red angry sparks shot out of my finger tips, causing the mirror in-front of me to crack into two.

No. No, no, no, no. It's happening again. I'm losing control slowly, and it's all because of him. Uh, just thinking about him makes me want to... stop, control yourself. Control your emotions.

I took a deep breathe, wiped off my mascara and fixed my hair. The only signs of my little breakdown were my red eyes but no-one pays enough attention to me to even notice that, so I'm in the clear.

The bell rang and I dashed to physics. Of course, he was there though. Like everyday, he was sat in the same seat he always did, right at the back of the room and next to the window. One seat behind me.

This is going to be a long day.

I take my seat and immediately became alert when I felt his eyes burning into the back of head. Even though I can't see him staring at me, I feel weak at the knees. Jerk.

Mr Colt is prattling on about kinetic energy, when I feel something hit me from behind. I looked down to find a small folded piece of paper lying right beside my chair. I check to see if anyone is looking and then bend down to pick it up. I slowly unfold the paper, making sure to keep it away from anyone's eyesight.

Meet me underneath the bleachers after class ~ J

J? Jack? Is this from Jack?

I glance behind me but Jack's fully immersed in carving something into the table, so I turn back around. Is this real? I opened it back up, just to check again, and then slipped it into my pocket.

Throughout the rest of my class, my mind was racing with millions of different thoughts. Should I go? Should I not? Why does he want to meet me? What could he possibly say? Will I regret not going?

I knew there was only one way to put an end to the madness, I have to go. My curiosity is eating me up and I also want to give him a piece of my mind.

No-one just kisses me and then leaves.

The bell rang and Jack was the first to leave the classroom. Swinging my bag over my shoulder, I walked through the cafeteria and made my way down to the football field.

It was break so a couple of guys were throwing a ball around to my right and some girls were sat in the floor gossiping, to my left. It wasn't exactly a warm day so there weren't that many people around. I guess that's a good thing considering I doubt Jack wants anyone to see us meeting.

I ducked my head down and then made way under the bleachers. I whispered his name twice but I got no response. Maybe he wasn't here yet? I was about to sit down to wait for him, when something hard hit the back of the head.

I quickly turned around, only to be met with the devil herself and four of her followers. They were all standing there with judging looks on their faces, and their arms crossed over their chests.

My eyes widened and I ran forward to leave, when Bethany's arm shot out and grabbed onto my wrist, dragging me back. Her sharp nails dug into my skin and then she harshly pushed me back, leaving red crescent shaped marks in her wake.

"Where you going freak? Weren't you about to meet my boyfriend?" She spat viciously, stepping forward in her red stilettos.

"I got a note and I was curious. I'll leave now, I swear. I'm sorry." To my surprise, they all started to laugh.

"Oh freak, how stupid can you be? I noticed the way you looked at my boyfriend this morning, I'm not stupid. You clearly have some pathetic little crush on him so I had to teach you a lesson and I wanted to see if you would meet him." The gears in my head started to turn and suddenly it clicked.

"It was you? You're the one who sent me the note." She gave me a fake smile and clapped sarcastically

"Well done freak. Pretty smart, aren't you? It wasn't me who sent you the note per se, I don't have that class, but fortunately my friend Zoe does. She was more than happy to help." She said in a patronising tone.

"Well, what are you going to do now?" No way was she was going to just let me go, and there's also no way for me to escape. I'm trapped.

I'm trapped with Bethany and four other cheerleaders.

"Glad you asked freak. I'm going to teach you a lesson. Stay away from my man." The green in her irises shifted into pure black and she let out a low growl. I expected her to claw my face out and force me to beg for mercy but instead she picked up a rock.

"I could tear you apart limb from limb but I want to play with you, torture you and make your every day as miserable as possible. Starting with making sure that sickly skin of yours gets a little colour." She chucked the rock into the air, before catching it again and then she smiled.

Suddenly she launched the large rock towards me, giving me no time to react. The rock hit my ribs and I hunched over in pain. Another came flying and this time collided with my head. One hit my stomach again, whilst the other was aimed for my knees causing them to buckle and I fell to the floor.

I curled myself up into a ball as what seemed like hundreds of heavy hard rocks came flying at me. The sound of them being launched through the air and Bethany and her friend's giggles and laughter filled up my ears.

Suddenly the pain stopped. The giggles quickly subsided into nothing and a deep growl ripped through the air. Slowly, I removed my hands from my face and gasped at the sight in-front of me.

Bethany and her friends all stood there completely terrified and practically shaking with fear. One girl even looked like she was on the verge and crying and I looked up to find the culprit.

Alex. He was standing in-front of me like some sort of six foot god. I could only see the back of him, but my was it a heavenly sight. His fists were at his side, clenching and unclenching continuously and my wolf was trying to force me to reach out and grab his hand.

"Leave." His voice reverberated and the girls jumped back in fear.

To be honest, even I was a little scared. Having no choice but to comply with an Alpha command, they all scurried off but Bethany made sure to give me a death stare, earning another growl off Alex.

Minutes passed since they left and Alex was still standing here, breathing heavily. I watch him try to calm himself, but to not avail, so I decided to take a risk.

Reaching out, I gently clasped my hand around his and I swear he stopped breathing for a second. I gasped at the spark created by the small level of contact and he squeezed his hand tighter around mine as if it was his life line.

Slowly, he turned around and I was met with his gorgeous face. His eyes slowly shifted back into their usual deep brown and he held out his other hand for me. I took it and he helped me up carefully.

The level of eye contact was minimal and I watched as he tried to calm his wolf down. No doubt he was having the same conversation with his that I've already had with mine.

"Mark mate, and then mate with him now."

Why Moon Goddess did you bless me with such a horny wolf?

I blushed furiously, once I realised that Alex was just standing there staring at me whilst we still held each other's hands. I quickly dropped them and a flash of hurt washed over his face but he quickly hid it.

I felt bad, but it was weird to hold his hand when we're not together or even friends.

"Come on. I want to take you somewhere." I looked down, not knowing what to do. Skipping school wasn't something I do on a regular basis or at all really.

"Would you rather stay with those girls? Look, we both could use a break from everyone else." I sighed and then nodded, earning a quick smile from him. He walked out and I followed closely behind, as we headed towards the car park.

Everyone was basically in class now, so there was no-one out there apart from us. He pulled out a helmet and fixed it into my head, giving me deja-vu.

I didn't miss the way his fingers lingered a little bit longer onto my skin than they should have, and I practically died right then, when they brushed over the spot where my mark is supposed to be. He gave me smirk, knowing the effect he had on me.

Fine, two can play at that game.

He sat down on his motorbike first and I quickly followed suit. I swung my leg over and placed my hands on his lower back. They quickly trailed down, reaching the bottoms of his jacket, and I slipped my finger underneath, grazing the bare skin of his back softly and leaning in closer so my chest was pressed against his back.

His whole body stiffened and he let out a small gasp, before I quickly pulled my fingers away.

"Are we going to go then?" I teased, whispering into his ear. He let out a small growl, causing me to giggle.

"You're playing a dangerous game, little mate." I sat up a little and gently tugged on his ear with my teeth.

"I know." And with that, he sped off.

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