The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 18: Feelings

Chapter 18

Iñigo Petrakis
“I can’t believe you two had sex while we were being asked to evacuate the building.” Calyx grumbled as he lead us out of the building.

Ava snickered beside me and lifted her eyes to mine. The mischief in her depths were transparent that I couldn’t help but chuckle beside her.

Earlier, another wave of earthquake rumbled as we were consummating our marriage. If not for Calyx’s incessant knocking, we wouldn’t have thought of evacuating the area.

Pulling Ava to my chest, I grinned at her disheveled state. She was wearing my white shirt and boxer shorts while I was wearing my wrinkled pants and jersey shirt. Our lips were bruised from kissing and hair haphazardly flying around.

We planned on moving in at Ava’s two storey white glass home outside of the Metro. It was a few houses from Emma’s home and we knew it was a safe place for us to stay while the buildings were being checked for damages. I’ll have my housekeeper pack my clothes and deliver it to Ava’s home.

“He sure is grumpy.” Ava whispered in my ear as we watched a stomping Calyx wiping his keycard to open our private parking lot.

“He’s just concerned with our safety.” I murmured in her ear as I caressed the side of her waist. Staring at her, a small grin formed on my lips as my gaze lifted to her form. “You look good on my clothes.”

Her eyes flashed with an idea. I squinted at her form as she demurely placed a hand on my chest “I like wearing them too. But I prefer you, stripping me down in nothing but my sweet pink lips glistening in wetness and my perky tits on display.”

An image of her naked before me flashed in my mind. My eyes dilated and I felt myself hardening. The little minx grinned in satisfaction, obvious I had fallen for her charms.

“Stop whispering at each other. I can feel the sexual tension from here.” Calyx grumbled as he clicked his car door open.

“Perhaps a night in bed with a woman can relieve yours as well, Calyx?” my wife commented.

Calyx’s face pinked before shaking his head “I have women flock my feet my dear Ava. I will have it relieved in no time.”

“Really? Then how come you have been in a sour mood these past few days?” my wife inquired, a knowing look on her face “Perhaps a certain red head has been plaguing your mind?”

“Red head? You mean Little Mermaid?” Calyx jokingly teased yet he couldn’t keep his eyes on the scrutinizing gaze of my wife.

I chuckled as I realized who Ava was referring to. She must have found out about Calyx’s infatuation with Emma. We weren’t the only one who got tangled in bed during Calyx’s birthday party.

I saw a disheveled red head walk out of Calyx’s suit the day after. It was only during Ava’s bachelorette party that my suspicions were confirmed. They were arguing and whispering at each other when I walked on them the morning after Ava’s bachelorette party.

I heard a few of their conversation before making myself known. Chuckling, I knew my sex addict of a friend hasn’t been getting some action for the past few days.

Swiveling my gaze on my vixen and on my bestfriend, I couldn’t helo but chuckle. Calyx looked at me for help. I shook my head and smoothened my wife’s back.

“Come now, my inquisitive vixen.” I lead her inside my car. “Let Calyx solve his own problems.”

She pouted at me, “You’re no fun.”

I tapped her forehead “You love antagonizing people.”

“Who? Me?” She innocently batted her eyelashes at me.

I groaned and opened her car door “Get in, vixen. Before the building crashes on us.”

Turning back, she flashed me a wicked grin.

“The only crashing I want is our languid bodies crashing with each other in our matrimonial bed.” She wickedly announced before cupping my dick underneath my pants.

“Ava!” I cried as she squeezed my dick in her hand. The once semi-hard dick turned into full blown hard on as she bit her lips and winked at me. My damn vixen winked at me!

“That’s right honey! Groan my name because its the only name you’ll ever chant and beg in this lifetime.”

Giving me one sardonic laugh, she fluidly went in and closed the door of the car. I stood there gaping at her as I calmed my raging hard on.

That beautiful yet playful woman! Breathing down, I inhaled and exhaled as I calmed the bulge in my pants. It felt painful in there.

Calyx laughed from his car, seeing the whole scene.

“Man you look like you need some help!”

“Want me to tell your Little Mermaid to keep you cockblocked?” I sardonically asked. Calyx’s grin instantly turned into a frown. He flipped me the bird before rolling up his windows and turning on the engine.

Chuckling, I moved to my side of the car. Let that damn hard on be known. I have a minx to teach.

Sliding inside my car and closing it, I turned towards the culprit who was busily checking her phone.

“Darling I forgot to te---” she started but before she can finish her sentence, I pulled her out of her seat, dumped her in my lap and kissed her senseless.

Her plump pink lips were sweet and decadent like peaches that I couldn’t stop sucking and biting them. Running my tongue on her bottom lip, I parted her mouth for me to explore her sweet depths. Leaning my head to the right, I sucked on her bottom lips and tangled my tongue against her.

She groaned at the back of her throat and inhaled my scent as she pressed her body to mine. Her heat rubbed against mine and I gripped the side of her hips as she began to rock her hips against mine.

“Iñigo.” she huskily murmured as I tangled my hands on her hair as I pulled her hair back and kissed the creamy column of her neck and shoulders.

We were both lost in heat that we both jumped at the beep from Calyx’s car. Blinking the haze on my head, I looked up at Ava’s swollen lips and her twinkling eyes.

I meant to only seduce her for a bit and stop it as payment for gripping my length. But it seems the tables have turned.

“Still trying to seduce me?”

Laughing, I carefully placed her on the seat and placed her seat belt on.

“Later. At home.” I promised her a smile on my lips.

“Home.” She dreamily sighed “I like the sound of it.”

My body stilled. My breath hitched in my throat. Coldness seeped on my bones as I thought of the words I’ve spoken.


I’ve never thought about it since I was a boy and during my wedding to my ex-wife. Yet here I was, thinking about it. Was I falling again?


This is just an arrangement. I should snap out of this. I will be a good husband but I can never love Ava.

What I feel for her must only be lust and attraction. Yes. It must be it. But the more I thought about it and convince myself, the harder it became for me to run away from it.

“Iñigo?” Ava worriedly asked in her seat. She slid her hand on mine. Meeting her gaze, I slowly pulled my walls up, caging my heart and wrapping an ice barricade around it. “Are you okay? Did I say something wrong?”

Plastering a smile on my face, I squeezed her hand before softly placing it back on her lap. “Nothing Ava. We should go.”

Ava was still unconvinced yet nodded her head. Focusing my gaze infront, I turned my attention on the road and pulled out of the driveway.

I had to get rid of these feelings. Fast.

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