The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 31: Feelings


Iñigo Petrakis

We made it just in time the heavens began to pour. Thunder rumbled in the distance before a flash of lightning pierced the sky. Closing the windows to stop from drenching the place, I turned to Ava who was wiping her drenched boots. A lock of hair fell on the sides of her face, and her cheeks were flushed since we raced here in the Manor.

Catching my gaze, she smiled a slow grin, and my heart thudded inside my chest. It swelled into a large proportion that a giddy and peaceful feeling settled in the pits of my chest. I was in love with her smile. No. I was in love with her. I was in love with Ava Marquez-Petrakis.

I was in love with this beautiful and spitfire woman who had weathered my mercurial ways and shattered the walls I erected. She showed me love and tenderness when all I knew was coldness. She showed me to trust when all my life I was lied to. And she showed me strength by facing my demons.

Chuckling to myself at the realization, I had to clamp my mouth shut not to blurt the words out. How could I not know it? How could I ignore my feelings for her when she’s everything that I had hoped and dreamed about.

I never loved Leanne. What I felt for her was nothing compared to Ava’s. Leanne never knew me just as how Ava does. She knew my good side and my bad side, and accepted both.

I was so deeply in love with her that it almost bubbled to the surface of my lips. Instead of telling her, I decided to shut my mouth first. I will tell her. Soon.

“What are you smiling about?” she asked me, jutting her hip to the side “I look like a mess aren’t I?”

She can never look bad. She will always be stunning in my eyes. With her bright green eyes, raven hair and full pink lips, she was a goddess. And I intend to worship her every single day of my life.

Moving over to her, I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her into me and kissing her on the mouth. Her mouth opened to me, her arms wrapping on my neck and her head tilting upwards to put more pressure to the kiss. Sucking in a breath, I revelled at the feel of her body on mine. I loved her plump limps. They were like peaches, ripe and succulent.

I could die a happy man after getting a taste of them. But I wish not to die yet. I had to show her first how much she meant to me. She was mine, and I do believe she loved me too. I just had to make my move, show her I was hers, and I intend to never let her go. No man shall have her, for she was mine.

Breaking the kiss, her forehead rested against mine as we both catch our breathe. Nuzzling her nose with mine, I kissed her one more time before pulling back with a smile. She smiled back and my heart clenched. Damn, I was the luckiest man in the world!

“You seem to be in a fairly good mood,” Ava commented, leaning back to study my face. “Has the beach helped?”

“Partly. But it was me opening up to you that helped. I didn’t know I was carrying a huge weight in my heart for years. Thank you for helping me.” I softly spoke. A huge grin formed on her lips.

“I told you, you need an Ava Marquez in your life,” she winked and I heartily laughed at her antics.

“Come, let’s take a shower. Then, I will cook for you.”

Her brows rose up, “We’re taking a shower?”

“Yes,” I simply nodded, her hand in mine as we took the stairs.


I paused, and looked back at her mischievous smile. “We’ll spend an awful amount of time in the shower.” I warned her “You’ll be grumbling in hunger.”

“Why would I when I get dessert?” she smirked before pulling me inside our room and tossing our clothes on the floor “I want a different kind of meal. And it involves me, sucking your cock while you fuck me with your tongue.”

Desire blazed through my bones. Taking a step forward, I ripped her clothes and carried her in my arms towards the bathroom. Her laughter echoed into the room followed by a moan as I closed the bathroom door and feasted on my wife’s delicate body.

By the time we finished, I had our maids deliver to us a meal because my wife truly was grumbling in hunger. She feasted on our meal like a starved woman as I watched her in amusement. Her mouth was stuffed with food, as she greedily eyed the chicken wings on her plate. Gulping her food, she began attacking the chicken wings and pasta. Her eyes eyed the hotdog she requested and ate it too.

When her mouth wrapped around the hotdog, my body stilled and my cock jerked as she moaned and closed her eyes while chewing her food. I flushed and looked down on my jean-cladded hips, a huge bulk was poking in the center and willed it down.

“Are you alright, honey?” Ava asked, opening her eyes and taking another spoonful of hotdog “Did you not enjoy our meal?”

Smoothening the frown on my forehead, I was about to reply when her hand rested on my knee. I grimaced as my cock poked in my jeans.

“It seems to be a bit tight down there,” Ava purred, her eyes flashing with deviltry “Perhaps the beast inside would like to eat again.”

Now the beast was relentless in taking her again. Gulping, Ava began unbuttoning my jeans when the doors to our room opened.

“We need your hel---” Miguel cried out his eyes full of anguish when he stopped and stared at Ava’s hand on my jeans. Quickly, he closed his eyes and made a disgusted sound at the back of his throat. He turned around and closed his eyes while Ava pulled out her hand and I covered my dick.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I growled at him, embarrassed for being caught.

“Is it safe for me to peak?” Miguel squeaked like a school boy. I huffed a breathe and said yes. Turning around again, he opened his eyes and smirked before turning serious “Raul’s daughter is about to give birth. We need your help.”

Ava and I immediately sprung to the floor and followed Miguel “Where is she? Have you contacted the ambulance?”

“We have but the river a few miles from us was flooded with water. They couldn’t go over.” Miguel explained as he lead us to the guest room where Raul’s 24 year old daughter, Monita was propped on her elbows on the bed and her hand clutching her belly. Her face was smeared with sweat as my mother consoled her. Raul was pale white as he stared at his daughter.

“Are there any other midwife’s in the area?” I asked, worriedly.

“None.” Miguel spoke in a grim tone.

I walked over to Raul and gave him a small pat in the back. Ava ran to Monita’s side, clutching her hand.

“Her contractions are 10 minutes apart. We need to deliver the baby now.” Mama explained to us.

“I can help.” Ava announced to us “I helped deliver a baby when I was in college when one of my friends hid her pregnancy to her parents. I may not be an expert but I can do it. Let’s just pray that there aren’t complications.”

Nodding my head, I asked her “Alright. What do you need?”

“I need clean towels, a sterilized scissors, a bowl of warm water and some bandages.” She ordered “I’ll need your help Celine. Raul you can stay, but you two I’ll need to clear the room.”

Miguel and I looked at each other and shrugged. We had the maids deliver her needs and she shut the door in our faces. I turned to Miguel and asked, “Where is the baby’s father?”

“He died in Afghanistan,” Miguel somberly replied “From what I have heard, it was his last mission before retiring but shit happened.”

“Life is indeed short.” I commented, staring at the closed door.

“Indeed it is. Speaking of kids, Monita has a 3 year old son. Help me entertain him,” Miguel nodded his head towards the entertainment room. Following him, we were greeted by a black haired boy with dimples on his cheeks. He was holding a superman toy in his hand while sucking his thumb.

“Mama?” he asked us.

“She’s about to give birth to your little brother or sister, Ramon.” Miguel merrily grinned at the child “We’ll play you as we wait for your sister.”

Carrying the boy in his arms, he introduced us and we played games in the entertainment room. I also cooked him a meal and let him eat when he got hungry. Miguel left us after we got along when he received a phone call.

We were playing with his action figures when Miguel bounded into the room with a grin on his face. “It’s a girl!”

“Baby sister!” the child ran from the room and I followed behind him as we ran to the open doors of the room. Sleeping soundlessly in the bed was a tired Monita. Celine and Raul were admiring the bundle in the corner of the room while Ava held the baby.

Sensing our presence, she looked behind and smiled at us. Then, she turned around and my heart instantly stopped in my chest at the beauty of her. Her fair was a mess yet there was a gentleness in her smile. Her stance was tall yet her hands were gentle on the baby wrapped in bink bundle. She was majestic, and a desire to have our child ran fiercely through my core.

Her eyes met Ramon’s and she bent down to match his height. “This is you baby sister, Maria.”

“Hola Maria.” Ramon grinned at his baby sister. My heart swelled as I watched them interact with each other. Ava’s eyes were warm and kind while Ramon’s were full of life. The baby cried in her arms and she gently rocked the baby while Ramon gave her a toy “I am your brother, Ramon. I have a gift for you. Superman and I shall protect you.”

Grinning at Ramon’s sweetness, Ava ruffled his hair and kissed his cheek. “That’s right. Maria is lucky to have a strong older brother like you.”

Tears misted in my eyes and I didn’t know why I was moved by the simple action. All I knew was watching them made my heart hurt, in a good way. It made me dream of a future, one where Ava is in it.

I was busy watching them that I didn’t notice my mom slipping beside me. A knowing look was on her face as she spoke, “She’ll be a great mom.”

“She will.” I spoke with affirmation. Turning to her, I honestly spoke “I love her and she’ll be a great mother to our children.”

“You chose well, my son.” My mother whispered, tears in her eyes “I’m sorry for the horrible childhood you had. But know in my heart that I love you. I wished for so long that you find a woman who will love you just as fiercely and I’m happy you found her. Be happy mi unico hijo.”

Peace settled in my heart as she kissed my cheeks and squeezed my hand. Giving us one final look, she left the room and my eyes fell once more to my wife. Her eyes were full of life and her smile the brightest in the room.

Turning her head to mine, hope and love blossomed in my chest. I love you Ava Marquez-Petrakis. And I will show you just as much.

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