The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 36: Evidences

Chapter 36

Ava Marquez-Petrakis

Our feet scrunched on the tiled floor. Turning on our flashlights, we looked for clues. We weren’t allowed to enter the vicinity yet due to the investigation but Iñigo and I were able to get some passes.

Based on the evidences, Saul’s shoes matched with those on the floor. He must have waited for Addie inside the room before Addie found him. A fight must have ensued before Saul shot her. He must have gotten in through the emergency exit. And used it again as an escape. Running my gaze on the torn room, I looked for clues.

“Do you know where Addie went for 3 days?” Iñigo asked looking over at the documents on the floor.

“No.” I shook my head “Those are test papers.”

“And a plane ticket to Florida.” Iñigo spoke revealing to me a plane ticket clipped in the middle of the book. Moving closer to him, I eyed the piece of paper and saw the date.

“Addie never clips her stuffs in books, ” I trailed off “Unless she’s protecting something.”

An idea clicked on my mind. Turning my gaze in the torn sala and kitchen, my gaze slid to the teddy bears placed on the sala. Running to the kitchen, it fell on the owl on the clock.

“Of course, your brilliant Addie.” I spoke, a smile on my face.

“What is it?” Iñigo asked in confusion.

“Come on, ” I pulled him upstairs towards Addie’s room and study room. The second floor of the loft is her room and bathroom. “When we were kids, Addie loved watching crime movies. She got an idea or two on how to hid things and get evidence. One of them is cctv cameras. I don’t know how she did it but she installed cameras in every corner of her room using her teddy bears and figurines.”

“Which means we can get an idea on who the culprit is, ” Iñigo broke out into a grin “But how are we going to retrieve those video tapes?”

Turning towards Addie’s room that lay unmoved, I looked for clues. Addie may be a sickly child but she was the genius in our family. Her room was pink, a queen sized bed in the center, her dressing table and balcony on the left, her study table and bathroom is on the right. The emergency exit was downstairs.

Her walk-in closet was also a door away leading to her bathroom.

“The cctv must have been connected to her computer.” I spoke as we sat on her desk and opened her computer. Quickly, I typed in her password. Opening the window, we looked for the files but nothing was amiss.

“Perhaps a laptop?” Iñigo asked.

“Perhaps, ” I clicked my tongue, thinking thoroughly of possible clues. I can see a figurine or toy in every corner of her room. It has to be cctv cameras. But the bullet to her chest was shot far away and not in a close distance.

“I need to take a look of the footage where she left and came back from the airport, ” I quickly told Iñigo. Nodding his head, he showed me the footage in his phone. Addie was seen in the airport boarding a plane. Her face was drawn pointedly and her lips pursed as if she was thinking. There were no footage where she went in Florida.

When she came back, her face was worried and she was biting her lip. Her feet also stomped repeatedly as she waited for a cab. It only grew worst after the phone call she had at the lobby of the condo.

“It was an unknown number, ” Iñigo spoke for me “They said it lead to an unknown location.”

“That’s strange, ” I spoke as we watched her stopped for groceries first before going back inside the condo. The next scene was Addie landing on her floor and opening the door to her condo. Nothing was amiss until I saw a faint shadow on the screen at the bottom like a hair before it changed to us visiting her.

“Wait look!” I paused the video “Did you see that?”

“See what?” Iñigo asked.

“That part, ” I spoke replaying it and pausing it. “See. It looked like someone walked in but was cut out.”

“Do you think someone tampered with the cctv?” Iñigo worriedly asked me. Pursing my lips, I nodded my head and sighed. “Fuck.”

“We need to access Addie’s cctv. We also have to find out what she was doing in Florida and who called her.” I spoke vehemently. “There must be something around here. She must had placed clues.”

Gazing at every corner of the room, my gaze fell on her bed where her favorite and oldest teddy bear was placed.

“I remembered when we were kids. She used to hide her money inside her stuffed toys.” I spoke “I wonder if she still does until now.”

Walking to her bed, I reached out to her yellow teddy bear and turned it around. Opening the zipper on the back, my hands fell on a $100 bill and a flashdrive.

“A flashdrive and a bill.” I commented, my forehead scrunched up.

“There are numbers on the side.” Iñigo commented. Unfolding the dollar bill it were roman numeral numbers “1898. Do you think its the passcode? Perhaps the flashdrive has answers.”

“No. Its a book.” I spoke gazing at the heart in front “I love you since 1898.”

Jumping to the book cases my hand fell on the hardbound cover of the books. One one on the topmost shelf facing down while the other was standing up in the bookcases. Pulling it out, we saw it wasn’t a book but a bookcase filled with documents. The other one was a laptop bag.

“What are these?” Iñigo asked as we opened the contents “These are newspaper clippings from 2005. Wait are these birth certificates?”

“These are Leanne’s birth certificates...“I trailed off “What was Addie digging?”

Iñigo pulled out a journal, “I think this is the answer. But let’s check if the flashdrive will work on the laptop.”

Nodding, I plugged the flashdrive in the laptop and entered 1898 as password. It opened and our eyes skimmed through the files. After typing the password once again, we were able to see different video clips. Some were from years ago while others were from the cctv.

Playing the footages our eyes widened as we played each one. “What the?” I said my eyes mistifying.

“No.” Iñigo shook his head “It can’t be.”

Grabbing the journal in his hands, my head shook at the truth.

“H-how could they...” I bitterly spoke, tears lining my eyes.

“There must be some kind of mistake.” Iñigo spoke but as we opened more files the truth hit us once again.

With the light shining from the desktop, we were silent and torn on what to do next. It took every will in us before we gathered all the evidence and talk to the police. Afterward, we drove to Calyx’s home.

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