The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 22: Spitfire

Chapter 22

Iñigo Petrakis

If I thought I already know all my wife’s crazy plans, she proved me wrong. Each day she surprises me more and more, to the point I ask myself if I’ll ever come home with her setting our house on fire due to her impulsive yet funny ideas.

Chuckling to myself, I stared at my beautiful spitfire wife who was glowering on my lap. Her lips were drawn in an arrogant smirk, her emerald eyes flashing with fire and her stance ready to take on war. She was a magnificent sight as Danica flashed her with beams in her eyes.

“I cannot believe you let your wife vandalize your office, Iñigo.” Danica contemtuously remarked, tilting her chin up and wrinkling her nose in disgust “A man like should have a regal and sophisticated wife who cares about your image. Not a crazy sex addict who tempers your office with her flimsy underwear!”

“Why you little---“my wife sprang on her lap, her arms outstretched ready to sink her polished nails on the daughter of my possible investor when I quickly pulled her back on my lap. She glowered at me with her emerald eyes. Ahhh what a beautiful sight indeed. Fire flashed in her eyes as she wiggled on my lap “Unhand me Petrakis!”

“Stop squirming mi amore.” I lowly murmured in her ears. Danica glowered at our intimate position.“Or you’ll awaken the beast in between my legs.”

Her bright greeb eyes flashed lasers on my form. Goodness! Why does she look even more beautiful with her eyes shooting daggers at me? Have a gone sadist? “I don’t care Iñigo! Now unhand me or I will personally cut your limbs off myself!”

“Tsk tsk bloodthirsty female.” I shook my head in mirth. Wrapping my hands tighter on her luscious form, I turned my cold gaze on Danica. She stilled in her seat, her shoulders straight, her lips pursed.

“I’m sorry Danica but I will have to inform your father that I will no longer do business with you.”



Both females said unison. They glowered at each other before turning to my direction.

Caressing my wife’s hand, I turned to Danica. I schooled my features to the cold blank mask I usually wear.

“Why are you withdrawing from our agreement? I was merely stating facts about your no class wife!” she threw a disgusted face on my wife which angered me more “We’re one of the biggest investors and you’re turning us away because of one truthful observation.”

My blue eyes chilled and turned into frost. Her glare instantly turned into worry. Her smirk fell and she bit her lip waiting for my next words.

“A simple observation you say? I thought you were educated the fine art of being a lady? Perhaps being spoiled has obliterated your sense of courtesy and respect?”

“You b---”

I raised a hand in the air, stopping her.

“Danica, you have pounced at me every chance you got when you clearly knew I was a married man. I know your father is only do business to set you up with me. Plus, you disrespected and insulted my wife in front of me with the thoughts of swaying my views on her.” I coldly enumerated “Your actions can reflect your personality and upbringing. I do not wish to do business with people like you. So, if you may, kindly leave my office. I’ll write to your father.”

“This is the biggest mistake you’ll ever make Iñigo Petrakis! Your good for nothing wife has corrupted you!” She stood up, clutching her designer bag and marched out of my office.

But halfway to the door, a compact powder flew at the back of her head. She gasped and turned around to see my wife clutching her makeup bag. I was too focused on Danica that I didn’t noticed her grab her bag

“You botox faced witch! You should try to look at the mirror and see how better I am than you.” She glowered “I’m Ava Marquez-Petrakis, CEO of A&A company. I have commanded snd steered a small business venture into a full blown million dollar company. I have also married the hotttest man in the country, so dont you dare call me a nobody when all you have is your daddy and fillers!”

Danica gasped in shock at the words spouted by my wife. Ava wasn’t finished yet because she threw her mouthwash at Danica.

“Here catch!” She said “Your mouth needs some washing.”

Danica gasped again and smelled her breathe. She glowered and spun out of the office. But before she can leave, she paused when Ava stopped her.

“What now?”

“Our business deal is also off.” Ava sweetly replied ’A fair warning too. If I hear one bad word that comes out of your mouth about what happened, I’ll more than throw things on your thick headed skull.”

“I’ll sue you for this!” Danica screeched.

“Try me.” Ava warned as the blonde woman spun around and left us inside my office.
The door clicked shut and my wife spun around with a smile on her face.

“Guess my work here is done.” She cheerfully said removing my hands on her. But my hand clamped down on her waist. She frowned as I pushed her closer to my chest. “I have work to do Iñigo.”

“Nonsense my dear wife. I believe you can spare a few more minutes of your time in the company of your husband.”

“Well...” She dubiously thought about it “Do you need help in finding a new investor? I can help you. Also, do you want to go on a holiday?”

“A holiday? Where?” I frowned at her question.

She demurely caressed my chest as her head focused on my tie “I was thinking of our honeymoon in Spain...”

My blood went cold like I’ve been doused with ice water. I distinctively remember that I should be staying far away from me. My heart was on the line with her constant affection and flirtations.

“I’m sorry Ava but I can’t.”

“Why not?” Her eyes flashed with fire and I was the unlucky man being targeted with her laser like beam eyes.

“I have work.”

“Perhaps after securing a good investor? Both our companies are doing well Iñigo.” She urged me “Besides, you’ve been working for years with no rest. A holiday is what you need.”

Wrapping her hands on me, I carefully removed it on my body.

“I’m sorry but I’m really busy.” I said, pulling away and letting her seat on my chair as I stood up.

Her eyes flashed with defiance. She crossed her arms and asked “Are you truly busy? Or are you just making it up? Don’t think I don’t you pulling away from me. Why?”

“I’m doing no such thing.” I coldy replied placing the hard walls on my mind. She pointed an accusing finger at me.

“Lies! You’re clearly doing it again!” She accused of me.

Breathing deeply, I turned my back on her and headed to the bar. She followed me, by the way her heels clicked on the carpetes floor.

“I’m not like her Iñigo.” she softly whispered.

I whirled to face her, glaring at her “This isn’t about Leanne.”

“Is it?” Her chin rose “Then why can’t you give me your heart?”

“I never promised you my heart Ava. I only promised that I will be a good husband, but it seems my wife doesn’t like it.” I knew I was being an asshole but I was saving us from destruction. “If you don’t want how I treat you, then we’re better off as stangers just as how we first met.”


“You better go Ava, I have work to do.”

She deeply sighed and spun around. Before she can open the door, I felt her stare back at me and said “I wish you wouldn’t let your past rule your presen and future.”

My chest squeezed as the truth drove home. Opening the door, I drank my glass of wine as she walked out of my office with a slam of the door.

Ever since that day, Ava and I’s relationshiop deteriorated. We sleep on opposite sides of the bed with a wall of pillows between us. We don’t talk in the office unless we needed to. Breakfast and dinner were tense. Even my employees began to wonder. Ava seemed to want to avoid my presence too that she recently resigned and hired a new secretary.

Now I’m seating on my car seat thinking of what she had been up to. A month has already and I knew it was my fault. Ava tried to reach out but I always shut her down. I should be happy yet I felt deep longing and sadness as an image of Ava’s hurt eyes flashed in my mind.

The deep heaviness in my chest also wouldn’t go away. I’ll probably need to schedule an appointment with my doctor to know why my heart was hurting.

Staring at the passing buildings, I noticed we were heading at the airport. I was supposed to visit another possible investor when I saw my car with flattened tires.

I had to ask the company driver to drive me towards the restaurant. Seating at the back seat of the car, I asked the driver.

“This isn’t the way to Powerplant Mall.” I said.

Henry, the 40 yr old driver, glanced at me nervously in the mirror and said “I’ll just need to refill the gas tank Sir.”

Frowning, I nodded my head. Why do I feel something wasn’t right?

We stopped at a nearby gas stop. I was busy fiddling with my phone when someone went inside the vehicle. I didn’t have time to glance up from my phone when I felt crippling pain and I lost unconsciousness.

I didn’t know how long I was asleep but I was woken up by a sweet voice.

“Would you like something else Mrs. Petrakis?”

“Ooh I want one of those strawberry shortcakes!” the chirpy voice of my wife woke me up of my slumber.

Clearing the fog on my brain, I slowly opened my eyes and fell on the woman lounging beside me. She nodded towards the flight attendant and was about to open her magazine when she saw me sitting up.

Hed face brightened and I was momentarily lost for words. It has been a while since I last saw her smile. But wait a minute where am I?

“Oh good you’re awake!” She happily greeted.

Massaging my head, I paused when my left hand chained with her right hand. My eyes widened in shock. Turning up, I saw the devilish grin on my wife’s face that she didn’t try to cover up.

“What’s going on Avery Petrakis?” I lowly asked her “And why are we chained together? How did I get here?”

Suddenly, I remembered crippling pain and losing consciousness. Understanding dawned on me.

“It was you! You tasered me!”

“I did!” She nodded, not hiding the truth from me. My head began to throb as I can feel the impending headache.

I deeply sighed and shook my head, “Alright what’s going on?” I asked staring at the interiors of my plane “Why are we in my private jet.”

She wickedly grinned at me and turned my head outside with her hand. My eyes widened as I saw the familiar view outside.

“We are going on a honeymoon.” She happily announced and clapped her hands like an excited tourist.

“Welcome back to Spain honey!”

What the fuck????

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