The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 33: Sunsets


Ava Marquez-Petrakis

After the bomb Iñigo dropped to me, I was silent thinking to myself. Does he have feelings for me now? Turning towards the man beside me who was casually leaning on his seat, I thought really hard of when he could have liked me. I do know he was more gentle and caring the past few days, but when exactly? All I could think about were the memes and plans Miguel suggested to me over the weeks.

Argh! This is all Miguel’s fault! If he did not challenge me with Plants vs Zombies, I would have seen the change in Iñigo. Glancing towards the window, my eyes widened as I saw the clear blue sea I only saw in pictures.

Swivelling to the man watching me, I asked “We’re in Greece?”

His face broke into a grin and I was blinded by that smile. I’m betting my millions that his smile was only reserved for me. Damn! Damn! Damn! Iñigo Petrakis you are deadly to a woman’s heart.

“We are, ” he sounded still giving me that lopsided grin of his.

“Why?” I asked in confusion yet I couldn’t stop the excitement in my seat.

“You said you never went to a beach after your parent’s death, and you mentioned Greece earlier, so here we are.” he casually spoke. My heart thudded in my chest as he remembered the words I’ve spoken. “Don’t you like it?”

“I do. I just didn’t expect you’d be inclined to take me to these places, ” I spoke honestly at him “What changed?”

“Nothing. I just want to take my wife to a proper honeymoon, ” he spoke kissing my cheeks “You deserve a happy life Ava, and I’m giving it to you.”

All I wanted is your heart, I spoke in my head but decided against it. His face broke into a grin when we landed and held my hand when we went out of the plane. The warm sun and historical air of Greece greeted me. A black car waited for us in the runway.

“We’ll stay at my bachelor pad here in Athens for 2 days as we explored the city.” Iñigo told me excitedly as we entered the car “Then, we’ll visit Mykonos and turn to Santorini. We’ll head back to Athens and fly to Italy then to Germany.”

My eyes widened with his words as the sped off to the busy road. “Wait, hold on. Those are the places I wanted to visit.”

“I know.” He simply replied, pulling me close to his body.

“Did you plan all of these when we were inside the plane?” I asked him in confusion. He slowly nodded his head, “Why?”

“Because you deserve the world, ” he softly spoke caressing my cheeks as I melted into a puddle with the way he was looking at me “For years you’ve worked hard to take care of your sister. Now, let me take care of you. I’m starting it with this honeymoon, ”

Tears lined up my eyes, pulling me in his lap, I buried myself on his neck. “You’re too much. How did you get so sweet?”

He chuckled, his chest vibrating underneath me, “It was all because of you, ” he spoke as I pulled back. Giving him a languid kiss, I sighed in contentment as hope and love blossomed in my chest.

When we reached Iñigo’s place, we ate and rested for awhile before we explored the city. I felt like I was in a different time. Seriously. Just being in Athens and its historical places made me feel as if I have stepped through time. I looked like any tourist as I couldn’t stop looking at everything.

We went to the Acropolis where I got an amazing view of Athens, the 2, 500 year old Parthenon, the Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylea. We also went to the Ancient Agora and the New Acropolis Museum. The sunset was beautiful from the Acropolis that I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it.

The next day we went to Mykonos and visited the famous Panagia Paraportiani. It’s bright white exterior and Byzantine design awed me so much that I couldn’t stop gaping at in amazement. Iñigo also took a lot of my photos as we made our way through the whitewashed buildings and winding lanes of Mykonos Town. We also made a short trip to the island of Delos, the birth place of Apollo and Artemis. In the evening, we danced and drank in the busy and lively night life of Mykonos.

On the third day we went to Santorini. I was like a kid with a candy as I happily jumped up and down when we reached Santorini. I loved Santorini’s stunning white architecture and sea blue beaches. Walking hand-in-hand with Iñigo, we chatted with some tourists before we lounged in the beach and swam. I was probably a bit tan from all the swimming we have been doing the past few days, but I didn’t care. I was enjoying myself.

Washing the sand in my body, I walked out of our hotel room and looked for my man in the beach. He was busy sketching in a hammock. When he felt my presence, a grin formed on his lips and my heart did a somersault in my chest. His hand wrapped around me as he pulled me to his chest.

“Hey, ” I said, kissing his lips. My eyes darted to the sketch he made “Is that me?”

He nodded his head and showed a sketch of me. I was wearing a flowing floral dress, my feet in the waters and my face turned towards the back smiling at someone. I remember this moment when I we arrived in Santorini. I immediately ran to the waters like a kid with my hands up in the air and twirling like a ballerina. My body stopped and faced the sea, inhaling the salty air before turning towards the man who was gazing at me with so much wonder in his eyes.

“You were so beautiful in this moment that the image of you remained permanent in my head, ” he softly spoke to me.

“Thank you, ” I sincerely told him, gazing at him with so much appreciation.

“Your welcome.” He cheekily grinned before kissing me on the lips. Pulling back, he clasped my hands with his and pulled me up “Come, I know you love to see the sunset, so I made arrangements.”

Following him, we rode a few minutes to a hill where a private villa was situated. Entering the premises, I was awed by the beauty of the trees and the flowers. It was like stepping into paradise. Helping me out of the car, Iñigo lead me to the stone pathway towards an open space where a candlelight dinner was waiting for us. The view was majestic as it was overlooking the island, the sea and the yellow-orange sun.

“I thought you might like to see the sunset in Oia but it gets crowded at this time of the day, ” Iñigo spoke as he let me seat on the chair and he sat across from me. Opening a bottle of wine, he placed a small amount of my glass.

“So, you thought taking me to a private place will be better, ” I grinned at him sipping my wine “I’m impressed.”

Grinning, we dined and talked on the private villa overlooking the island. Afterwards, we sat on the edge to watch the sunset. His arms wrapped in my waist, I leaned my head on his side and sighed contentedly.

“Did you know that the god Apollo was a patron of lovers too?” Iñigo spoke making me look up to him “The old stories stated that in honor for his love for Daphne, he would offer lovers his blessings during sunset. Hence, many couples celebrate their wedding close to sunset to bless their wedding and bind their promises.”

Taking my hand in his, he softly kissed my forehead and nuzzled my nose before pulling back, his eyes misting with love and affection, “I know we may have started in the most unconventional way, and it may be too soon for me to realize my feelings but I want to tell you how much you mean to me.”

“What are you talking about Iñigo?” I asked him, my eyes wide in anticipation.

Caressing my cheeks, he said “I love you my dear Ava.” He spoke with so much passion in his eyes “You brought so much light in my life and helped me overcome my fears and the bitterness in my heart. You showed me there was hope, and second chances. It’s not just because you helped me become a better but because you’re you. There can be a hundred women after me right now, but they wouldn’t matter. Because none of them are you Ava. ” he let out a breathe “I am so desperately in love with you that I can’t stand another minute of not letting you know.”

Tears lined my vision as happiness spread through me. Grinning from ear to ear, I tackled him to the ground and kissed him. His lips responded to mine as I glorified at the knowledge that this beautiful man I have loved since I was 15 years old loved me.

Pulling back, my black hair ran a curtain between us as I kissed him tenderly on his mouth, my lips lingering there as our foreheads rested against each other. “I love you too Iñigo.” I finally spoke “I loved you since I was 15 years old and I don’t think I’ll ever stop loving you when you had my heart since I was a teen.”

He let out a breathe and smiled. Parting my hair, he kissed my lips and said, “I promise under the god Apollo that I will love you and your children with all my heart for the rest of our lives. There will never be any other woman for me Ava. I have never loved a woman as fiercely as I love you.”

“And there will never be a man for me except for you, ” I spoke with so much truth in words “I know it our lives as a couple won’t be the best. But we’ll figure it out, right? As long as we’re together.”

“Yes, as long as we’re together, everything will be better, ”

A weird but static sensation filled my bones at the promises we spoke. Looking up into the orange sky, Iñigo leaned his body as he cradled me on his side. Grinning from ear to ear, I let the serene place warm my soul as the man I love breathed love into my body.

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