The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 28: The Ball

Chapter 28
Iñigo Petrakis

I should have known my wife was up to no good when she pushed me out of our room and took more than 30 minutes to put on the dress I bought her.

The party inside Avalon Manor was in full swing when I descended our grand staircase.

“Hola amigo! It’s been a long time since you went home.” Javier, one of my classmates in middle school, greeted me. Last I’ve heard about him is he managed his parents’ shipping business.

“You remember our old schoolmates, Sanchez, and Ramon.” He introduced two of our old classmates.

“I do. It’s nice meeting you again gentlemen,” I greeted them.

“We heard you married again.” Ramon grinned “Ava Marquez as I have heard. I worked with her before when she helped managed our marketing campaigns.”

“I heard great praises about her. Started her company from the bottom to up.” Sanchez added “It must be heaven being married to her.”

I chuckled as I remembered the look of annoyance on Ava’s face when I bought her the cream dress. “It has been an eventful first month for the both of us.”

“I always loved marrying a powerful and spitfire woman. How did you get one like her?” Javier excitedly inquired “I tried courting her in the past but she won’t say yes to any of us. You’re a lucky bastard Iñigo.”

“I truly am.” I calmy replied although not liking the bit of information he shared. But I was thankful Ava chose me.

Excusing myself, I mingled with the Spanish aristocracy while my mother did her hostess job.

A few minutes into the party, I knew my suspicions were correct. There were more single men in the party than I actually wanted.

It only made me want to chain my wife into my arms when she finishes preparing herself. Glancing at my cousin who was grinning at the bar, I frowned as I thought of the suspicious actions of Ava.

She had been in a fairly good after we arrived at the Manor yesterday. She even grinned and chatted like she enjoyed her shopping trip.

Shaking my head, I thought of finally going upstairs to fetch for my wife.

Taking the stairs two at a time, I marched back upstairs only stop in my tracks when my gaze landed on the magnificent creature walking towards me.

Her raven black hair was curled and tied to the side, giving a slender outline of her neck. Her sensual eyes were hooded and outlined with brown eyeshadow, making her green eyes pop. A rose colored blush was on her fair cheeks and a gloss nude pink lipstick colored her lips.

But what truly made me backpedal on my feet was the sultry rose gold silk dress she was wearing. It hugged her figure showing off her beautiful physique. The one shoulder dress showed off her white smooth skin and the slit on her left leg revelead long slender legs.

Gazing back up, a mischievous smile was on her lips. Her eyes sparked with playfulness and I knew I had lost the game. There was no winning when you come into play with Avery Petrakis.

Chuckling to myself, I closed the gap between us and pulled her in my arms.

“You look ravishing mi esposa.” I murmured into her ear. Lightly grazing my hand on her exposed legs, I felt her shiver when I blew sweet kisses on her neck “But this isn’t the dress we talked about. How did you managed to buy a different dress?”

“I have connections that you don’t have.” She simply replied, pulling back “As much as I liked to hug you darling, I’d like to show off my new dress to our guests!”

My mood immediately darkened as I remembered the crowd of single men downstairs.

Wrapping my hands firmly on her waist, I whispered in her ear as we made our way downstairs.

“You will not leave my side Ava.”

“Why not?” She frowned at me.

“There are many men hungry men downstairs that would want your attention.” I grumbled in her ear.

“Oh husg darling. Of course they would want my attention. They’re our guests!” She retorted.

“Still those are men. You will not leave my side, end of discussion.”

She rolled her eyes at me, “As you wish your majesty.”

Nodding in contempt, we walked downstairs and I patiently willed myself not to haul every man who attractively gazed at the woman beside me.

Taking a deep breathe, I plastered a smile as I introduced her to the Spanish aristocracy and businessmen.

Ava Marquez

Sure enough, Iñigo wouldn’t let me out of his sight. I didn’t know if I should be flattered by his attention or hit his knee for glaring at every man who wanted to talk to me.

I was getting bored by their talks that I almost jumped in my seat when Celine, Iñigo’s mother, stood beside us.

“Hello gentlemen. I’d like to borrow Ava for a while.”

I could almost kiss her for saving me!

But the stubborn man beside me frowned at the suggestion. “Where are you taking her mother?”

“Oh don’t give me that look Iñigo! I was merely helping Ava out by getting her to chat with the others. She’ll need to have friends too.” Celine flashed her a son a smile.

Turning towards Iñigo, I squeezed his hand “Your mother is right. I needed to mingle with others.”

His eyes were conflicted as he thought of a way to say no. But I pouted my eyes at him as he sighed and bowed his hand in defeat.

Loosening his hand on my waist, he looked back and nodded his head “Alright. But I trust you’ll be by her side, Mother.”

“Of course hijo! I wouldn’t let any harm be done to her.” His mother promised despite the grin on her lips.

Nodding, we excused ourselves and walked at the other side of the room. I sighed as I turned towards Celine.

“Thanks for helping me out there. But I have a feeling you have a few tricks up your sleeve.” I said narrowing my eyes at her.

A devilish grin was on her lips as she glanced back at Iñigo and the other men who walked towards the other room.

Then turning towards me, she nodded her head like a kid. I laughed out loud, “I’ll be dead because of this.”

“You mean dead by orgasm.” She scoffed and I laughed even more.

Mischievously grinning, she pulled me towards a group of young men “Iñigo only introduced you to the old Spanish families. He never introduced to you his friends from his youth.”

“He’ll chop our hair off when he sees me mingling with single men!” I gasped out loud as we neared the group of good looking men. Goodness! Is there something in the Spanish air? Was there a fountain of youth for creating such fine specimen?

“Oh let him grumble like a kid. He shouldn’t stop you from meeting other people. He should trust you.” Celine carries on “If he has a problem with it, let him deal with it. Now we are going to make you meet every single man in this room. By the end of the night, he’ll realize his true feelings for you.”

“Maybe it was natural for him to get jealous.”

“One thing I know about my son is he never gets jealous unless he loves something.” Celine declared, stopping me in my tracks “He loves you, he’s just in denial. And trust me this is the best way to get him to stop running away from it.”

Sighing, I nodded my head in understanding. “Fine. Let’s do this.”

“That’s the spirit! Come, I’ll score you a dance with Javier.” She grinned, pulling me towards a brown eyed chiselled man. “Hola Javier! This is Ava Petrakis. Ava meet Javier Ronaldo, a friend of Iñigo.”

“Hola Señora Petrakis! Can you perhaps score me dance?”

“I would love to Señor Ronaldo.” I replied “We can dance now if you’d like. And please call me Ava.”

“It is an honor dancing with you Ava. You may call me Javier.” He replied taking my hand in his and leading me to the dance floor.

The music started and we glided into the dance floor expertly. I would have bragged that I was a good dancer but I will give credit to my partner who knew how to lead me into the dance floor.

“You are truly beautiful Ava.” He softly said, twirling me in his arms “It’s a shame I haven’t had the chance to meet you before Iñigo.”

I chuckled, “Even if you did Señor. I would treat you as friend or a business partner.”

“Ouch. So is that a rejection?”

I heartily laughed and nodded.

He shook his head and laughed out loud too “Then I must savor this moment having you in my arms.” He said pulling me close to him that our breathes were mingling.

The music changed its rhythm to a sultry and slow one. Our bodies moved according to the rhythm of the song and I knew we have gained an audience.

“Do you think Iñigo will punch me for this?” He asked whispering close to my ear as we moved in a different position

“Perhaps,” I said, not hiding the truth

“Damn. Atleast it was worth it.” He murmured “I’ll probably run as fast as I can to dodge him.”

“Why?” I asked pulling an inch back.

“Because he’s walking straight towards us.”

Before I can fully comprehend his words, I was pulled back from my grasp on Javier’s arms. Tingling sensation filled my senses and the familiar intoxicating scent and warmth of my husband awakened the flames in my body.

Turning towards the man behind me, he spoke to Javier who was grinning from ear to ear and the next thing I know, I was being pulled away from the dance floor, up the staircase, into the winding hallway and inside our huge wooden room.

Locking the door with a click, I was about to respond when Iñigo pushed me at the back of the door and began attacking my lips in a fiery kiss.

“You’ve been a naughty girl Mrs. Petrakis.” He lowly murmured as he sucked and bitted the hollow of my neck as he began massaging my breasts “Naughty girls like you need to be punished.”

“I-I didn’t do anything.” I defended myself as my body arched into his reprimanding lips.

“Yes you did.” He growled taking my lips again “One thing you should know about any red bloodded Spaniard is they easily get jealous when men want what they have. And you are mine Ava! Say it!”

“And you? Are you mine too?” I tried to keep my head cool. I needed reassurance too.

He darkly chuckled and nuzzled my neck as he began to unzip the zipper on my side. “I will show mi esposa, just as how I am yours, as you are mine. Now strip and ass in the air. Its been a while since I laid my imprint on those perky ass.”

Desire flooded my form as my eyes dilated in excitement. Removing my dress, I savored his sharp exhale when he found out I wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Eyes dark with desire, I quickly positioned myself on the sofa as I waited for his smooth and hard palm on my ass.

This will definitely be a long night.

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