The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 13: Sneaking In


Iñigo Petrakis

“Good morning darling!” Ava’s bright voice woke me up from my sleep. She was bouncing up and down on Calyx’s guest bed while wearing a silk pink robe. Her hair was still in curls and she already had her makeup on. She looked radiant and beautiful.

What more if she was wearing her wedding gown. She will definitely looked stunning! One of the few things I learned about Ava was she carried herself with pride and confidence. Her wardrobe and her appearance was organized and planned. She never had to work hard to look beautiful because it was innately part of her.

Her exuberance and love for life reflects in her outward appearance. No wonder men lined her doorsteps, but she chose me, a divorcee and bankrupt man.

In thanks to her help, I told her that I will do my best to become a good husband and father to our future children. Although, I may never love again. It was too painful.

Rubbing the sleep off of my eyes, she wickedly grinned at me and kissed my lips.

“Good. You’re awake now.” She snickered as she swung her legs off the bed and handled me a tray full of my favourite dish “Eat up, darling. You’re going to need a lot of your strength.”

The confident woman winked at me as she placed the tray on my bed. Her robe was open giving me an ample view of her cleavage. When my eyes looked up, a knowing grin formed on her lips. The damn vixen was teasing me again.

Didn’t she know I was attracted to her as much as she was to me? It took me a lot of cold showers to stop myself from hauling her pretty ass to my bed and have my way with her.

Sitting herself next to me, she began to cut my meal. “Imagine our days will be like this every day! How exciting!” she giggled and slid her sinful gaze to mine “Although, a bit of exercise in bed can be a good way to spend our morning.”

My cheeks flushed at her implication. An image of her raven hair strewn on our bed while I grinded my hips inside her flashed on my mind.

Coughing, I frowned when it only dawned on me that she was in Calyx’s condo, on our wedding day.

“How did you get in? I thought we are not allowed to see each other before the bedding!” I cried out as I remembered the tradition for weddings.

As usual, the impertinent chic scoffed and rolled her eyes before flashing me her winsome smile.

“Your best friend let me in.” she said as she stared at her nails “I wanted to make sure you didn’t run from the hills or a certain visitor comes in to ruin our day. Plus, you should know by now that I don’t follow the rules.”

I shook my head at loss for words. “What do you mean visitor? I don’t have a visitor.”

“Just making sure.” She clicked her tongue before standing up. “I should go now. Emma and Addie might be worried where I have been. I sneaked out of Emma’s window after they bolted my door.”

The damn minx snickered like it was funny.

“What? You could have fallen from the second floor!” I cried out as I recalled the mansion of Emma. It was high and I could only think that she used the vines from creeping out of the mansion. My cheeks paled at the thought of her falling from the second floor. But my bride-to-be simply shook her head in mirthless laughter. “Please mi amor, value your safety and your life.”

“Ooh mi amor I liked the sound of that!” she giddily replied, leaning her head to the side “Will you also call me your naughty little girl and spank me for sneaking out?”

My cheeks flushed again and I shook my head. She was indeed incorrigible! But I wouldn’t mind spanking her tonight. She needs a good punishment.

“You’ll turn me into an old man of your adventurous ways. But I wouldn’t have you any other way.” I honestly told her as I stood up and made my way to her. She sighed in happiness as I cupper her chick. She really was beautiful. Especially when her green eyes blaze with fire.

“I hope I won’t bail you out of jail for your rule breaking skills.”

“You mean for indecency when we have public sex?” she teasingly asked as my nostrils flared. She snickered as she kissed my lips “Don’t worry darling. We’ll do it in a less crowded place.”

“Ava...” I groaned as I shook my head. She was a handful but I couldn’t seem to hate it. It only made me excited. For sure, we will have an exciting and adventurous marriage. Perhaps, I’ll even grow a bit of hair at a young age due to her adventurous and impulsive nature.

The damn little vixen snickered at my hardened cock. “You look you need sometime for yourself.” She snickered and kissed my lips, letting me taste the sweetness of her lip gloss “I’ll see you at the city hall! Bye darling and if you’re not there in two hours I will skin you alive!”

I chuckled as I watched her dashed out of my room.

Eating the breakfast she prepared, Calyx’s knock and went inside my room. He had already showered yet he still wasn’t in his tux.

A knowing grin was on his lips.

“You’re bride-to-be shocked me when she knocked on my door wearing only a bathrobe and her curls stills on her hair. She wore me out when she insisted to come inside.” he chuckled “It wasn’t long before I gave in when she threatened to skin my ass. Speaking of skinning me alive, she did warned me to make sure you didn’t run away on your wedding.”

I chuckled at the image of Ava marching inside. “She’s a force. A beautiful force.”

“She did dashed out of your room with a triumphant grin. Did you advanced her wedding night?” Calyx said wiggling his eyebrows.

I scowled at him. My bestfriend was like Ava. No wonder it was easy for him to warm up to her. “No. Now leave, before we do get skinned by my fiance.”

“Still a boring oaf.” He chuckled. I threw him a pillow and he hightailed out of my room with a laugh.

Opening my phone, I saw my mother’s well wishes for my wedding and instructions on presenting my marriage certificate to her lawyer tomorrow. Thanking her, I went inside the bathroom and prepared for my wedding.

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