The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 20: Punishment


Ava-Marquez Petrakis

The Ice King was back.

Peaking over my lashes, I surreptitiously glanced over the golden haired man seated at the head of the table. He looked regal and composed with his pin stripped navy blue suit. His eyes looked ethereal with the clothes he was wearing and he looked every bit of a debonair with his golden hair falling on his eyes. His His attention was firmly on the man presenting in front while the other members of his board were scanning the contents of the folder.

He would occasionally nod his head as a sign of his approval while his lips would purse in a grim line when he disagrees with the presentation. He made occasional notes and give his opinion when he asked.

He was every bit the leader that he is. And I couldn’t stop myself from admiring him more. At the same time I would like to smack his head for being such a stubborn oaf!

It has been a week since we last moved in and the bull-headed man made it his mission of drowning himself at work. He was back to his aloof and cold mask that it was an effort for me to put a smile on his face. I’ve been doing hundreds of ways to warm him up yet he was adamant in placing up his walls.

This husband of mine! He was fulfilling his promise of being a good husband by dining together at night and making love afterwards. Not that I’m complaining with our sexual activities because he made it his mission to tire me that I can no longer ask him trivial questions. I would always end up passing put from the rounds of sex that we had or he’ll cut me off before I can talk to him.

When I wake up in the morning, he’ll tire me again by making love in the shower that I’ll always need a minute to breathe and stretch my own muscles.

I don’t know where he was sourcing his energy but when weekend comes, I’ll either be asleep in bed or lying in bed reading while he sort out his company and meet investors.

It was becoming apparent that he will fulfil his obligation as a husband yet shy away from love. And I’ll be damned if I’ll let him with his plan. I’m Avery Marquez-Petrakis and I am not someone who can easily be swayed nor be taken down. You better not run from me my dear husband because I will promise you that I will chase you even more. And what better way to implement my plan was to use all my best cards?

Grinning at my plan, I didn’t noticed I made a giggling noise until everyone’s eyes were on me. Shrinking back in my seat, I coughed out making it seem I had something on my mouth. They quickly resumed with their meeting. But I noticed the silent amusement in Inigo’s eyes before he masked it again.

Glancing towards our schedule, I noticed a text message coming from Inigo. Frowning, I glanced over his form who looked nothing like a man who texts during meeting. Slowly, opening it my eyebrows raised at his question.

Inigo: What were you giggling about?

Smiling coyly to myself, I texted him back.

Ava: Oh it was nothing. Just a thought that passed in my mind...

Watching him, I saw him hide his phone on the folders in front of him and texted while still not taking his eyes off the presenter.

Inigo: Care to elaborate?

Grinning to myself, I quickly texted him back.

Ava: Darling, if I do elaborate, I wouldn’t be held accountable for your response.

The distinct frown on his face was obvious and it made me grin even more. He glanced towards my form and he sighed as if reading my mind.

Inigo: Let me guess my dear vixen, it requires me and you in this room with your legs wrapped around my waist while I pound into you?

My cheeks blushed at the vulgarity of this man. Goodness! I didn’t know he had it in him.

Ava: Goodness darling! I was thinking of our meal for dinner tonight. I didn’t know you wanted to make ME your MEAL. ;) What dirty mind you have!

Has the meeting bored you to death that your thoughts are now in between my legs?

The pink staining his cheeks was a sight to see. He glared at his phone and was about to type when his board members stopped. He didn’t notice everyone staring at him.

“I-I’m sorry but I can change the ideas if you’d like.” The presenter, Mr. Phils stammered. He looked like he was about to pee in his pants. He was clutching his folder like his life depended on it.

Staring back at the men and women in front of him, it was only then he realized his mistake. His board and employees thought he was frowning at them and not to me!

I quickly covered my mouth to stop the laugh from tumbling out. Inigo caught sight of it and briefly glanced my way. I schooled the grin on my face and acted innocently. His eyes flashed and spoke of a promise of redemption while my insides squirmed at the naughty ideas flashing in my mind.

One thing I know about Inigo is he is a beast in bed. He can alternate between my master and my sweet husband. He can be a dominating man at first then turn into a really caring and sweet lover. I loved the switch and it helped us both discover what works for us both.

With the embarrassing situation I had put him on, I knew I will get punished for it. I should probably run for the hills and hide from me but it just made me really excited for him. What kind of punishments will he impose on me?

Biting my lips, I focused my gaze on the documents in front of me while Inigo tried to do damage control. Once done, they proceeded with the meeting while I demurely listened to the presentation. But I can feel Inigo’s laser like beams.

When the meeting was over, I was about to hightail out of the room when Inigo’s voice stopped.

“Ava.” he called, stopping me in my tracks. Schooling my features, I turned around plastering my biggest smile.

“Yes sir?” I asked while he casually leaned his hip on the table while browsing the documents. I stood upright on my heels while his employees and board filed out of the room. They send us curious gazes while I plastered my smile at them. They were obviously asking themselves what kind of trouble I got myself into.

When we heard the clicking of the door shut, he snapped his folder shut too. His eyes gleamed devilishly under the lights.

“You’ve been a naughty girl Mrs. Petrakis.” He lowly said as he placed the folder on the desk. My chest swelled with pride at my married name.

Mrs. Petrakis.

Oh how I longed and dreamed of being his bride. Now here I am!

But I was about to get my ass slapped with the way he was looking at me. Pouting at him, I tilted my head to the side and twirled my hair. “Technically, it wasn’t my fault. It was you who frowned at them and initiated to text me.”

“Still you needed to be punished.”

“Says who?” I rebutted back, tilting my chin up in defiance.

“Says me.” he commanded, his blue eyes gleaming in the light. “Now come here.”

Instantly, my body went on high at the sexual tension between us. His eyes lwere smoldering heat and I found myself slowly walking towards his form. When I was in front of him, he raised his hand and ran the back of his hand on my cheek, down to my neck and to the side of my breasts.

My eyes dilated when his eyes darkened and the a wolfish smile lifted his lips.

“Pull up your skirt and bend on the table.” He commanded, side stepping and allowing me to pull my skirt and braise myself on the table. A pleased groan tumbled out of his lips as his hand smoothly grazed my ass.

A slap rang on the room when his hand connected with my ass cheeks. A burning sensation between my legs ignited the fire within me. I can feel my core soaking up my lace panties.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl, texting the boss when he was in meeting.” He murmured, kneeling in front and grasping the two globes on his hand. He continuously slapped my cheeks before parting the material of my lace underwear and running a finger from my slit to my hole.

I buckled at the sensation while he held me with another hand.

“I love how you’re always wet for me.” he growled inserting two fingers on my entrance. I cried out loud as I tilted my hips up. “You need to be punished, and I know just what to do.”

Fishing out a toy in his hand, my eyes grew wide at the device.

“No!” I cried out loud trying to stand up yet he clamped down his hand on my hips.

“Yes Ava. You will take this.” he growled, sliding his tongue on my wet heat as I moaned and pressed my head on the cold table. “You will take this, for me.”

My chest tightened and I knew that whatever he asked me to, I would do. Sensing my submission, he continued licking my heat while pumping his fingers inside. When I was so close to cumming, he inserted the device and stood up.

“What? You’re done? B-but I ----“I stammered still hazy and at loss for words.

“Hush my little vixen.” He said kissing my lips as he pulled down my skirt and turned me around. “This is your punishment.”

Raising his hand, he pressed the button and a sharp zing of vibration rumbled on my core and I felt my pleasure rose up. My eyes were wide in shock in understanding.

He placed a vibrator inside my core. Its tip butterfly like design was directed on my clit while its body was inside. He was going to dry me crazy with this toy inside of me!

“No!” I groaned as my knees buckled when he pressed another mode.

“Yes.” He replied, a wolfish grin on his lips “I would enjoy making you cum while we have lunch with one of our investors.”

Oh god what did I got myself into?

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