The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 26: Jealousy

Chapter 26

Iñigo Petrakis

“Primo, did you wake up at the wrong side of the bed?′

The irritating voice of my cousin, Miguel Avalon, taunted me as his hand tightened on my wife’s form. Ava stilled underneath his arms and an involuntary growl rumbled out of my chest.

I was tired, hungry and excited to eat a meal when my eyes landed on the pair wrapped around each other. The image of their smiling faces so close to each other will forever be imprinted in my mind.

Red haze clouded my eyes as it settled on their arms. I wanted to wrip Ava away from my cocky cousin. I wanted to punch him and haul him far away from my wife.

Crossing the gap between us, my fist cracked, and my eyes shot laser beams. Before I can get my hands on him, the bastard gently pushed my lovely wife towards me.

“Oh dear---” Mama gasped.

Despite the gentleness of Miguel, Ava stumbled towards my form. On instinct, I reached out my hands to catch my wife. She cried out and sighed when her body fell in my arms.

“Iñigo no!” Ava cried out, pulling my sleeves in her grasps as I laid her on the floor and chased after my rowdy cousin.

“You can’t catch me old man!” Miguel snickered as he ran towards my mother’s form.

“Oh goodness! Stop this madness!” my mother cried out as Miguel held on to her shoulders and began ducking side to side to avoid my hands.

“Not until I wring your neck!” I growled, hands in the air as we circled on the counter.

“I was joking, primo!” Miguel laughed as he ducked his head “Man you’ve grown grumpier and grumpier over the years. How do you satisfy your woman when you only grunt all day long?”

Ava smothered a laugh, hiding it under her hands before crossing her hands firmly in front of chest.

“Guys, you should stop.”

“Oy mate, you’re woman told you to stop.”

“Ony one punch, mi esposa.” I pleaded underneath my lashes.

Ava’s stern face slowly crumpled until she was biting her lip. I knew it was working for she was pursing her lips and trying her hardest to stay strong.

Eventually, her shoulders sagged and bowed her head. Looking up, she directed her gaze towards Miguel.


One word and it was all it took for me to chase after my daredevil cousin and give him a swift punch in the face.

A few minutes later, I was grinning from ear to ear as we walked inside the dining room. Mom and Ava were already seated when we entered.

“Good you both are here.” Ava spoke as I sat at the head table. “I thought I had to haul you two off of each other.”

Miguel grumbled as he sat next to Ava but he stopped when I glared at him. He shook his head and muttered “Possessive ass.”

Sitting right next to my mother and across from Ava, he slumped on his chair and asked for an ice pack.

“I thought you were on my side sweet Ava.” Miguel pouted like a kid. My eyes shot daggers at how he called my wife. Ava was mine. I should be the only one calling her sweet and giving sweet pet names.

Ava rolled her eyes “You almost trashed the kitchen where my hard cooked meals were situated.”

“What can I do to earn your good grace?” Miguel charmingly grinned while I had to grit my teeth in annoyance. If he continued to bat his eyes like a fool, I was close to dumping my wine on his face.

Ava was mine. Mine! Why does he not understand---wait what? What am I talking about? When have I gone possessive over Ava?

Why am I acting this way? She wasn’t mine. Have I fallen for her?

Oh no!

Slumping on my seat, cold grippling fear gripped my throat. They must have sensed my problem for they all looked at me.

“Are you alright, hijo? You look a bit pale.” My mother worriedly commented.

Ava scooted closer over to me and placed her soft palm on my forehead. Her warm hand sent a bolt of lightning on my body.

I jumped in my seat and carefully removed her hand. I plastered a smile on my face despite the frown on her forehead.

“I’m alright. Just a bit famished.” I lied to them.

Ava’s eyes brightened.“Then you must eat Iñigo. I cannot have my husband passing out due to hunger. The front news will surely think I starved you to death!”

Chuckling at Ava’s comedic replies, I let her open the meals.She began serving me different dishes. Most of them were favorite. Warmth spread towards my chest as she happily served me food.

The smile on her face was contagious and the excitement in her eyes were palpable. I was humbled she thought of me when cooking these delicious dishes.

“Uhhh you’re meal is delicious Ava!” My mother moaned commenting on Ava’s meal. “I haven’t tasted meals like these before.”

Ava blushed and glanced at me through her lashes. I knew she wanted my opinion on the meals.

Cutting a piece of potato omelette, I slowly ate a bite and chewed it slowly. All eyes were on me and I have to say I am a bit embarasses being the center of the attention.
Keeping my face passive, I then tasted the huevos rotos and paella.

Taking a spoonful, my eyes instantly closed at the heavenly taste. A groan emitted on my throat as I chewed on my favorite meal. It tasted sweet yet with the right spice to it.

I thought the saying “a way to man’s heart was through his stomach” wasn’t true. But I seem to stand corrected by my notion.

Opening my eyes, it landed on the expecting emerald gaze of Ava. Her eyes were wide and her hands clasped together. She hasn’t touched her food yet as she waited for my verdict.

Fierce male pride and worry spread through my veins. Why has she not eaten yet? She must eat! For a small woman she needs her energy.

“Why haven’t you eaten yet? Eat Ava.” I urged her, gently dropping my utensils.

She defiantly shook her head, “No. Not until how my dishes were? Are they good? Or did you not like them?”

Panicking, she stood up in her seat “Goodness, you must not liked it. I’ll have someone---”

Before she can walk out of the dining room, I pulled her in my arms and dumped her in my lap.

Turning her face to minee, I let hee gaze at my truthful eyes. “I loved it, mi esposa.”

“You did?” Her smile was my undoing. Goodness! Have I told how breathtaking her smile is? “You’re not only telling me these to avoid hurting my feelings? I can tell you that I am thick-skinned woman.”

“I know and I also know how stubborn you are.”

“I definitely am.” she proudly tilted her head which made the fire in my chest surged even higher. Goodness! What is wrong with me? Why do I feel warm and fulfilled?

“Then you must believe my words that I truly loved your meals Ava. It was the best meal I had, better than any of the chefs’ meals.”


“Truly.” I truthfully replied, kissing the back of her hands “How can I ever repay you?”

“Well.” Her naughty eyes gleamed with desire. She leaned towards me but she was cut off by Miguel who coughed.

Instantly, the spell between us broke. Ava squealed and buried her face at the crook of my neck before trying to stand up from my lap.

We were too engrosses with each other that we didn’t realized we had company. Mother looked smug while Miguel teasingly grinned.

“I’m sorry,” Ava apologized bowing her head and squirming in my lap.

Mother’s eyes twinkled in amusement “It’s alright Ava. We understand.”

“I’ll just go back to my seat,” Ava tried to stand up but my hands caged around her “Hey, let go of me,”

“Hush darling. You’ll be eating here on my lap. I haven’t forgotten Miguel’s arms wrapped around you yet.” I whispered in her ear. She squeakes underneath her breathe.

“It was an accident,”

“Still. Now stop squirming if you don’t wish to embarass us further.”

Instantly, she stilled in my lap yet glared at me through her black lashes. Ahhh there’s my fiery wife!

Grinning to myself, I began cutting us pieces and alternating feeding her and me. We were silently finishing our meal when my mother spoke.

“Will you be busy at the vineyard today, hijo? You could tour Ava.” My mother suggested.

I shook my head,“I can’t Mother. We have heavy work for the horses today.”

“That’s alright. I can just spend time with Mama planning the party.” Ava meekly replied.

I frowned at the mention of a party. What party are they talking about?

“Oh I forgot to inform you, hijo! Silly me I’m already old for forgetting things!” my mother chuckled, holding her glass of wine “I’ll be hosting a party for you two tomorrow evening. All of Spain’s cream of the crop shall be attending.”

“Oh my!” my wife clasped her hand in her mouth “I don’t have any formal dresses with me.”

“There are tons of boutiques in town, Ava.” Miguel cheekily spoke for the first time. He glanced at me before settling his gaze on my wife. What is he up to? I have a feeling that I will not like this.

“I can accompany you to town today since my cousin will be busy.”


“Excellent idea Miguel!” my mother clapped her hands.

They began to start planning while I had an internal battle.

It was not an excellent idea! It definitely was not! Not that I do not trust my womanizing cousin but I cannot imagine having my wife accompanied by another man when it should be me. Me!

“Great, we’ll leave at 1pm.” Miguel grinned like a puppy.

“No.” I spoke loudly.

Everyone’s gaze were on me but I only had eyes for one woman. My heart thudded in my chest as her green eyes stared back at me.

She was only to stare at me, spend time with me and smile at me. It wasn’t me being possessive or untrusting of her because she can go out with friends. But not men who likes her.

I can tell that my cousin likes her and out of respect he wont touch her. But I was scared and I will not risk it.

She was mine just as I am hers. Yes, I am fucking laying my walls down because for the first time in so long, I allowed myself to actually feel.

So, staring at her with her eyes wide open, I spoke. “No, she’s not coming with you Miguel. She’s coming with me. And if you dare snatch her from my grasp, I will personally tow your car and slide it off the hill.”

Satisfaction gleamed in their eyes before they blinked it away. Frowning, I stared at them once again yet innocence blanketed their face.

“Alright, its settled then. Iñigo will escort Ava to town.” my mother spoke, a faint smile on her lips as she drank her wine. “I hope you two have fun!”

“Oh, we surely will.” I drawled, thinking of the design of dress I had to beg Ava for wearing.

One thing I know about the Spanish creme of the crop is they were full of single and wealthy men who had a penchant for strong beautiful women.

And my wife was the best candidate for that position.

Fuck! I had to find a dress that will cover her from head to foot!

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