The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 27: Shopping


Ava Marquez-Petrakis

“I will not wear that dress Iñigo!” I growled out loud fuming mad as Iñigo shoved me racks and racks of clothes. Steam must have been coming out of my nose as I vehemently glared at my grinning husband.

We were in one of Spain’s luxury boutiques with me trying on different long evening gowns picked by my husband. I thought I will have a fun time shopping with husband. I was in a fairly good mood after his display of possessiveness that I began to skip and sing a happy tune as I prepared for our shopping trip.

But I should have known my husband was a devil in disguise despite his angelic façade. He was a sneaky bastard for turning me away from the boutiques I liked and chose to drag me to the most conservative stores I have ever seen.

I want to vomit at the displays of clothes when we reached the boutiques. Racks after racks of clothes were displayed before me and I had to gag at the preposterous designs they had.

What does he want me to look? The next Mother Teresa?!

I was a she-devil not a saint!

Huffing underneath my breath, I glared at the clothes on display inside the room. Being a well-known Petrakis and Avalon, the boutique manager lead us to a plush private room where I was waited and served by their store attendants.

My husband was grinning from ear to ear as I modelled in front of him the dress he has chosen me. I badly wanted to rip them off as each dress became even more conservative than the last.

Now he wants me to wear a long sleeved floor length dress with a hood on my head. Does he want me to be the next Robin Hood?

Glaring at the man before me, I clenched my fists before I can try clubbing him with my hand. Gritting my teeth, I plastered a tight smile for the sake of the attendant’s watching us. “Darling, I’d like to take another look at other dresses.”

“Why do you not like this, mi esposa?” my husband paraded the hideous dress “It will surely protect you from the cold evening of Spain.”

Oh good heavens, I pray for strength and patience not to rip the dress in his hand. I badly wanted to cut it into pieces and wring my dear husband’s neck!

Sighing and exhaling deeply, I pointedly glared at my husband who was hiding the amusement in his eyes. Oh this was amusing for him, huh? I will surely show him amusement!

“You should not worry about the cold, Iñigo. You should know by now that I can withstand any frosty encounter, ” His eyes narrowed at my insinuation “Me being your wife is a testament to my thick skin that can withstand the coldness.”

It was his turn to glare while I flashed him a sardonic smile. Take that you annoying man!

Turning towards the attendants, I sweetly asked them “Do you perhaps have any more collection? One that is more feminine and sexy?”

“You will not wear a skin-revealing dress!” the man beside me vehemently debated.

I rolled my eyes at him, “Why ever not Iñigo? I was wearing a lingerie when you fell head over heels before me. Surely, a tight-fitting dress will allow more coverage.”

“B-but still...”

I stopped him with my hand “Hush. I promise it will be a mixture between a conservative Spanish daughter and a sexy female vixen.”

Flashing him a wan smile, I gestured to the attendants “Kindly send me your best collection.”

Sitting at the plush white sofa, I pulled my husband to sit beside me and drank the wine they served us. I was grinning from ear to ear as Iñigo slumped beside me. I thought I had won this battle but I gawked when they displayed racks of clothes that looked like a cross for a child celebrating her 7th birthday or attending junior prom.

Argh! Do they not have feminine and sexy clothes?! Do they want me to look like a conservative spinster or a teen child celebrating her first boobs?

Closing my eyes, I calmed down my breathing like what I do during meditation. I needed to be calm, cool and collected. I can do this. You can do this Ava. You’re a strong and calm person. You will not snap at anyone.

“Dear, do you not like these clothes they carefully picked out for you?”

There! My control snapped!

Opening my eyes, I shot daggers at my husband who was grinning from ear to ear. I badly want to smack the grin off of his face. And since I was barely on thin ice with my control, I plastered on a sweet smile despite the sarcasm dripping off of my voice.

“I’m sorry darling. Are we shopping for spinster clothes?”

The sales ladies who were holding their overpriced clothes gasped at my announcement. I smiled apologetically at their way.

“Don’t be rude, darling.” Iñigo whispered in my ear. He then turned towards the women, “We will buy the dark blue dress.”

“We will not!” I screeched in his ear. He pulled away since I did screamed in his ear. But I didn’t care. He was buying me the hideous gown with a hood on! “Do you want to embarrass me in front of the whole Spanish aristrocracy?”

“Embarrass you dear? No, of course not.” he innocently acclaimed but mischief were in his depths “A hood is one of the latest fashion trends. I saw a photo of Gigi Hadid wearing one during the MET Ball.”

“How exactly did you know Gigi Hadid wore a white dress with a hood on Mr. Petrakis?” I gritted out, crossing my arms. The sales ladies’ were staring at us, so I gave them a cold smile. They immediately fled the scene and promised the wrap the dress.

Turning towards Iñigo, he chuckled and muttered “Such a viscious woman.”

“Well Mr. Petrakis? Care to explain to me how you landed with a photo of Gigi Hadid?” I snarled at him. The devil only chuckled and pulled me on top of his lap “Stop touching me Iñigo or I will surely smack you with this roll of magazine!”

“So viscious mi esposa.” He heartily chuckled with his panty stopping smile “I was merely scrolling through my phone when a photo of her graced my feed. I only wanted to make an example. I didn’t mean to make you jelaous.”

I scoffed and fan my face “Jealous? Who? Me? As if!”

“You can deny all you want Ava but I know what I saw.” He grinned and kissed my cheeks. “Come now, we have to buy you a pair of shoes and accessories for your dress.”

He guided me to stand up and pulled me out of the private room. “I will not wear that hideous dress!”

“Oh? Perhaps you’d like the cream dress?” he innocently asked and turned towards the sales lady who had the box of dress “I would like to purchase the cream dress instead.”

What? Noooo! I don’t want to wear another less hideous yet hideous dress!

“Si Mr. Petrakis.” The attendant nodded and ran again to retrieve the cream high neck and long sleeves dress.

I tugged on Iñigo’s arm and whispered “I don’t want that dress!”

“Perhaps you like the one with the hood? I can-”

“No!” I vehemently cried out loud and groaned. His eyes flashed in satisfaction. Bastard. “Fine. I’ll take the cream dress.”

“Excellent!” he nodded despite the grin in his eyes “I’ll have them deliver it to the manor.”

Nodding, I let him pull me out of the boutique with less enthusiasm on my part. Oh what a shopping experience this is.

A few minutes later, we were strolling through the stores when I caught sight of a beautiful rose gold one shoulder tight fitting dress with a slit. I loved it instantly and knew it was what I wanted to wear. The shoes and clutch I bought will be perfect for the dress.

Glancing at the man beside me who was holding my hand, I pulled out my phone and privately took a photo of the dress. Then I sent it to Miguel with a note.

To: Miguel

Buy me this dress please. I’ll pay you.

Instantly, he replied back.

From: Miguel

On it! Has my dear cousin bought you a conservative dress?

To: Miguel

He did 

From: Miguel

I knew it! Will buy it once you guys leave. I’m in the area.

Nodding, my head I slipped my phone in my bag.

“Who were you texting?” he asked.

“Just some important stuff.” I omitted truth. Pulling him towards his car, I said “Come on, let’s go home. My feet need a massage.”

He chuckled and nodded his head. Turning towards his car, we loaded the bags and drove towards his manor. While Iñigo was talking on his phone, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket.

Privately opening it, I grinned at the photo Miguel showed me.

It was the dress!

Grinning from ear to ear, I devilishly laughed inside at the look of shock on Iñigo’s face when he finds out I will not be wearing the hideous dress he bought me.

If you think you won Iñigo Petrakis, you are mistaken because I will show you how Ava Marquez-Petrakis throws her biggest moves!

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