My Perfect Life

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As soon as the Cab started, I got lost in my future husband's thoughts. I was remembering the last conversation I had with him two days back.


"Hello" I said to Raj on the phone.

"Hey gorgeous, how are you doing?" Raj answered. He always talks with me sweetly, always complimenting me and making me blush.

"I am doing fine. When are you coming back? It's only a month left for us to get married." I asked while blushing furiously because of his early compliment.

"I am leaving tomorrow at night and will reach there next day at 12:30pm. And I know it's only a month left for us to get married then you will be mine forever." Raj replied in his husky and over-possessive tone. Sometimes he behaves very possessive like I am some kind of possession but truthfully its sexy to hear.

"I thought you will forget about me in between your work" I complained to him.

"Of-course not wifey I can't forget about you even if I want to" Raj responded. But there was something about his tone that gave me shiver but I brushed it off thinking it's my imagination.

"It's good I won't let you forget about me ever" I answered him innocently. There was some voice behind but it was muffled, I couldn't hear it.

"Sorry baby, I got to go. I will call you when I will reach airport for boarding the flight. Bye" Raj said to me hurriedly then he cut the call without waiting for my reply.

"Bye" I whispered while looking at my phone screen. It has a wallpaper of Raj and Me while on our first meeting.


I was remembering that time while looking outside the window. There was this feeling in me that was giving me a wrong vibe. Suddenly the Cab stopped, I looked outside and realized that I reached the airport. I brushed the odd feeling in my mind, it's probably the stress of wedding that's it.

I looked at my watch. Oh, Thank God I am on the time. I enquired about the timings of the flight from New York To Mumbai. The flight is on time. I was 15 minutes early, so I thought to sit on the waiting area and call my family or else they will think someone had kidnapped me. I was going to call Mom but before I unlocked my phone I got call from my Mom. See guys, she can't even wait. I quickly answered the phone and from other hand she started firing her questions like

"Did you reach?"

"How many times I have to tell you to call me once you reach?"

"Are you fine? Why are you not answering?"

These were the questions I received from her. I hurriedly answered her "Yes mom, I reached. No one kidnapped me and I was going to call you but you called first." I informed her.

"Listen please behave like a mature-women not like your usual silly type. And don't go anywhere far it doesn't look good and-" My mom rambled but I cut her in between and said

"Mom, I know I will behave like a good girl, Won't go anywhere far and I will be late if I didn't cut this call right now. So, bye." I hurriedly told her and cut the call or else she will keep going on giving me lectures.

After talking to my mom, 15 minutes were over so I looked around. And I saw the flight landed. I hurriedly went towards the entrance to see people coming out of the airport. I was looking around for Raj when suddenly someone hugged me from the back. And my first reaction was to scream. As I was going to scream, A hand clasped on my mouth to stop me from screaming.

"Baby, it's me only. Your future husband" Raj said while looking me from behind smilingly.

I pointed towards his hand which was still clasped on my mouth. He took his hand away from me and I breathed in sigh.

"What the hell was that Raj, I got scared. I thought someone was going to kidnap me. I didn't even get married and I didn't even eat my chocolate today. What will happen to my MR. Teddy? I rambled to him while he was standing there laughing at me like he did not do anything wrong.

"OH God, your face was priceless. Seriously, I should have made a video. I am so going to tease you even after the marriage" Raj replied to me laughingly.

Then it clicked me the person standing there was my future husband and this is the second time we are meeting face-to-face physically. Oh God ji, now I am giving you my permission please kill me. I made a joke of myself in front of my future husband. Alia how can you be so clumsy. But in my defence, I didn't see him grabbing me from behind so that will be fine, I guess. I was busy in my thoughts when a hand-shook me, to be precise Raj's hand shook me.

"Hey, where are you lost? Want to stand here only or got some good place." Raj asked me.

"Huh, Yeah, Of course I mean. We should go somewhere. A good place, Yeah, that will be fine." I reacted clumsily.

OH God ji, do something help me. Why can't I be a little confident like those girls who are eye raping my future husband right now. I can't even look at him in the eye without blushing. Actually, it's not their fault, Raj is handsome with his 6 feet height, black hair, brown eyes, and his physique looks like a model to me. God I can't even believe Raj agree to marry me and not all those girls who throw themselves at him. I am really lucky to have him

I again got lost in my thoughts when Raj waved his hand in front of my face.

"Hey, are you coming or not?" Raj asked me and I snapped out from my thoughts.

"Yeah-Yeah, Lets go." I replied him

We reached his car which was in the parking lot. He opened the passenger door for me. I sat down thanking him. He rounded in front of the car and sat on the driver seat and asked me where I want to go.

"Where ever will you like, I am ok with anything." I replied nervously.

"I asked you. Where ever you want to go, will go there." Raj expressed me.

"Umm, MacDonald's?" I asked him. Because I don't know much places and Macdonald's serve best burger. Don't judge me guys on this. Everyone loves Macdonald's.

"MacDonald's, it is then" Raj stated to me with a hint of smile. I guess I again made fun of myself. He started the car.

I was playing with my fingers resting on my lap and nervously looking out of the window. Oh God, it's so awkward to talk in front of him than on phone calls and video chats.

"You want to say something to me" Raj asked. And I quickly looked his way. "Don't worry you can say anything to me. We are getting married and I want you to say everything to me whatever you want, Comfortably. There is no need to be nervous. You can talk openly to me." He said while looking at me and then shifting his gaze to the road in front of him.

See guys, this is the reason I love him so much. He never fails to make me comfortable with him.

"Thank you, Raj. You are so sweet." I told him. "I wanted to ask why were you smiling when I said Macdonald's" I asked him.

"Nothing, it's just you could have named any five-star hotel name and I would have taken you there but you asked for Macdonald's, which is very cute and innocent to me. You get happy with small things, you're different from other girls." Raj replied smiling at me while looking at me and then shifting his gaze in front him at the road.

I just kept looking at him when suddenly he stopped the car. And I snapped out of my thoughts. OMG, I was looking at him all the way till Macdonald's. God he must be thinking of me as creep.

I did not even realize when he came out of car and opened my door.

"Come on, let's go. I am really hungry." Raj said to me while giving me his hand to hold.

I took his hand and came out. We went inside the Macdonald's and took a vacant table at the side of window, from where we could see outside on the road.

"So, what will you order?" Raj asked me while giving me the menu. I Didn't even want to look at the menu for selecting a dish but because I was behaving like a mature-women what my Mom said I took the menu pretending like I am thinking what to order while tapping a finger at my chin.

"I want a cheese burger with French fries and a coke." I told him still looking at the menu and tapping a finger at my chin. Then I raised my head when I didn't get any reply, he was looking at me with amusement in his eyes. I quickly looked down blushing profusely.

"So cute" Raj commented while looking at me blushing.

Just then a waiter came and we order are chosen food. Then he again looked at me while I was looking anywhere but him.

"So finally, we are getting married. Are you excited?" Raj asked excitedly to me and I raised my head listening his voice.

"Yes, I am excited as well as nervous." I told him while looking at him then looked down immediately because of my shy nature. Just then waiter came with our order.

"Why nervous?" Raj asked me while raising his right eyebrow at me then looking at the food. Raj ordered a Chicken burger with Mac Puffs and a Coke.

"Umm, I don't know. Just like it." I whispered shrugging my shoulder a little.

Now how should I say him that I am nervous because of our first night, even though he has told me that he will wait for me to get comfortable physically with him.

"You are nervous because of our first night, right" Raj supposed suddenly. Did I said it loud or he knows mind reading?

"No, you didn't say it loud and I don't know mind reading." Raj voiced again. I quickly looked at his face to see is he guessing or he does know mind reading.

"It's written on your face." Raj answered my unasked question. "What did I said talking with me comfortably for anything." Raj asked me with a stern voice.

"Sorry" I replied to him looking down.

"Don't be sorry. It's my fault I should understand your point of view as well. I am sorry for speaking to you like that" Raj said with a slight worry and sorry tone.

"NO-NO, It's my fault. I should speak comfortably with you. There is nothing you should be sorry about. I know you had done everything to make me comfortable with you and there is nothing for me to worry about but I can't help it. It is in my nature to worry about small-small things. I told him feeling bad that I was doubting his actions in the cab. He is indeed sweet and caring and I don't need to worry about anything.

"It's ok. You don't have to say sorry I understand." Raj said to me with a smile. "Food is getting cold, Let's eat it." He said to me and I smiled. We both started eating with a little bit conversation here and there.

We were eating our lunch when Raj's phone buzzed. He quickly looked at it and said it's important and will be back after saying this he left the Macdonald's. I smiled and said it's ok. And went back to devouring my Cheese burger, YUM. I was quietly eating looking here and there when a girl came at our table. I would have said she is beautiful if she was not giving me a disgusting glare. Huh, What I have done to her now?

"Hey, do you need anything?" I asked in my oh so polite tone. Come on guys I always gives one chance to everyone who hates me maybe she must have mistaken me to someone else.

"So you are that bitch who are going to marry my love." She replied to me while giving me a hard and disgusting glare. Now guys she is asking for it. If I had not come with Raj, I would have showed her, her place.

"Excuse me Miss, I don't even know you and who are you talking to." I said to her giving me my hardest glare while standing up from my seat. How dare she talked like that, that to Alia Mehra. Just then Raj came and stood in front of me.

"What happened baby?" Raj asked me. He was still standing in front of me and did not saw the girl.

"Look at her, I don't know what she is talking about. I was busy eating my burger she came to our table and started blabbering the shits." I told him with anger evident in my voice. After listening to me, Raj looked at that girl and his expression changed for a milli second. I must have imagined that, I guess.

"Let's go baby, everyone is looking at us. We don't want to create a scene. Raj told me looking here and there, where everyone was listening to our conversation. What the hell is everyone's problem. Can't they mind their-own business.

"But this girl, Raj-" He didn't let me complete my sentence and took my hand and my handbag and started dragging me outside the Macdonald's. We reached parking lot where I was trying to stop Raj from dragging me but he didn't listen. That girl came outside with us and said

"Mark my words, He is Mine and I won't let you snatch him from me. Ishika Khanna always gets what she wants." That girl whose name is now I know is Ishika Khanna said and left from there. While I kept looking at the way she left.

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