The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 12: The Seduction


“Get a room man!” Calyx cried out from the onlookers as Iñigo and I made out in front of them.

Pulling back, I grinned at them and removed my wrapped legs on my man. His haze filled eyes opened and I grinned at the desire in his eyes. Taking his hand, I pulled him.

“Emma we’re taking your guest bedroom!” I announced, pulling Iñigo with my hand. Everyone cheered and laughed “Thank you for the wonderful night! I’ll see you all tomorrow!”

“Wait, Ava.” Iñigo said as I pulled him to the second floor.

Taking the steps two at a time, I quickly opened the door, shut it and roughly kissed him on the lips. He got me so strung up and wound tight that I won’t be taking no for an answer.

“” He gasped out loud as I began to grind my body on his naked chest.

“I want you.” I huskily whispered, biting his earlobe and grazing my lips on his jaw. He muttered a curse before pulling back.

“Ava, we can’t.” he groaned, his breathing ragged.

“Why not?” I vehemently asked. I want him, I want him so much.

“After the wedding.” He said trying to pull me back but I wasn’t having of it. I grumbled and sighed in frustration.

“But, I don’t want to wait.” I grumbled like a kid “We already had sex before marriage so please this wouldn’t be any different.”

I kissed him again and he responded before pulling away. “I wanted us to wait to make it seem it was our first time, and make it special. But my bride-to-be is an impatient vixen.”

I scoffed, “That’s very sweet of yours but I wasn’t known for being patient. Now please Iñigo, touch me.” I ripped open my flimsy dress and I saw the desire in his eyes before cursing out loud. I didn’t give him any time when I pushed him towards the bed and crawled up on top of him.

Then I was attacking him like a starved woman. When I pulled his black flimsy briefs, his length sprang up in attention. I wetted my lips as I gripped him in my hand. I wanted to taste him.

“Ava.” He groaned “Please, don’t tempt me.”

“You tempted me.” I pointed out “I’m just acting on your seduction.”

He raised his brow and leaned back when I ran my tongue on his length.

“Seems to me I’m not the only one who is in need.” I grinned as I licked the pre-cum on his bulbous head.

“You won’t give this up, do you?” he groaned, biting his lip as he leaned on his arms. I arrogantly grinned at him, jutting my breasts up for his view.
“Nope.” I said, flipping my hair to the side to have him access to my breasts. He was a boob man, and I was thankful I was blessed with perky breasts. His gaze zeroed in on my chest. “You should know by now that I never give up.”

He chuckled, that deep sexy chuckle of his. Damn, my core just clenched just by the sound of his voice. “How can I forget? We wouldn’t be here if not for your tenacity.”

Pulling me in his arms, he kissed me on slowly on the lips. My breathing hitched and my senses heightened when his hand grazed my nipples and tweaked it. It swelled on his hand and a deep rumble of satisfaction echoed on his chest.

“I think I have a solution, for this sticky situation.” He said before flipping me, making me face his length while his face fanned my core. Instantly, I knew what his plan was.

Running a finger the length of my core, my knees quivered as his hot breathe blew kisses on my core. I groaned and wrapped my hand on his cock. It twitched and the intoxicating power of having the man of your dreams desire you, just as how much, you desire, was a heady and unexplainable feeling.

“There are a lot of ways we can get off without penetration.” He murmured, inserting a digit.

My hips moved and I closed my eyes. I took a deep breathe before opening my eyes and swivelled my head towards him. I pierced him with my green eyes, and a grin formed on my lips.

“Fine, we’ll wait. But you’re not leaving our matrimonial bed in a week!”

His mouth lifted in amusement before parting in an O when I sucked him deep.

I can’t wait for my wedding night!

THE next morning, I woke up with a smile on my face as I looked up to the man sleeping beside me. I tired him down from removing the wall of pillow cases between us. He wanted us to wait until our marriage to sleep and make love in one bed. I vehemently refused!

So, I tired him down until he finally removed the pillow cases and wrapped me in his arms.

With my head on his chest, his arms securely wrapped on my body, and my legs tangled with his, I silently squealed with joy. I was like a high school girl being in the arms of the most popular guy in school.

I really couldn’t help but sigh as I placed my chin and continued to gaze at him. The light stubble hid his jaw, giving him a rough and dangerous edge to his look. His long lashes fanned on his cheekbones and I sighed once more when his dirty blonde hair lay in a rumpled mess on his forehead.

“A picture will last longer.” He spoke and my eyes lifted as he slowly opened his sky blue eyes. A slow sexy grin formed on his lips, and my heart thudded in his chest. “Should I take a photo for you?”

My lips lifted and I shook my head in mirth, “I think I like you better when you’re gruffly grunting at me.”

He rolled us over, caging me in his arms “What kind of grunts?” he wickedly whispered in my ear as he thrusted his morning wood on my core. My eyes turned into saucers and I groaned at the teasing look in his eyes.

“Stop teasing me.” I pouted at him “I can’t keep my promise when you’re teasing me.”

He chuckled that deep sexy chuckle of his and was about to kiss me when I covered my mouth. “Morning breathe.” I told him.

“I’m sure it tastes just as nice.”

“Nope. Nu-uh.” I shook my head at him.

He grinned again and decided to kiss me on the forehead.

“Will I get punished for being with women last night?” he teasingly asked as I threw him a pillow. He laughed out loud as I rolled my eyes at him.

“I can’t believe you worked with my bestfriend to surprise me. I didn’t know you had it in you to strip and dance.” I honestly told him.

He shrugged, “There’s a lot of things don’t know about me.”

“I know, and it will be an honor to get to know you.” I said, squeezing his hand. “What changed Inigo? You’ve never been this warm.”

“I’m giving this a chance. I’m giving us a chance despite being a marriage of convenience.” He told me “I’m not perfect, Ava. I don’t know if I’ll ever give you my heart but I will try to be a good husband and father that I will promise you.”

My heart sank when he told me about not giving me his heart. But I want him to love me just as much as I love him. I guess it is still too fresh and new. I’ll give him time.

“Okay.” I told him “As long as you’re trying.”

He nodded and squeezed my hand. He pulled back and stood. He pushed me up. The sheets fell, baring my nude body before him. He looked at me and I sassily stretched my languid body on the sheets.

I wickedly grinned at him before sitting up and sexily pointing my dainty feet on the floor while my arms leaned at the side. His nostrils flared and I watched his morning wood harden.

My lips parted and I sashayed in front of him. He stood on bathed breathe for my next move. Running my hand on his chest, I wickedly grinned at him before squeezing his cock. His body tightened and I kissed the side of his neck.

“Since you like to wait after the wedding...” I murmured beneath my lashes “I’ll see you on the wedding!”

I ran to the bathroom and closed the door cackling in laughter as he cursed underneath his breathe.

By the time I showered and wore decent clothes, Inigo and his friends had washed and ate breakfast. I met him on the doorway.

“I’ll see you on the wedding.” He murmured as he gave me a chaste kiss. My toes curled a his kiss. Calyx tapped him in the back and waved at me before walking out of the doorway.

“I will. If you try to run, I’ll whip your ass!” I warned him and he chuckled.

“You vicious woman.” He grinned kissing my forehead.

Pulling back, he waved goodbye before closing the door.

I turned around with a wide smile on my face.

One more sleep in becoming Mrs. Petrakis.

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