The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 11: Surprise Gift



We’re at Emma’s townhouse and the girls transformed Emma’s living room into a party den. A stage was placed at the front complete with silver and gold metallic curtains, stage lights and a pole. The first time I saw her living room, I thought was in the film set of Magic Mike. In front of the stage were plush couches where the girls sat and handed out drinks. I sat at the throne they let me sit on and let me wear a cute pink baby doll dress.

“What do you need the stage for?” I asked Emma as she let me seat on the chair.

“Oh it’s just something I thought of adding for last minute surprises.”

My eyes squinted at her, “What kind of surprises?”

“It wouldn’t be a surprise if you would know, right?” she deviously replied.

I rolled my eyes at her. Fine, whatever her surprise maybe, it will surely be grand. Emma never planned something that wasn’t grand. Ever since we were in middle school, she was known for creating the best projects and ideas.

No wonder she’s the Head of my Design Team because she can create the best and innovative designs. I was good in marketing and adding a bit of flavour to her ideas, but Emma was a genius in her field.

She can turn something drab to designer outfits.

With her planning my bachelorette party, it was surely a night to remember. We all had fun playing different games, giving me gifts for my honeymoon which I will surely enjoy, chatted and danced until we were too tipsy and high from the alcohol.

I told them we were ending the party at 3am. I wanted my beauty sleep. I will not allow to look disheveled and stressed infront of Inigo. I wanted his eyes reserved only for me, and I will make him see that we were meant to be.

I loved him since I was 15 years old and I can’t wait to make him mine!

“What are you grinning at you?” Emma asked me as she began eyeing her new toy. She won against Julie, our friend, from pranking a kiss with Emma’s next door neighbour. I snickered as I can still remember the horrified face of Emma’s handsome and sexy neighbour.

He had a deep scowl on his face when Emma sweetly knocked on his door. It was quickly replaced by shock when Emma grabbed his head and kissed his lips. To add to his shock was Emma flashing her boobs at him.

We all snickered and laughed as his face paled and slammed the door shot.

Emma was thrilled to have caused riot on his sexy neighbour. She’d been telling me for weeks how snobbish and rude her sexy neighbour was despite his handsome features. If I hadn’t known Emma, I would have thought she was secretly crushing on Mr. Snob. But I knew her, and she just liked messing with men.

Glancing at my phone, I hoped Inigo was having fun. He’s always been a bit serious and it was rare to see him smile. His lips were always in a tight line and a scowl was always present on his face like he was a bull dog ready to pounce on you.

“I was simply thinking of my husband-to-be.” I replied. My forehead creased at the idea,“I hope he isn’t with women or I’ll have to wring his neck!”

He told he was out with his best friend Calyx and his guy friends. They’ll probably spend the night at Calyx’s place. I warned Calyx when we officially met after Inigo and I’s engagement that he was not to bring any dancers or strippers to Inigo’s party.

The flirtatious and carefree man nodded his head in agreement. He promised with his male anatomy that there won’t be women, strippers or dancers. He should keep his word or else.

“Hmm women...” Emma’s eyes flashed in mischief “I think you might.”

What? There was a possibility?

My eyes flashed in irritation as I stood up.

“Where are you going?” Emma asked as I was about to go to her room to retrieve my phone. If I find out he was with women right now, I will wring his neck!

“I’m getting my phone.” I stomped upstairs towards her bedroom with Emma in tow “If that straight-laced Spaniard ever touch a woman tonight, he will end up shackled to my bed until he told me I do.”

From downstairs we heard a doorbell and squeals from the girls.

“Ooh I think they just arrived.” Emma commented. “We need to head downstairs.”

I ignored her as I grabbed my phone and dialled Inigo’s number. His phone kept on ringing until it went straight to voicemail. My temper spiked and irritation marred my brows.

Oh, you’re so dead Inigo Petrakis!

“They’re here!” Addie flung the doors open and jumped like a kid in a candy store.

Emma’s face brightened while I scowled at my sister. She stopped in her tracks and frowned.

“What got you in a twist?” she asked.

“Inigo.” Emma simply said. Addie’s face made an oh before grinning like a fool. Is there something I didn’t know?

“Well, I guess you’ll sort that out soon.” Addie snickered as she held my hand while Emma held the other. “Come on! You’ll love our surprise!”

“What surprise?” I dubiously asked the two. They exchanged meaningful looks before snickering to themselves. Now my doubt has grown a tad higher.

“What is going on?” I warned them as they pulled me downstairs. Halfway to the staircase, I can hear the laughter, giggles and squeals of our friends. My forehead scrunched up in confusion as to the ruckus of laughter.

They sounded like girls in heat!

My confusion turned to understanding when I saw the lights dimmed, the stage lights on and 6 male strippers on stage wearing nothing but ripped jeans, masks, and cowboy hats.

“I’m not allowed to have strippers!” I shrieked towards Emma and Addie who were snickering like two idiots. I pulled away against their arms but they were too powerful. “Inigo will kill me!”

“I thought you were going to kill him.” Emma snickered “You were about to beat his sexy ass. Here use this!”

She shoved into me a whip and I gasped out loud at the laughter of my friends.

“And use this!” my sister shoved me handcuffs.

What the fuck????

Suddenly, the idea of cuffing Inigo underneath me as I rode him flashed in my mind. Another image of me tied to the best post with my ass in the air as he whipped my ass tightened my core.

Fuck! What am I thinking about?

“Good evening ladies! I heard a sassy little vixen is about to get married to a boring brooding man.”

My thoughts went on alert as I heard that voice. My god! That voice!

Looking up at the stage, my heart clenched and it began to beat wildly as my gaze fixed on the familiar crystal blue eyes and blonde man. My jaw dropped as my friends clapped like they knew this all along.

A sexy grin formed on his lips as he licked his lips and my throat dried at his action. Damn!

“I hope she won’t change her mind marrying that old man.” he teased “Perhaps a wild dance show will do the trick?”

Oh Iñigo. This man really thinks I would change my mind. Well, I won’t! I’ve been waiting for him since I was 15 years old and I would be crazy to change my mind.

But my goodness, his words were enough to raze a graze of fire in my body, and his eyes held a promise that I will willingly let him act on.

I want this man, just as he wants me. And I will claim my pre-wedding night, through hooks or crooks.

Smiling mischievously at him, I crossed my legs and pouted my lips. I donned on my most innocent face and I saw him raise his brow at my action. He knew I was anything but sweet and innocent. I was wild and impatient, and I bet my millions that this turned him on.

“A show might do the trick.” I said, as I sat primly in my seat. My eyes wickedly flashed at him, “But a decent performance is needed and highly required. Perhaps a night in her arms as a pre-taste will suffice?”

He chuckled and a sexy grin formed on his lips. My heart thudded at that breath taking smile of his. Damn, Damn, Damn.

Why does he have to be so handsome and charismatic? I can clearly see all my friends sighing as well. Who wouldn’t be?

“Hmm...A performance worthy of a queen.” He tilted his head to the side. His eyes twinkled in delight “Coming right up!”

The lights went off and the music from magic mike started. My jaw dropped when the lights when on and removed their masks. A sexy grin appeared on Iñigo’s lips as they began to dance to the beat of the music.

They moved in symphony like a good and expertly grinding machine. My cheeks heated as they gyrated their hips and moved heart-stopping sexy on the dance floor. My face only brightened even more when they moved from the stage towards us.

My girls howled and cheered like crazy bitches! I wanted to howl too but I was too shocked to perform a coherent thought. My eyes were solely on the man dangerously walking towards me.

A smirk was on his lips and I couldn’t help bite my lip at the desire in his eyes. Damn him! Where did my brooding Spaniard go? This man who looked like him was a sexy man seducing me into a blabbering mess.

Once he got near me, he pushed my hips to the edge of the seat and began gyrating his body on top of me.

“Oh god!” I gasped out as my hands planted on his chest. His movements were on time and on beat. Being Channing Tatum’s fan, I have to apologize because I think I have a new man.

I cried out in surprise when he carried me to the stage with my legs locked on his hips. A seat was placed on the middle, and the lights dimmed to blue. A new song started and I groaned what it was.

It was Cookie Monster, and I think I might just die from desire as he began to dance. He spun me, touched me, brushed his hands on my plump lips, arms, side of my breast, to my ass, that by the end of the song, I was panting at how effortless he moved my body to the dance.

He laid me on the ground on fours and I embarrassingly laughed when he grinded his hips on my back. He then turned me on my back and did the same. His eyes were twinkling in amusement yet he was giving his all in the dance.

Pulling me on my knees, he cupped my hand to grip his jeans on both sides and by the end of the song, he let me pull it.

The girls screamed in encouragement and my cheeks were truly red when Inigo’s briefs flashed in front of me. Before I can say anything else, he pulled me up and pushed my legs to wrap around him. I did so and he began to move it back and forth to the loud screams of my friends.

He ended it by kissing my lips with everyone to see. They all cheered and hooted like crazies. As for me, I was dazed and flushed while he was grinning like an idiot.

“How was it my beautiful vixen?” he whispered in my ear with my body still wrapped around him. “Will it do?”

My lust filled brain flushed underneath his gaze. I opened my mouth but not a word got out. My gosh, he turned me into a jumbled mess!

Clearing the haze off my brain, I wickedly smiled at him before roughly kissing him, “Not if you take me to bed.”

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