The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 19: Pulling Away

Chapter 19

Avery Marquez-Petrakis
I had said something. I just couldn’t figure out what. We were just talking about home when Iñigo froze in his seat like he was doused with ice cold water. I immediately asked him if I said something wrong but he shook his head no.

All throughout the drive he was quiet and answered me with only yes and no. It was unusual of him to suddenly become quiet when he was just fine earlier. He even became more silent when we arrived home and was greeted by my sister Addie.

I couldn’t help but think if he did not like my home. Does he not approve of my home? I’ve worked really hard to build a home for Addie and me.

The inheritance we received from our parents wasn’t enough to last us a lifetime since they had loans that needed to be settled. I remember crying myself to sleep when we had to sell our home and live in a small rented room. We had to, because the money we’ll get will help us cover for my high school tuition fees and Addie’s tuition fees.

It didn’t helped that Addie was a sickly child so the money our parents passed to us was used for her tuition fees and her hospital bills. By the time I was in college, I was working my ass off to put food in the table and pay for my tuition fees while paying for our rent.

The moment I made a profit from my business, I invested it in different portfolios for me to have many streams income. It was a joy and a dream come true when I finally had the money to buy us a home and finance Addie’s college fees.

I knew my home wasn’t as glamorous as Iñigo’s but its quaint and a fruit of my labor. The two storey house was made of cement and glass. It was white and we had flowers and trees surrounding it. We live in a friendly neighborhood and we’re a few houses from Emma’s.

If he didn’t like living here he should have told me. I asked twice what was wrong but he said no. I wasn’t going to ask him again.

“I had my clothes on Ava’s closet removed to give space for your clothes Iñigo.” Addie said as she sipped a glass of juice in her hand. We were at my room which is the master’s bedroom.

I had the biggest closet and room so she places some of her stuff on mine. Her eyes flashed with mischief at out disheveled state. “I’ll be in my room listening to music. You guys feel at home.” She waved at Iñigo and I and went to her own room.

Closing the door, I turned towards Iñigo who was admiring the oil family painting on top of the bookcases. It was the last photo we had before Mom and Dad passed.

“You looked like your Mom but you had your Father’s eyes.” Iñigo commented as I stood beside him.

“Yep. I also have her temper.” I commented as he turned towards me and grinned. It was the first grin he gave me from the parking lot.

I couldn’t stop myself from finally asking him. Leaning towards him, I cupped his cheek and caressed it.

“Are you okay Iñigo?” I asked him “You seem to be quiet when we talked about home. Don’t you like staying here?”

He placed a kiss on the inside of my palm and held it to his. “No. I just had some stuffs on my mind.”

He did but why do I feel he wasn’t telling me anything.

“Speaking of tasks to do, we’ll be meeting with my mother’s lawyer and trust fund manager in a few. She’ll want us to show the marriage certificate to access a quarter of my inheritance.” He said, taking a step back and walking towards the edge of the bed to open the bag of clothes he packed. The rest will arrive tomorrow after the building will be cleared.

“The money will help me with the business.” He explained as he began placing his clothes “We’ll also be giving out our official statement to the press. It’ll help our image and help your company as well.”

I nodded as he stated it as a matter-of-fact. He was very business like with the matter.
I knew this was what we both needed. For our companies. But I had my ulterior motives. I feel like he’s pulling away when we were just getting started.

Frowning at the thoughts in my head, I put on a smile. “Okay. How about we’ll release an official statement then we have a magazine interview us?”

He frowned, “Interview us?”

I shrugged, “It will help stop the rumours if they see us happy and well.”

I wanted to add In love but knew he wouldn’t like it yet.

“Speaking of work, does this mean we wont be having a honeymoon?” I carefully asked.

His face fell yet he recovered, “Yes until we have regained the status of our company.”

“Seem fair.”


I need to have him for myself. But I knew we had to work to keep our stable. He walked towards my form and kissed my lips, “I’ll just go and take a bath.”

I nodded my head, still thinking. “There’s towles on the rack.”

“We’ll meet them at 2pm.” He murmured.

Gazing at him through hooded lashes, a wicked plan formed on my head. Caressing his biceps, I inched myself closer to him.

“Are you surr you don’t need any help?” I purred, innocently pouting at him.

He stilled as he swiveled his head to mine. His cheeks colored and his nostrils flared. He was so close to taking me and nodding his head when he looked away and sighed.

Kissing me on the cheeks, he stepped back and sadly grinned. “Not this time vixen.”

Pouting, I watched him walked into the bathroom and closed it with a click. Groaning, I slumped backwards on my queen sized bed and murmured, “He’s fucking pulling away.”

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