The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 16: aftermath

CHAPTER 16: Aftermath

Iñigo Petrakis

I woke up with the buzzing noise of my phone and a pounding headache . Opening my eyes, I groaned as the blinding rays of the sun hit my eyes. Why were my curtains open? I never opened them.

Squinting my eyes, I sat back and saw my pants on. Memories from yesterday fleeted on my mind. I got married to Ava yesterday. We had a party at Emma’s place and we left in a hurry to consummate our marriage. But after bringing her to my condo, my mind blacked out.

Looking around, I saw no sign of her. I was still wearing my pants from last night. Does that mean nothing happened?

Groaning, I massaged my temples from the effort of thinking and finding my wife. When my phone rang again, I hurriedly looked for it and was shocked to see Ava’s caller id. Why was she calling me on the phone?

“Oh good, you’re awake.” She coldly replied “You have a meeting at 10.”

“Wait what? I thought we’re in honeymoon.”

“Honey moon your face” she acidly replied. “Go jack yourself off! And be here in 30 minutes.”

She cut the phone off and I groaned at the anger in her voice. What did I do now?

With my pounding head, I made my way to the bathroom andshowered. It took me exactly 30 minutes in arriving in my company. Cakyx bumped into me and he snickered.

“You’re so dead.” He laughed out loud as I scowled at him.


He laughed even harder. “Ask your wife.”

I sighed and looked for my raven haired wife. At last I found her fursiously typing on her keyboard. Everyone’s gaze were on us but specifically on the furiousl woman who looked murderous in her seat.

Sighing, I walked towards her.

“Good Morning wife.” I was about to kiss her on the cheek when she moved her head to the side like it was about to fall off. Pulling back, I saw her murderous glare swivelled to mine.

“What’s good about this morning husband?!” Her forehead was creased, her lips pursed and her emerald eyes sparked with fire. Yes she was definitely angry.

“We have to work to do and papers to sign so hurry up!”

Then she stomped and grabbed her folders and marched inside my office.

I sighed once again and followed my beautiful angry wife. Once I closed the doors, she slammed the folders on my desk and turned towards my form.

“You have a meeting at 10. Here are the reports you have to check.” She bitted out.

“Ava, sit down.” I told her but the woman furiously defied me “Alright, what’s wrong?”

Now she looked ready to murder me. An acid smile formed on her lips and she sat on the chair crossing her legs and opened her notebook. “You seriously don’t know why you handsome but stupid oaf?!”

I walked towards her and sat on the chair in front of her. My head was still pounding so I grabbed the coffee she prepared but her hands snap my hand away.

“that’s not yours! Get your own damn coffee!”

“Alright, since you already have called me a stupid oaf and I don’t remember anything, may I know why my wife is sending me death glares?”

“You want to know why dear husband?” Opening her notebook, she furiously wrote “I’m actually writing it on my diary. First day as a married woman. Our wedding was blissful and happy. My husband promised to give me my wedding night after days of halting our sexual intercourse. I was excited to consummate our marriage when my dear husband fell asleep in the middle of his seduction. The worst part was I got locked out of his condominium after buying myself ice cream to ease the ache on my core! I had to sleep at the cold hallway because the receptionist did not have his keys and I had to wait for his bestfriend to give me access! What a wedding night it was!”

The way she vehemently wrote on her diary made it look like a page was about to be ripped in half. Her glare intensified as she finished it and closed her diary with a snap.

My cheeks heated and remorse filled my voice “I’m sorry Ava. I did not mean to get drunk last night.”

“Yeah well next time be responsible enough to stop yourself from drinking too much!” she screamed in my ear and suddenly opened her shirt. Air got knocked out of my lungs at her naked breasts “Take a quick look Inigo. Are you not attracted with me? I have a healthy and beautiful body that men worship for miles. But you clearly were too bored to fall asleep last night!”

Opening and closing my mouth, I shut it close before opening them once again.

That was not my intention Ava. I do desire you and I don’t know why I fell asleep with only just a bottle of wine. I promise to make it up to you mi amor.” I resolutely replied. She sniffed her nose up “And please button up your clothes.”

“Why? Don’t you like it? My breasts are naturally big.” She even cupped them with her two hands and I had to stop myself from hardening. We were inside my office and I still had a pounding headache.

“I do like it but we’re inside my office.” I told her “I won’t take you here. I prefer to do it the right way in our home.”

“Whatever. Go have fun with yourself.” She said buttoning her top and standing up.

“Must we work today, mi amor? Let me give you the wedding night you deserve. I truly am sorry that I fell asleep.” I sensually went to her form. Her green eyes flashed in annoyance yet her mood did improved, a bit. Like really really a bit.

“And have my husband sleeping again? No thank you! I’d rather finger myself.” she snapped, sliding out of my arms “Now hurry because you have a meeting in 10 and I don’t care if you’ll seat in a meeting with a hangover. You deserve it!”

Turning her back on me, she went out of my office and slammed my door shut.

When I went out, my wife stomped her feet to the meeting room. Everyone knows by now she was angry at me by the way her heels clicked on the floor, the scowl on her usual sunny face, and the glare she always sends in my direction.

“Ava.” I tried talking to her but she was adamant in ignoring me. I tried again but she was too stubborn. So, I had to sit throughout the meeting with a pounding headache and a furious woman glaring at me. My BOD thought it was amusing but my heart was heavy at being in a fight with her.

I really didn’t know how I got so drunk with only a few glasses of wine. I had a high tolerance for alcohol. Dubiously thinking, I sent a text to my security to check Emma’s CCTV footage. I had a possible hunch but I wanted it verified.

Then I sent Andrew to quickly arrive at the office despite him being in the afternoon schedule. I ordered him to buy lunch, organize a lunch date and flowers.

When we finished the meeting, Andrew was there and he had a knowing smile on his lips. Turning to the still furious woman beside me, I beckoned her to come inside my office.

She rolled her eyes and stomped inside, only to gasp at the flowers before her.

A candlelight meal was arranged inside my office. Andrew slid me the bouquet of flowers on my back and closed the door.

She turned around and glared at me when I locked the door behind me.

“What are you doing?”

“Apologizing.” Handing her the bouquet of roses, her eyes widened “I really am sorry mi amor. I promise to make it up to you. I just want you to know through these gestures that I truly regret my actions last night.”

It was a full minute before she spoke.

“Fine.” She said “But I’m still angry at you.”

My heart leaped to my throat and I a triumphant grin formed on my lips. Cupping her cheeks, I kissed her squarely on her mouth.

“Thank you. I will make up to you, I promise.”

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