The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 34: Heir


Ava Marquez-Petrakis

We made love in almost of all the places we visited during our trip. After Greece, we went to Tuscany, Rome, Paris, and Germany. I loved the Tuscan sun and the beautiful place. But what I truly loved the most was our lovemaking. It was always passionate and different. We were like two teenagers who couldn’t stop getting a taste with one another.

Even when we’ve arrived back in Spain, we couldn’t stop touching one another. Celine and Miguel even left the manor for a few days due to our lovemaking. We were having sex in almost all corners of the manor. We were spending our time exploring each other’s bodies, and learning what made the other feel good.

Iñigo being the skilled lover he was became a master in the fine art of love making. He would always leave me languid, pleased and drugged after every session. He did not only pleased my body into a mind-blowing orgasm, but he was attentive in every aspect of my life. He knew that if he caressed my hair and massaged my stiff shoulders, I would relax instantly. He knew that if I pursed my lips, it was a sign I was thinking thoroughly and weighing the pros and cons. He also understood that I was a neat freak and if I wanted to clean the house, I will clean it from top to bottom. He understood my moods, my mannerisms and my thoughts because he cared so much to know every little detail about me.

One time we ordered brownies, he removed the nuts on top because he knew I didn’t liked nuts. Another time was we were watching a movie and I noticed the chips I got were the folded ones.

“These are the folded ones.” I commented at him as I stared at the bowl in hand.

“Aren’t they the ones you liked? I bought sour cream sauce too.” He said giving me the dip. I nodded my head slowly as I realized that he bought a bag of chips just to find the folded ones. At that moment, I didn’t know if I would laugh or cry. The emotions bubbling in my chest was surreal that I had to kiss him senselessly for pleasing me and making me feel cherished.

On days we were too tired to do anything, we would simply lounge in our bed and talking about anything. Sometimes we would be at the beach and he would gaze at me with that lazy look that meant he was thinking of different sexual things to do to me. My body would easily respond to him and he’ll take me where we were - in the hammock, on the sand or in the tree house.

After such session, with my legs still quivering from the orgasm, he’ll whisper sweet nothings to my ear. Then we’d ride back home and shower the dirt off our bodies. It was truly a magical month for us.

“Shall I be knitting baby clothes soon?” Celine whispered in my ear, clutching my hand to hers in the driveway. Iñigo and I were about to head back home.

“Maybe next year, ” I honestly told her “We’re still working on our relationship and our careers.”

Celine pouted before hugging me, “It’s alright. I can still live to a hundred.”

We chuckled as she squeezed me, “Take care my dear.”

“You too.” I said, pulling back and smiling at her.

“Won’t I get a goodbye hug too?” Miguel joked behind. Turning to him, I grinned and was about to hug him when Iñigo pulled me back.

“No.” He grumbled as we all chuckled “Goodbye Miguel, and thanks for being a part of my wife’s grand plan. But you are not allowed to touch her, ”

“So possessive, ” I muttered, jabbing him in the side with my elbow. He winced before glaring at me. I rolled my eyes at him and turned to Miguel. “Thank you for everything, Miguel. You can visit us if you’d like.”

“I would be happy to.” Miguel grinned “Take care you too.”

Waving at them one last time, we drove to the airport and flew back home. Once we reached the bustling city, we slept to gain energy for the next day and worked our asses off.

We had a lot of pending jobs to finish yet we always made it in time for dinner. We talked about our day and spend the night in each other’s arms. If we have time, we’ll spend lunch together but we were often busy meeting with clients that we would only talk during dinner. Everything was going well for us.

Dialing Addie’s phone number her phone rang yet it went straight to voicemail. She didn’t come this weekend because she told me she had some group meetings. Addie was staying at a condo near her university. She never missed a phone call before.

Taking my keys, I stopped on the doorway when I saw Iñigo walking in our home. The two buttons of his shirt were off and his tie was undone. He also had a frown on his face as he checked his phone. Looking up, he gave me a soft smile before his eyes trailed on my appearance.

“What’s wrong?” We both asked in unison. Chuckling, I spoke “Addie isn’t answering my calls. I’m driving to her condo.”

“My Dad and Leanne called. Dad called first then Leanne. I wasn’t able to answer it.”

“That’s strange. Why would they be calling you?” I asked him. He shook his head.

“I had my men check on them. Do you want me to drive you to Addie?” Iñigo offered.

“Please, ”

Driving to Addie’s condominium, I couldn’t help but worry everytime my calls went straight to voicemail.

“When was the last time you talked to her?” Iñigo asked me

“3 days ago.” I spoke “She texted me that she’ll be out of town and text me back when she arrives. She was supposed to call me today to inform me, but I haven’t received anything from her.”

“Maybe her phone is off or her battery died, ” Iñigo suggested

“This is not like Addie, ” I told him, shaking my head in worry. Addie was a brilliant kid. She’s the brains of the family. Despite being always in the hospital, she had a knack for science and technology. She loved schedules and organizations that it was unlike of her to miss a call.

Parking the car, Iñigo and I quickly went to Addie’s condominium and flashed my ID to the receptionist. It was an exclusive condo that I felt safe where Addie was.

“Hello Mrs. Petrakis, have you come to visit your sister?” the receptionist kindly asked.

“Yes, ” I said “Has she arrived today? She said she’ll be out of town for 3 days and will be back today, ”

“Oh yes, she just arrived a few hours ago.” She kindly spoke.

“Thank you. I’ll go visit her.” I kindly replied and went to the elevator.

“Maybe she fell asleep and forgot to call you, ” Iñigo spoke as we stopped on the 24th floor.

“I hope so, ” I told him and pressed the doorbell. I knocked on the door too “Addie? It’s me Ava.”

No sound came from the doorway. Knocking, once again, “Addie?”

Knocking a bit harder, my heart pounded in my chest in fear “This isn’t truly like her, ”

Iñigo’s phone rang while quickly fumbled for the keys on my bag. Looking up to him, his skin was pale and his eyes were wide in fear.

“What’s wrong?”

“Leanne’s in the hospital, ” he spoke eyes still wide “Dad shot her and his out on the run. Leanne warned that your family is next.”

Icy fear gripped me as I fumbled for the keys. Pushing the key on the lock, I flung the door wide open and my eyes fell on the broken pieces and furniture.

Instantly, my legs ran throughout the rooom, y vision blurred as I fearfully looked for my sister. Opening the lights, my gaze fell on Addie’s body lying on the middle of her room. Her head laid on the concrete, a bruise on her cheek and blood pooling on her chest.

Gasping at the sight, I crumbled on the ground and chocked a sob as I heard Iñigo calling 911.

“Addie no. No no no no, ” I cried rocking my sister’s body as I prayed for this horror to end.

I didn’t what happened next. Its like my body was not my own and I was floating in the middle of scene. I watched limply as the medics rushed to my sister, carrying her and driving her to the ambulance. I remembered the police cars and the yellow tape around her condo. I remembered Iñigo holding my hand and answering the police’s questions while I stared blankly at the scene.

Who could have done this? Saul Petrakis? Iñigo’s father? But why? Has he done enough by stealing Iñigo’s ex-wife and the company’s money? Why does he have to attack us?

There were so many questions in my head. It was making my head hurt.

“Ava you need to rest, ” Emma spoke quitely beside. She and Calyx came to give us fresh clothes. I was thankful for them.

“No, I want to wait for Addie.” I stood my ground, gazing at the closed doors.

“Let her Emma, ” Iñigo spoke and I was thankful for him. Holding my hand with his, I leaned on his chest. He pushed me to feed and change my clothes. He just quickly left me with Emma as he and Calyx talked to the imvestigators and Leanne.

Leanne was found locked inside her room, chained to the bed bleeding and bruised. According to her, Saul had been taking drugs and planned to abduct Addie as a ransom. He wanted more money and he wanted the vineyard in Spain to be his again. Celine must have removed his ownership over it after their divorce and transsferred it to Iñigo. Now he’s out on the run.

Our lives were in danger.

“I’ll have bodyguards to protect you 24/7, ” Iñigo spoke “I’ve already talked to Mama. She’ll have the hacienda secured. I’ve also already talked to the police to help with the investigation.”

Iñigo pursed his lips and sighed, “I can’t believe he would go to such great lengths just for money, ”

“Was he ever violent to you?” I asked him. Although I was angry at him, there were still no solid proof to prosecute him for Addie’s situation. The cameras didn’t see him enter the building.

Iñigo shook his head, “Never. He may be a womanizer and may have stolen from the company but never violent.”

I pursed my lips in thought.

“Listen, I don’t know what may happen to us but Calyx talked to me and his suggestion made sense.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked in confusion

“My dad’s obviously targeting me. He wants me and the will clearly states that if I die, the land and the company goes back to him unless I have a son.” Iñigo spoke “I don’t want you to be burdened or be targeted so I will publicly name Calyx my heir but the true heir shall be you.”

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