My Perfect Life

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"A Girl looking for her prince charming and making her life perfect in between all the problems and dangers lurking in her way, Will she be able to find her Prince Charming or her dreams will be crushed by the cruel world?" My Perfect Life is about a girl named Alia Mehra who is 22 years a happy go lucky girl and waiting for her Prince Charming. Alia is what you called a cliché girl who lives in a fairy-tale in her own world. She loves reading romance fictional novels and stories and imagine her life according to them. In My Perfect Life, we will see that if Alia has managed to make her life perfect and her Prince Charming has finally come in her life or not? Or her fairy-tale has been broken? If you want to know about Alia's Perfect Life come join me to see what she has achieved.

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Alia Mehra: - She is a 22-Year-old Indian girl living with her family (Father, Mother and Big brother) in Delhi, India. She is a graduate and working in an XYZ Company. She loves reading fictional novels and stories, especially romantic one. She is bubbly and happy go lucky girl and a princess to her family. Living in her fairy-tale and waiting for her prince charming and not to forget she is getting married in a month to Raj.

Raj Oberoi: - He is a 25-year-old boy living with his family (Father & Mother) in Mumbai, India. He is an engineer and CEO of his company Oberoi Automobile Industries. He is a Casanova and loves to party. He has a girlfriend named Ishika Khanna but breakup with her because of getting married. He is getting married to Alia in a month.

Ayaan Singhania: - He is a 25-year-old boy living alone in New York. He is a cold-hearted person and does not respect people much. He is Casanova and loves to change his girlfriends like his cloths. Mostly uses girls for one-night stand. He is the owner and CEO of Singhania Enterprises, New York. He has his own story which will be revealed in the story.

Further Characters will be revealed in the story.

P.S. Alia is the female protagonist but the male protagonist and antagonist will be revealed in the story as it is a suspense.

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