The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 17: Earthquake


Ava Marquez-Petrakis
True to Inigo’s words he did make it up to me. He was every inch a gentleman during our lunch date. The anger I had for me slowly diminished as he engaged me in conversation, made me laugh every chance he got and flirtatiously touch me wherever his hands can reach.
By the time we freshened up ourselves and we were ready to go to his mother’s lawyers, I was quivering with desire.
“Are you sure you want to go to work today?” he deviously whispered in my ear as his hand grazed the side of my breast. We were inside the elevator and there were people inside too.
I felt his hand slowly lower on my butt cheek, and he slowly inched my dress up. I felt the cold air on my legs, and my breathing hitched as he caressed my ass and my core from behind.
My eyes glazed and I squeezed his arm as he pushed a finger inside. My breathing hitched and my mouth gaped open as I quickly shut it.
“You like that?” he huskily whispered in my ear as my body arched to push his fingers in.
“Mmmhmm.” I nodded my head as I leaned my head to his shoulders. It looked like his left hand was on my waist while my head was on his shoulder. But in reality, he was finger fucking me.
He suddenly paused and I frowned at him. He grinned and asked, “Work or home?”
“Baby, I want this too.” He whispered, guding my hand on his bulging cock “I’ll give you our wedding night, so please I ask you again. Work or home?”
The doors opened to the parking lot and I said.
Inigo quickly smoothened my dress and grabbed my hand. We were literally running to his car and Inigo was zooming on the streets like a mad man. By the time we were inside his condominium, I was shaking from pent up arousal. I needed him inside of me.

Sealing my lips with a kiss, he palmed my ass and pushed myself up. I wrapped my legs around him as I suck his lips. Our clothes were strewn on the floor while our hands ran on the naked skin.

I heard the opening and closing of a door before I felt his soft mattress on my naked back. He carried me on the center of the bed and went on top of me.

We were both naked and his housekeeper will probably realize why our clothes were strewn on the floor.

A devilish grin formed on his lips. His arms were braced on both sides of my head. He cupped my chin, tilted it up and kissed me.

His kiss was marking and full of desire. He nipped, licked and sucked. I was growing drunk with his kisses. His hands ran on my arms and the side of my breasts. Goosebumps erupted and my hips grazed his length. He hissed when our bodies met.

“Baby..I need you inside of me.” I huskily murmured as I continuously brush myself against his member.

“I know baby.” He said kissing me hard on the lips before pulling back “I’ll give it to you.”

Parting my legs, my insides warmed as I caught sight of his length. He changed our positions with me on top.

My heart warmed as he gave me the power to go on top of him. Cupping his length, I aligned it with mine and slowly sank into it.

I watched his eyes and his face as I slowly sank myself inside. His hands gripped my hips. When I finally sank down on him, we both groaned.

“’re so tight.” He hissed as I slowly raised my hips. “So good.”

Grinning, I picked up my pace, enjoying the slow and sensual pace of our joining. I watched as Iñigo’s breathing grew ragged and his cheeks flushed.

My heart thudded in my chest as I began to move faster.

“Iñigo...” I moaned as I felt him meet my pace and thrust inside of me “There yes!”

I straightened my back and lifted my body in a hard and fast pace. I sank myself deeper inside of him. Making sure to hit my most pleasure spot.

“Fuck baby.” He groaned, his eyes squeezed tightly as he filled me to the brim. My muscled contracted making him hiss in pleasure.

Leaning down, I cupped Iñigo’s face and kisses him as I continuously rolled my hips on his length.

Iñigo wrapped his arms on my back and continued to kiss. He slapped my ass and began to meet my thrusts with powerful strokes.

I felt the building up of a release coming soon. So, I pulled back from his harm and clasped my hands with his. I began to pick up my pace and began furiously bouncing up and down of him. Iñigo cursed as he meet every raise of my hips.

I felt the impending release when my muscles continuously contractes, squeezing him in. It took only 2 more hard thrusts before we both came together. We felt our orgasm and his shaking bed as we both cried out.

My body went lax on top of him as we both catched our breasts.

But then we noticed our room shaking. I was shaking from my orgasm then our room was shaking.

It was Iñigo who noticed it and went on alert.

“Fuck! There’s an earthquake!”

Before I can wrap my head on what’s happening, he clad our bodies with the sheets and pulled me underneath his mahogany table.

My senses went on alert as the earthquake continuously shook our condominium. Fear gripped me as I held on to Iñigo. When the earthquake finally stopped, my heart was beating wildly inside of my chest.

Cupping my face, Iñigo made me look at him. His eyes were worried yet there was a mischied in it.

It was only then that it sinked in with me.
We had sex while there was an earthquake!

Suddenly, we both errupted into laughter as the last few minutes events processed in our thoughts.

Pulling back, Iñigo helped me up yet continued to hold me in his arms.

“So...” He asked with a knowing grin on his face “Will it come back when we have another round?”

I laughed as he carried me back towards the bed. His eyes smoldered as he pulled the sheets on my body.

“On your knees.”

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