The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 23: Hacienda de Avalon

Chapter 23

Iñigo Petrakis

I should have known my mother and my wife would plan all of these. No one would be able to successfully pull this off without the help of my mother. Considering mother likes Ava, I can tell the two women in my life worked together to fulfill their grand scheme.

Truthfully, I’m impressed. I thought one month of our cold treatment would be the end of our marriage but Ava surprised me once again with her audacious plan. Kidnapping me and tying me to her was an act only Ava Petrakis can do.

Shaking my head, I schooled my features as we neared the palatial home I grew up in. Ava pressed her face on the window as she stared at the green fields of our hacienda. Vineyards, plants and horses grazed our land as we neared the quaint home in Hacienda de Avalon

My mother was a Spanish noble from the Avalon clan and my father a Greek-American. Despite my blonde hair from my father, I was every inch a Spanish man with blue eyes and creamy tanned skin.

The gates of our home opened and we were greeted by the perfectly cut lawn and flowers on each side of the road leading to the circular driveway and unto the front staircase of my home.

“Wow! You lived here?” Ava asked in awe as we slid out of the car. Her eyes were wide open as she took the cemented yellow-cream home with vineyards on the wall. The ancestral home looked majestic with its stucco walls, wide arches and balconies, red clay tile roofs and wrought iron railings.

The familiar warm air of Seville relaxed my muscles that I took a breathe of air and inhaled it. I can smell the vineyard and horses from here. A smell from my childhood.

The wooden double doors of my home opened and the slim figure of my mother darted outside. She was all smiles despite being 65 years old. Her raven hair was marred with white hair on the sides, her once plump flawless face was now riddled with wrinkles due to her age and her once straight back was now a bit curved in posture. Yet the smile always reserved me for was there.

Deep heartache creeped on my chest. Ever since my mother and father divorced, I was taken by my father and no longer got to see her. I despised how she took a lover younger than her. When I was older I moved out of my father’s house after finding out his pleasure from younger women. I despised them both yet my love for them know no bounds. I make it a point to visit them every chance I got but it soon dwindled as I got older. Now I’m back after almost 20 years.

Landing on the last steps, my mother quickly enveloped me in her steps. Her frail yet warm body and her rosewater perfume calmed the memories in my head. She still smelled the same.

“Hijo! I missed you!” She whispered in my ear. Pulling back, tears were in her eyes. Her eyes landed on Ava and a smile lifted her lips

“Ava! I’m so happy I finally get to meet you! I’m Celine but you can call me Mama!” Hugging Ava but paused when she saw our linked hands. She laughed at my cuffed left hand and Ava’s right hand. “I thought you were joking when you mentioned cuffing him.”

Ava grimaced yet chuckled “I thought he’ll jump off the plane so I needed to be prepared.”

“If I did jumped off a plane with our hands linked, you’ll be coming with me.” I drawled.

“All the better darling!” Ava cheered while I shook my head in merriment. Mama chuckled as well.

I looked back at home and saw our long time employees lining the staircase. I also noticed a missing person. Mama must have sensed my thoughts when she looked back and wiggled her eyebrows “No need to turn murderous hijo. I no longer have a lover.”

The shock on my face didn’t go unnoticed by my mother.

“Is it quite a shock?” My mother asked “Jose will take your bags. Come I prepared a sumptuous meal for you both.”

“I never thought you’d be inclined with not having a man Mama.” I answered as we took the stairs.

Madre chuckled, “They seem to be a pain like you that I ditched them. Say Ava has my son drove you crazy with his abismal humour and cold mask?”

Ava snickered as she eyed “Perhaps. But I think its quite the opposite.”

My mother’s eyes widened in delight “Good. He needs a bit of excitement in his boring life.”

“I’m right here.” I drawled at the two women beside me.

“Oh speaking of.” Ava procurred a key out of her pocket “I’m setting you free. Don’t even think of leaving because I had your jets and cars informed that you’re not leaving Spain for a month.”

I stilled when we reached the landing at her words. “A month?” I asked in bewilderment.

The woman only nodded her head, keeping her face straight yet I can see the deviltry in her eyes.

“Yes a month. We have a month to spend our honeymoon.” She announced strutting into my home locked arms with my mother who was nodding her head with the idea “I had everything under control darling. Now come inside.”

Shaking my head, I followed the two women inside my childhood home. Stepping inside, I was greeted by the smell of home cooked paella I so dearly love.

Glancing at my surroundings, nothing much has changed over the years. The wide white sala set was still adorned by wooden ornaments and glass vases. On the left was the grand wooden staircase leading to the second floor. Moving forward was the wooden dining hall and kitchen.

“We’ll have dinner at the garden.” My Mama announced “I cooked your favorites hijo.”

I was surprised yet again by my mother. “Did you? I’m amazed you haven’t burned the house down.”

My mother scowled at me, “Fine. I had a bit of help.”

“You mean to say you had another cook when you first burned the first batches.” I drawled teasing her.

We entered the kitchen and we all halted at the smell of burned food. My mother’s eyes widened in panic. She bit her lip and ran to the oven.

Quickly, she opened it and instantly smoke began to come off. Our eyes also settled on the sticky substance she was heating in the stove. Ava stared wide eyed at the mess in the kitchen.

Our eyes landed on the paella and other food placed on the table that seemed to be not edible. I shook my head and hid my grin.

I watched as my mother held her gloves and placed the burning cookies on the table.

“Its burning!” She cried out panicked. Quickly, she grabbed the fire extinguisher and doused it with spray. I tried my hardest to bite my lip from letting out the howl of laughter because resting on the tray are burner black and white cookies.

“Goodness!” Ava covered her nose with the smell. She went to my mother’s side who was holding burned cookies in the tray “Do you need help mama?”

Our maids entered the kitchen as well at the commotion while I leaned my frame at the doorway, eyes glued to the scene and laughing to myself.

Even after 20 years my mother still doesn’t know how to cook.

Mama’s face brightened despite the embarassment on her cheeks, “Yes yes I’m fine. I forgot I had cookies in the oven.”

She turned towards her cookies and pursed her lips. Then she turned to me and got an idea.

“How about I’ll finish these while Iñigo gave you a tour of our home.”

“Are you sure Mama?” Ava asked wanting to help. Knowing my mom, I pulled Ava to my side.

“Come now mi amor. Mama can handle this.” i whispered in her ear as she eventually nodded her head.

Nodding at Mama who was running explenitiives in Spanish, I chuckled as I lead Ava out of the kitchen and into the grand staircase.

“We have a bit of talking to do mi amor.” I whispered in her ear. She stilled in my arms as I bit her ear. Pulling the cuffs and key on her pocket, she gasped as I dangled it in front of her.

Grinning, I spun her around to see the wolfish grin on my lips.

“I have some pretty ideas on these cuffs.” I said stepping close to her form and pressing her body to close mine. She gasped as the familar tingles on our skin began to erupt “And it requires you being chained on my bedpost.”

Her eyes widened and desire pooled in their depths despite the mask she tried to hide. A small grin formed on her lips.

“Really? Well, that is, if you can catch me.” She whispered before stepping on my feet and running away from me.

Clutching my foot, I shook my head in mirth and ran after my spitfire wife.

A day can never be dull with Ava Marquez-Petrakis.

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