The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 37: Mistake


Inigo Petrakis

“So, it was Calyx.” Emma spoke dejectedly as she walked inside the room. We were in the police station and we asked her to come “I knew there was something suspicious about him. How were you able to goad the truth out of him?”

“He told us the truth earlier. He’s with the police now.” I spoke calmly to her.

“It must have been hard for you Iñigo,” Emma reached out to my hand “Although I don’t know why I am included in this investigation.”

“We have a couple of things to ask of you. The Prosecutors would like to talk to you as well and we also want to be there.” Ava spoke. At the same time, the prosecutor went inside the room.

“Good Morning Mr. and Mrs. Petrakis, and Ms. Dawn.” The prosecutor spoke “I’m Prosecutor Carter. We have a few questions about you Ms. Emmarie Dawn. What is your relation to the victim Ms. Adelaide Marquez.”

“She’s my bestfriend’s sister.”

“How long have you been friends with Mrs. Petrakis?”

“We’ve known each other since we were in college.” Emma spoke confidently.

“We have gathered you were close friends with Mr. Calyx? Can you describe to us your relationship with him?”

“I assure you officer that what Calyx and I had was a mere sexual relationship.” Emma spoke.

“I see. Then do you know why he was with Addie in Florida?” the prosecution asked.

“Florida? Why would they be doing in Florida? And no I don’t. I stopped talking to him for a month now.” Emma confusedly answered

“Speaking of Florida, it says here you grew up in Florida. Your parents are Mr. Emmanuel Dawn and Mrs. Stefanie Damn. Your father owned one of the largest cattle farms in the state however, it closed after being acquired by Saul Petrakis in 2005. Am I correct on this Ms. Dawn?”

Emma stilled in her seat before nodding her head slowly, “Y-yes. But I don’t understand why this sensitive information need to be brought up.”

“This is vital Ms. Dawn, because according to records and DNA tests, you have an older sister named Leanne Green. She ran away from home after your parents’ lost the family business and later appeared with a different surname.”

Emma’s eyes flickered to us. Her eyes grew cold and a wobbly smiled appeared on her lips, “I assure you that I am an only child Mr. Carter. Perhaps you have a different family on your list. Yes we lost our family business but we were able to start a new one. In may not be as big as the first one but we were able to make ends meet.”

“Are you denying Ms. Green’s claims of you being her younger sister?” the prosecutor retorted “Your DNA samples shows otherwise.”

“She said that?” Emma quietly spoke, her shoulder slumping before pulling back and bitterly laughing “Alright, we may be sisters which I believe we are not, what has this got to do with me?”

The Prosecutor showed photos of her with Leanne meeting in her condo, her back on Addie’s condo, and her entering her car after the crime scene.

“Tha-that’s not. I want my laywer! My lawyer will speak to you about this!” Emma shrieked “You have no right to question me!”

“Are you Emma?” I finally spoke out loud, my hands clenching “Are you truly innocent?”

“Ava talk to your husband.” Emma spoke but Ava shook her head. Ava’s eyes were cold as ice as she spoke.

“The evidences all points to you Emma. You and Leanne have been planning for years. You planned everything. But the only question we wanted to ask was why. Why would you do this?”

“It’s not true.” Emma spoke vehemently “You’re my friend Ava. You believe them? I am being framed!”

“I thought so too. But Addie already woke.” Ava spoke making Emma still her seat “Calyx and her were in Florida because they were gathering evidences about you and Leanne’s relationship. You befriended me because you knew I was your ticket to the Petrakis. Leanne manipulated Saul. And eventually, you wanted to use me. You’ve been stealing money from our company. And when you found out Calyx and my sister were following you reacted by framing Saul and shooting my sister in the chest!”

“Why?” Ava brokenly sobbed “Why Emma?”

“Because it was your fathers who took our land and ruined my family!” Emma finally screeched “You actually really think that your father was good, Ava. He was not. He was as rotten as his corpse! Saul Petrakis and Adam Marquez knew my father’s business was their biggest competitor. So, they did a little rumour that our cattles were sick. They framed us until no one would like to do business with us. They blackmailed banks to stop us from loaning until we were trapped to sell our land to the Petrakis. My father was devastated to the point he became a drunk junkie. Leanne ran away promising to take me soon while my mother and I ran our small clothing business. When Leanne found an old man, she manipulated him to change her birthplace and documents. She became Leanne Green and we worked together to destroy the same family who destroyed ours. It was easy killing your parents Ava. We had a hard time with Saul, he was a wise dirty old bastard.”

Rage filled my bones but before I can speak, I watched Ava jumped into Emma’s form and began attacking her.

“How dare you kill my parents! How dare you! You bitch!” she screeched, the pain prominent in her voice. “It wasn’t my father or Saul who took your parents’ business. It was Calyx’s! That’s why he wanted to put everything to right!”

Slapping her in the face, Emma kicked her and we pulled the two away “I don’t care if it was Calyx’s parents or yours! What matters is you fucked us up! You fucking ruined our lives!”

Pulling a heaving Ava in my arms, the police went in and arrested Emma. “We’ll see you in court Emma.”

Emma hysterically laughed, spitting at us as she was dragged towards the cells. Wrapping my arms in Ava’s side, I turned her around and my heart clenched at the sight of her tears.

Pain, anger and anguish filled her depths. Pulling her into my arms, I held her close as she breathed in my chest

“Let it all out baby.” I spoke to her ear. In a few moments, I let her sob and punch all the anger out of her while I held her close. Because life may fuck us up but I’ll always hold her close.

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