My Perfect Life

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In a bedroom, in the morning, a girl was in a peaceful slumber, sound asleep on her warm and cozy bed with a beautiful smile playing on her face, may be having a dream of her prince charming. At the very moment, a woman came and shook her snoozing figure.

"what mom," I(Alia) yelled to my mom in irritation with a glare.

"It's 9 in the morning, when are you going to wake up. Because its Sunday you don't have to be a lazy ass," my mother spoke back my glare (Aliaa's mother), Mrs. Anjali Mehra.

"You realize I was this close to seeing my prince charming however again you waked me," I answered my mom.

"Get ready, You and Your stupid dreams about your prince charming have begun to get into my head. You are 22-yr-old and getting married, try to behave like a mature woman," My mother answered with the same old lecture and left the room.

Guys, don't assume that I hate my mom though she could be very bossy once in a while. OMG, I forgot to introduce myself to you guys, my name is Alia Mehra and I am 22-year-old. I love reading romance fictional novels and eating chocolates. Chocolates are my first love. I have a loving father who loves me like a princess and a strict mom whom you all saw few minutes before, she can be sweet if she wants to but when it comes to punctuality, she can be compared to a Hitler.

And last but not the least, my loving big brother (note the sarcasm), he can be a pain in my ass due to his over-protectiveness. but I nevertheless love him. And now not to forget my future husband, Raj Oberoi, He is sweet and caring although I've met him only once as a person when he came to see me for the marriage because of my shyness, as you could see I belong to a proper Indian family who loves their culture and keep it their first priority. They never allowed me to have a boyfriend therefore I don't know how to talk to boys affectionately. (I'm very clumsy if you have not observed yet) but I love my family.

Anyways again to the topic, Raj my future husband, I only met him once because after our first meet he needed to fly to New York as he's establishing another branch which will be his main branch there and of course my shy nature, god can you please kill me (not in a literal sense, I love you, God Ji). However, we talked via telephone calls and skype and face time sometimes. I think I began falling for him however it's good to fall for your future husband right, I guess it's good. And today he's coming back, OMG I'm thrilled. I guess I've found my Prince charming. What do you guys think?

I got busy daydreaming about my future husband and with a bit of luck my prince charming, when a voice startled me.

"Alia if you didn't come downstairs in 15 mins you won't be getting any chocolates for a week." came my mom's angry voice.

"Oh shoot" I whispered. "No chocolates for one week, I can die if I didn't get my chocolates"

Sorry guys, but I have to move now or else mom will kill me and no chocolates for one week will definitely kill me. I went to my bathroom and did my morning business and get into the bath. After 15 mins, I got in front of my closet to see what to put on.

"Wait a second, today Raj is coming and I have to go and receive him from the airport so I have to look beautiful for him" I whispered to myself tapping my finger on my cheek.

Whenever I become nervous about something, I starts speaking to myself. I believe the only person who can come up with the best advice is only you and no one else. You should always follow your heart so if it also gives you the wrong advice then you don't have to blame others.

Back to the topic, what to wear? I think I should put on the same dress which I wore when we first met, yes that would be amazing because Raj said I looked beautiful and pretty on that dress, I stated to myself.

So, I wore a red-colored Anarkali suit that's made from net and is plain without a design, and from the back, it has two dories to hold on the dress and a chain. I kept my pure black hair which comes until my waist open. Then wore some bangles on my right hand and a watch on my left hand. After that I wore earrings. After that I sat on my dressing table for my makeup, I don't do make-up and keep my face natural however since today is an important day hence I decided to do a little make-up. My makeup consists of Kajal, a pink color lip gloss, and a little bit of foundation and a little bindi (red dot at the forehead) and i was ready to go.

After getting ready, I headed downstairs where my sweet mother was waiting for me (note the sarcasm)

"How much time you take to get ready Alia, now it's decided no chocolates for a week," my mother yelled at me in an indignant voice. God Ji, please help me.

"Mom, I was getting ready properly because I have to go to the airport for receiving Raj from the airport and I wanted to look my best in the front of him," I stated to my mom giving my best puppy face. "and you only said to act like a mature lady," I added.

At that moment Dad came in the living room where we were standing, "let her take her time, she is a small girl. she will realize the importance of time when she will get older" my dad defended me jumping in between mother-daughter conversation.

He always attempts to save me from mom. As I said before I'm a daddy's girl. He always treats me like a small girl. His princess.

"SMALL girl, she is not a small girl anymore. She is a big girl now and getting married in a month. stop treating her like a kid now, Arvind." My mom retorted with an irritated tone. looks like her anger has reached its height.

"Sorry mommy, I will try to behave like a mature girl no mature woman from this second," I said to my mom like a little girl, who has stolen a few chocolates from the cabinet.

After hearing this My loving Dad attempted to stop his snort by coughing and my mother left shaking her head saying I cannot change ever. When she left, my dad and I looked at each other and burst into laughter.

"Why is she getting angry since morning, what you have done?" I asked Dad.

"Nothing, she wanted to go on a date and I denied because I have an important meeting. This is the reason she is roaming like a ticking bomb, which will blast if you say something idiotic." My dad replied me shaking his head with a little worry in his head for himself, that I presume.

My dad and mom had a proper arranged marriage in which they did not saw each other before the marriage. But after marriage, they fell in love with each other in no time. After 26 years of marriage, they still go on romantic dates with each other and still behaves like a newly-med couple when they thought no one seeing them.

I too want love and affection from my partner. I know Raj will love me as I do.

I became lost in my thoughts when Mom again came into the living room and told me to go wake my brother.

"Go wake your brother up and then will have breakfast together. And at what time you have to go for receiving Raj?" Mom asked me.

"At 12:30 pm his flight will land. I will head at 10:30 am for the airport because it will take me 2 hours to reach there." I answered my mom.

"Listen don't spend much time with each other it does not look good spending much time with your future husband before marriage and I don't want anyone to say anything to you or our family." My mom said in her worried but a slightly strict tone.

"Mom everyone spends time with their future husband it makes their bond strong and no one believes in bad omen thing nowadays," I told mom.

My mom comes from a very orthodox family who believes meeting before marriage is still a bad omen. Now how can I make my sweet mom understand it's not right? Its 21st century, meeting before marriage helps the couple in strengthening their bond and helps in understanding each other. Raj's parents also come from an orthodox and conservative family. Therefore, Mom is slightly worried about me that what my future in-laws will think of me. But Raj is modern and doesn't believe in all these rituals that we can't meet each other before marriage. At our first meeting, we had talked about this. He even promised me that he will wait for me to get comfortable physically as well as emotionally. Therefore, whenever we talked on phone calls he never flirted and never talked to me intimately to make me uncomfortable. This is the reason I think Raj is my Prince charming and I started falling in love with him. Or else who will want to wait for his bride to get comfortable with him who had lived in an orthodox marriage where the newly-wed bride had to get pregnant within a year and give an heir to their family.

"I don't want to listen to anything; what I had said you have to do it" came my mom's angry reply. "Now go and wake your brother."

"Ok Mom" I answered.

And went to my brother's room to wake him up, because I know arguing with Mom will achieve me nothing, she will do whatever she wants to do. My brother is 25-year-old and 6 feet tall in comparison to me I am 5feet 5inch. Sometimes I wished I should have drunk Horlicks instead of bourn-vita in my childhood but bourn-vita is my love so forget it.

Now coming back to "waking my brother" task. You can compare my brother to Kumbha-Karan because once he sleeps, he won't wake up, even if there is an earthquake. But I also know how to wake him up.

I slowly-slowly went to his side of the bed where he is sleeping, I am changing my statement he sleeps like a pig. His one leg and one hand are hanging from the bed and sleeping on his stomach and OH God his snore I can't even hear it. When I neared his ear, I shouted "FIRE, FIRE, FIRE" and because of my shouting, his sleep broke and started jumping on his bed and start shouting "AAAAAA". By seeing this I couldn't stop my laughing.

"What the hell ALOO you could have wake me up nicely. There was no need to shout in my ears and damaging them" he shouted at me by calling me by a nickname which everyone calls me. I couldn't stop my laughing by looking at his face.

"OH God, your face looked priceless," I said in between my laughing session at him. "And For your kind information it's my revenge you ate my chocolate cake last night," I accused him keeping my hands on my both side waist.

"Of-course I ate it. It was delicious." He teased me. "By the way where are you going looking like a ghost," he asked.

"Oh no, you didn't say that take it back Bhai. You can't say that to your beautiful sister" I replied angrily. I can't believe this he said that.

"Oh, beautiful sister, where is she I can't see her here," he mocked me looking here and there. I am going to kill him now.

"OMG, you didn't say that. Take that back or help me God Ji I will tell Dad about your late-night parties" I told him.

"Fine-Fine, I have a beautiful sister and you're looking very pretty." He replied getting scared. I knew it blackmailing always work.

"I won't tell anyone about this little secret," I told him smiling smugly.

"Now tell me where are you going?" he asked going into the washroom.

"I am going to the airport for receiving Raj" I replied to him going out of the room and shouting "come fast I don't want to be late". I didn't wait for his reply and went out of the room and headed towards the dining table where mom and dad were waiting for us. I went there and sat on my chair.

"where is Aarav?" Mom asked me arranging the food.

"Taking a shower" I replied and start putting food on my plate.

Today, mom has made aloo parantha with curd and pickle. Yum. You know guys I am a big-time foodie and thank god whatever food I eat I don't weight too much. I mean I'm a little curvy but overall, I look good. Even if I weight too much, I love myself, that's what my parents have taught me from childhood, always love yourself no matter what.

By the time I filled my plate, my brother came downstairs and sat on his chair. In our house, it's a rule to always eat together at least once at a time in a day. The rule was made by my grandmother. She passed away when I was 12 years old. And my grandfather passed away when Bhai was a year or two old.

"So, you are going to receive jiju from the airport," my Bhai asked me while eating his food.

"Yes, Bhai" I replied while dipping my parantha in the curd and eating it and moaning. YUM.

"Don't go anywhere without telling me and come home as soon as possible." He ordered me giving me a stern look. See no one trusts me with boys, not even with my future husband. Everyone is possessive about me. Because, no one wants me getting hurt.

"I will bhai don't worry and stop doubting your future jiju. You all are the one who selected him for me. So, relax and trust me." I replied to him. And got up from my seat to go to my room for grabbing my bag and leave for the airport.

I took my bag and went to say bye to my family.

"I am leaving, bye guys," I told them while walking towards the door.

"Call me once you reach there."

"Call me if he tries anything funny."

"Don't go anywhere too far."

These were the replies I received from them. And I headed to the main road before calling for a cab. I forgot to call the cab early. If I had told this thing in the house, they wouldn't let me leave the house and I would have been late. I quickly booked the cab and told the cab driver my address, where I stood. After 5 minutes the cab came and I sat on the cab which headed towards the airport.

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