The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 29: The Hickeys

Chapter 29

Ava Marquez-Petrakis

“Iñigo!” I growled out loud, flinging the door open of the bathroom and stomped my way to the man who was nakedly lounging on our bed. The way my feet cracked on the wooden floor was enough to gather his attention.

Taking his eyes off of the screen of his phone, a smirk formed on his lips. His eyes flashed with deviltry and he leaned his head to the side biting his lip to stop the amusing grin lifting his lips.

He looked like a sex god in all his glory with his broad shoulders, curly and haphazard hair, muscled arms, and deep v of his torso hidden by the cotton sheets. On any circumstances, I would have drooled at the sight of him. Or perhaps joined him in bed.

But my aching muscles were a testament to the punishment and pleasure he inflicted on me last night. Add onto it were the marks he placed on every inch of my body. Remembering why I was here, my eyes seethed in anger as I stopped on the edge of our bed. Hands on my waist, hips to the side and a look of pure annoyance on my face.

“My you seemed to have slept at the wrong side of the bed. What’s with the sour mood, darling?” the devil innocently asked like a schoolboy caught by a principal.

“Oh stop playing coy with me Iñigo! You know why I am in a annoyed state!” I vehemently growled at the man who was trying his best not to laugh.

“I might have forgotten where I placed my brain, mi esposa. Our activities last night must have thrown my head from somewhere.” He sounded with a contemptuous look on his face “Perhaps if you can enlighten me as to why you are sending me death glares.”

“Because of this!” I shrieked out. I flung the robe open and revealed to him the world map of hickeys that ran on my neck to the underside of my breast and to the back of my ass. Goodness! He was truly a beast for turning me into a world map!

And the bastard was laughing at demise! His shoulders were shaking in laughter and he quickly sobered his expression when I shot a glare at him.

“How dare you mark when you knew I only packed light and floral off shoulder clothes! What shall I wear now you possessive man?!” I slapped him with the pillow on his head.

He finally laughed out loud as he defended my slaps on his head. “Ava please…” he chuckled “Stop you little minx.”

Wrapping his arms on my body, he pulled me on top of me and twirled me as I landed on my back with his arms pinning me down on top of him.

“Unhand me you brute!” I growled at him. “I’ll kick your jewelled manhood!”

Before I can wrestle against him further, he tilted my chin up and pressed his lips on mine in a searing and possessive kiss. My thoughts zeroed in on the kiss, and I felt my body turn into mush.

Oh this man! He definitely knew my weakness! Such arrogant yet sexy man! Before I can stop myself, I was already kissing him back with equal fervor. We were kissing like two drowned people. My hands went to his muscled chest and I delighted at the joy of running my hands on the tanned and hard contours of his body.

I rejoiced the feel of his warm skin on mine. I love knowing that it was only me he desired and spend his nights with, and not any other woman. The world can lust after Iñigo Petrakis. But they can never have him because he was mine.

He was mine just as I was his. He reiterated it to me again and again as he took me with every force in him last night. The feeling was riveting and heady to actually believe that I got to take down his defences and acknowledge that we were meant to be together.

I just needed a little bit more of a push for him to fully acknowledge his feelings for me. Wrapping my legs around him, he parted my robe and kissed his way down to my neck. My senses heightened as I realized his actions.

Before he can suck and bit on my skin, I flipped us over. Straddling him, I pushed his hands upwards and pinned them on the bed.

“You’ve been on top for a long time.” I murmured in between kisses “It’s my turn to be on top.”

Chuckling, he nodded his head and let me do my own exploration. A wicked grin formed on my lips as an idea popped in my head. Snickering to myself, I began my own punishment.

Who says I can’t turn him into a human map too?


Applying the concealer on my neck, I grinned at the mirror as my husband scowled at me. His neck was full of hickeys and the look of contempt on my face was palpable. We were supposed to be having breakfast with Celine and Miguel, but we ended up doing a few more rounds in bed.

It was the perfect opportunity for me to place marks on his skin. Now we were both sporting hickeys on our body. A testament to our love making.

Pride practically glowed on my chest at the thought of besting him. We will walk out of the room with proofs of our sexual activities. I couldn’t even be more proud of myself. The only downside to this is I had to wear concealer.

“You seem to be extremely proud of yourself Ava.” Iñigo drawled, standing behind me in the vanity table. Turning towards him, a cheeky grin was on my lips as I nodded my head. He shook his head in defeat and muttered, “You’re always full of surprises.”

“Of course darling, we need to keep our relationship alive!” I remarked, standing up and grinning at him “Would you like me to be a meek little lamb than the sexy vixen you so loved and adored?”

His eyes glazed in an unknown emotion before pausing and finally speaking. His eyes were full of emotion as he said the next words, “Yes, I do adore and love the vixen Ava Marquez.”

Gasping at the hidden meaning behind it, I casually inquired “Does this mean you’re finally accepting your feelings for me honey?”

He heartily chuckled not meeting my gaze. Tilting his head to the side, he wrapped his arms on my waist “Come now. I’m starving.” He evaded my question.

Pouting, I narrowed my eyes at him “You can evade me all you want Iñigo Petrakis. But you will fall for me.”

“Let’s see wife.” He muttered, opening our door to the bathroom and leading me downstairs “Enough of this talk on feelings. I won’t let you get away from marking me.”

“Why not? You turned me into a human map! Of course I’ll do the same to you!” I arrogantly retorted “Besides, it will teach the females around you that you are mine.”

He chuckled, “I don’t entertain them.”

“Still.” I pouted “You never entertained them but they love pining over a committed man.”

“Stop worrying. I’m exclusively yours.”

“You should be. You wouldn’t like me to be angry at you.” I warned him “Mark my words Iñigo Petrakis, you do not want to be on the hate list of Avery Marquez.”

“Of course wife. I will not want to be on your bad graces.” He solemnly replied.

Nodding in contempt, we made our way inside the dining room where we found Miguel munching on a snack. It was 1pm and they must have already taken their meal. His eyes lifted to ours and he grinned like a kid.

“You looked like you’ve been thoroughly fuck—”

“Miguel!” Celine reprimanded him. I was shocked that she appeared out of nowhere.

“uhh—fulfiled!” Miguel corrected himself.

Chuckling, I gave Celine a kiss on the cheeks. Her eyes were alight with delight at our state. Her eyebrows wiggled in a knowing look. “Will I be having grandchildren soon?” she whispered for my ears only.

I shook my head, “Not yet. But a little bit more push.”

“Good.” She whispered back then turned to Iñigo “Hijo, I had our cook prepare a meal for you both. You both must be starving.”

“I would be too! You guys were on it for hours!” Miguel commented, eyes full of mischief. He didn’t noticed Iñigo walking past him, thereby clubbing him in the head “Aww! What was that for?”

“Keep your sexual comments to yourself Miguel! I do not want you thinking of my wife in that way.” He gruffly reprimanded him before seating beside me.

Clutching his head, he didn’t notice Celine slapping him on the head too. “Aww what was that for Tiya?”

“You’ve been eating here for hours Miguel!” she scolded him “Get up and try to work on the field.”

“I was waiting for Ava to wake up Tiya. I promised to give her a tour of the hacienda.” Miguel grinned turning to us both.

Iñigo stopped halfway into his meal. He stared at Miguel and looked back at me. “I didn’t know you had plans with him.”

I shrugged casually, “You said you’ll be busy with the hacienda. Miguel volunteered to give me a tour. He said he’ll teach me how to ride a horse!”

I giddily clapped my hands at the idea of finally riding a horse. I always wanted to ride one but I got too sick when we went to a stable when I was young, so I never had the chance to ride one.

I actually almost forgot about this tour. If Miguel did not openly announce it, I would have be stuck inside the manor with nothing to do. Atleast with Iñigo gone, I can have a few activities to do.

“Don’t worry too much, Primo. I’ll take care of Ava.” Miguel grinned, crossing his heart like a boy. I snickered at him, while Iñigo squinted his eyes at us.

Turning to him, I asked him “You will be fine with it, won’t you?”

“No.” he openly said “If you want to take a tour of the hacienda, you come to me.”

Turning towards an open mouthed Miguel, he spoke “I’ll have my men know you’ll finish my job.”

“Wait what?” Miguel panickly asked “I don’t know anything about taking care of horses!”

“Then you should have spent your days tilling the soil than inside with your videogames.” Iñigo drawled, sipping his wine “I’m taking my wife out, so deal with it.”

Grinning to myself, I caught the gaze of Celine who was also silently grinning in the side-lines. Winking at me, I bit my lip as our plan worked. Again.

Oh Iñigo, you’ll never what got yourself into. By the time you’ve fallen, I’ve already chained you to my side with no plans of escape.

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