The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 24: The Plan

Chapter 24

Ava Marquez-Petrakis

Gasping in breathe, I collapsed on top of Iñigo’s sweat covered chest. Despite the fact of visiting the gym everyday for the past 4 years, the intense marathon of sexual activities between Iñigo and I always leaves me breathless.

Pulling me close to him, he placed a soft kiss on my temple and twirled a stray lock of hair on my ear. His breathing was also ragged and his chest rose up and down as his pounding heart hammered underneath my form. Taking the key from the bedside table, he quickly unlocked the cuffs on my hands as blood flowed on my limp arms.

His hands softly massaged the sore muscles of my arms. I purred on his neck at the relaxing feeling of his hands on my sore muscles.

“Better?” He whispered massaging my arms. I nodded my head “Come, we still have time to give you a tour of the house.”

Nodding, we washed up and doned our clothing. After capturing me in his arms earlier, he pulled me to his room and pounded himself in me. The pent up sexual frustration from a month of deprivation urged us to succumb to our baser needs. Our bodies sang together in a ryhtmic ecstasy as we both climbed the ladder of release.

Peaking at him through my lashes, I couldn’t believe what a beast in bed he is. Who could have imagines that the cold Spaniard was a monster and manipulator in bed. I can still remember my sore ass from his handprints.

He caught my eyes and I quickly looked away focusing my eyes on his elaborate room. His room had screamed the old rustic yet historical feels of Spain. The wooden canopy and decors in his room spoke of the ancient age of his home. There were bookcases and a few mementos on the shelves.

“Come. I’ll show you around.” He offered his hand and pushed the double doors to his room open for us to tour his home. Just like his room, his home was a beautiful and ancient piece of history. He showed me the weapon room, the library, the music room, and the hall full of paintings and photographs of his ancestors.

“You look so cute.” I pointed on the bright blue eyed baby carried by Celine.

“How about now?” He teased as I marveled on his oil paintings sitting atop a horse or standing arristocratically on the living room.

I sniffed and shook my head to tease him. He frowned and I pointed on his oil painting, “You look stiff in here and your trousers are about to burst open.”

He laughed as I moved my gaze on another photo. This time, I gasped at the large potrait

“Look.” I pulled his arm and he stiffened on my side. It was our wedding photo, our lips locked on each other and a smile on our faces “Who could have given this to her? Calyx?”

“Perhaps.” Iñigo tightly replied. Sensing his mood, I whirled my face to his and frowned

“Is something the matter?”

A tight smile lifted on his lips as he shook his head no. He pulled away and stepped back “We should get going. Mama must have had our cook prepare the meal.”

Grabbing his arm, I stopped him “No you’re not pulling away from me again.”

I quickly moved in front to place my hands on his chest. “I know you have questions and you want to know why I planned all of these.”

“It does not matter.”

“Yes it does!” I finally cried out stopping him “I planned our trip because for a month you’ve been avoiding me. You’re scared of developing those feelings and the first thing you did was to ran away.”

“Again, it does not matter. I never promised you my heart.”

“Because you’re scared.” I stopped him. Pursing my lips, I took a deep breathe “I know love hasn’t been easy for you but I can promise you that I will love you just as how you deserved to be loved. Take a chance on us Iñigo. Please.”

Eyes glassy, he bitted his lip and shook his head “I can’t.” He bitted out “I do have feelings for you that runs deeper than friendship. It is easy to succumb in to the warmth of your arms but I will not. So please Ava just give up because I will run from the hills if you push on this matter.”

Titlting my chin up, I stared at him square in the eyes “Then run Iñigo. Run as fast as you can. But you should know by now that you can run but I’ll always catch you.”

True to Iñigo’s words he ran from me. After our conversation in the gallery, we went down to have a tense dinner with his mother. Celine was an energetic host and had her cook prepare a new meal for us. But my brooding husband was in a dour mood that I mostly ignored him.

Celine was happy to show me his photos as a way of embarassing him but the thick-skulled husband of mine retired for the night.

“I thought you two have made up after hearing the loud moans in his room.” Celine remarked staring up the staircase which my husband took.

Wide eyed I incredulously asked, “You creeped in on us.”

“I only aspired to know if I will have my little Inigos and Avas.” She sounded her heart on her chest “Say has my stubborn son refused your advances?”

“He did.” I slumped in defeat “His scared of falling in love. He admitted to having deeper feelings for me yet he abhors the thought of falling in love.”

“That boy! I should have known Saul and I’s marriage would affect him.” She muttered underneath her breathe “It didn’t helped Leanne was a mean viper.”

I nodded and shook my head. But straightened my back, confidence in my bones “But I won’t give up. I waited for years for this.”

“What do you mean?”

Biting my lip, I honestly told her everything. By the end of my confession, her hands were clapping with an idea.

“You love my son since you were 15! How romantic!” she swooned in her seat, clasping my arm with her hand she grinned at me “I know just the right plan to have him coming from you.”


“It requires stroking a man’s possessive beast.” She wickedly grinned.

Oh my I believe I just met my bestfriend. I thought to myself. Grinning at the understanding passed between us, I leaned my elbows to hers.

“How shall we find the object of his hatred?” I dubiously asked “It will require a thick faced man to even dance around him.”

“Leave it to me. I know just the right person.”

Grinning to ourselves, I stared upstairs towards the boorish man of a husband I have.

Iñigo Petrakis you’re in for a ride.

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