The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 32: Plane Ride


Ava Marquez-Petrakis

“Where are we going?” I asked Iñigo as we boarded the plane.

“It wouldn’t be a surprise cariño if I tell you, ” he spoke in a gentle tone, his eyes shining in the morning light and his smile full of tenderness. Leaning down, he nuzzled my neck with his nose and paid me a small kiss on the lips before taking my hand in his and helping me up the plane.

He’d been touchy and affectionate the past few days. It was like the storm cleared his walls and gave me a sweet and loving Iñigo. It was a breath of fresh air to see him with his easy-going attitude. He interacted with Celine and Miguel with the same frankness yet he smiled more and laughed more. He also took me every day to their vineyard to help him with the business, and lounge in the beach after a day of hardwork. Often times, he would ask me about my life as we lay on the sand. We would talk about almost everything in our time in the beach. It was like we were getting to know each other again. But what I do like the most was when he would pull me in his arms and hover above me as he kissed me on the lips and untie the strings of my bikini.

There was a sudden gentleness and openness in his actions. And I would be lying if I didn’t love it. It made me wonder if this was the man he was supposed to be if life didn’t fucked him up. He was caring and sweet.

Everyday I get to see a side of him that surprised me. One time I was shocked that he began to play the piano in the music room when I was simply humming to myself. I turned into a full singing session where I sang the lyrics of Moonlight while he played the piano with such elegance and rhythm. I also found out, he loved to leave sketches and drawings when he would seat on a tree after a day of work. He’d give his drawings to the children in the hacienda and encouraged them to draw their feelings.

My heart would fill inside of my chest whenever he would come bounding up the steps and wrap his arms around me as he made me feel treasured and loved whenever I couldn’t come with him to the vineyard. His arms would make me think that I was finally home.

Sighing into his arms, I let him guide me inside his private jet as we were greeted by the flight attendants. He instructed them to leave us be and we prepared for take-off. The jet speeded down the runway and a few minutes we broke through the clouds.

“Do you want to get a drink?” Iñigo asked me, holding me close.

I shook my head and leaned on his chest. I felt him nuzzle my neck, his hands moved up and over my breasts. My body stilled before relaxing as he began to massage the muscles, “I know I should stop myself from seducing you after last night’s activities. I know you’re still probably, but I couldn’t help it baby.” He spoke, biting my ear as I arched my body to his “You’re not wearing any bra and it’s messing with my head, ”

“I don’t want you to stop, ” I spoke to him, removing my seatbelt and straddling him. My muscles were still sore from the sex we had last night but I want him just as he wants me. Lifting my arms, I grinned at him “Take my shirt off.”

His eyes blazed with lust and he pulled the shirt up. He pulled me back against him and took small bites of my neck, then soothing it with a kiss. His warm hands held my breast and massaged them.

“You smell incredible, ” he whispered against my neck and ran the tip of his nose against my skin.

“I want your clothes off, ” I tugged on his shirt and he chuckled. Lifting himself up, he pulled his shirt off as I removed my skirt and underwear. My hands touched the ripples of his shoulders when his hands fell on his jeans and pulled them off.

“I wanted to be gentle with you, to take it slow, but all I can think about is putting you on the bar, right over there with your heels on and my dick ramming inside of you.“:

My legs almost gave out at the promise in his eyes. Iñigo muttered a curse before lifting me up, carried me to the bar and sat me down on it. His eyes were smouldering with desire which only intensified the lust in my bones. Leaning down on the cool black surface, I lifted my legs and placed each dainty heeled foot on the edge of the counter. I saw him suck a deep breathe when he saw me laid out and spread open for him.

“Fuck, baby. I don’t I’ll ever forget this image in my head, ” he nuzzled my neck as he ran a finger on my moist heat. My body zinged and pulsed on the nub in between my legs and I gasped out when took my lips and finger fucked me.

My lips tangled with his, my breast heavy and needy for his attention while my legs trembled for his adoration. Pulling back, his eyes roamed over my exposed body. Sliding his arms under me, he pulled my ass to the edge of the bar and lined the tip of his cock on my entrance.

“I had this fantasy for a long time. But no one came as close to you, ” he spoke before sinking himself deep inside me. My eyes fluttered close, my head fell back and I moaned as I felt his hard length deep within me. Iñigo inhaled my sweet scent before rubbing his thumb on my chest.

As Iñigo moved inside of me, all I can think about was how good this felt. I never wish for this to end. Willing myself to open my eyes, his sky-blue eyes pierced mine and I can see the emotions swirling in the depths of it.

Tiny butterflies brought havoc in my stomach, and my breasts rose and fell at the emotions passing between us. Gripping his arms, I tightened my core as he pumped himself deeper and faster inside of me. Holding on to him, I wished and hoped that this may never end.

Because I was so in love with him to the point of no return.


After our lovemaking at the bar, we moved inside his private bedroom to wash and rest Now, we were cuddling as we play a game. My eyes were turning heavy as he caressed my hair.

“If you were to travel to 3 different countries, what would it be?” he asked.

“Greece, Italy and Germany.” I spoke stopping myself from yawning.


“I love all islands in Greece and I have a thing for Greek Mythology. I like the houses and cafes in Italy while I love the castles in Germany. I remember telling Addie when we were kids that I would wear princess gowns when I visit these castles, ” I chuckled humorously “What about you? If you were not running your business what would you be?”

“I’ll probably be a painter and a musician.” He spoke honestly “I was always fascinated with art and music. There’s just something about expressing your emotions through arts and music.”

“Have you written a song for someone before? Or created artworks for a person? I always see you sketching places but never persons.” I commented, leaning my hand on my arms as I looked up to him.

He paused before speaking, “I had occasionally but I guess I never shared it with anyone yet. How about you? You’re a great singer, why choose business when you could become a pop star?”

I laughed as I remembered the same question asked to me by Emma, “I never liked the attention given to me when I sing. Business is my passion while singing is just a hobby of mine. I sang in a few events when I was a working-student, it helped pay the bills but I always saw myself in a board room and meetings.”

He nodded his head in understanding, “Next question, if you were to be stuck in an island what are the three things you will bring?”

“A knife, matches and you.”

“Me? What can I contribute?” I asked in bewilderment.

His eyes spoke volumes as he ran a thumb on my lips and deeply said, “Everything.”

My breath hitched in my throat as he pulled me up in his arms until our eyes were levelled with each other. He curled a hair on his finger and placed a small kiss on my lips, “Sometimes, you don’t know how much you mean to someone. Your very presence can light up a damn room.”

I flushed underneath his gaze as I patted his chest, “It’s your turn to ask questions.”

“If you were on vacation, what would you do?”

“A lot of things.” I spoke “I’ll probably lounge all day in the beach, visit museums, ate local cuisines, tour historical places because you know how much I love history, meet with the locals and visit poor countries to help those who are struggling with their finances.”

He nodded his head, deep in thought. His hands began to caress my hair again, “How about you? What do you dream about?”

“A lot of things, ” he copied me before smiling “I dreamed of taking our business into the next level. But most of all, I dreamed of peace and happiness. I see myself coming home to my wife and 6 kids. How about you? Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?”

“Hmm, I see opening 10 more offices in different countries, and settling down in a quaint home in front of the beach with 6 kids.”

He grinned as he nuzzled my neck, “Can I bargain to ask for more?”

I pulled back, “Do you really see a future with me?”

He kissed my lips, distracting from me from my question before he pulled back and spoke, “Yes. I do see a future with you.”

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