The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 38: Speak Up


Ava Marquez-Petrakis

After 2 years...

“Let me guess, Calyx followed you,” I laughingly commented on the phone. I heard Addie grumble on the other line.

“Yes. Can you ask Iñigo to chain his best friend in the office?” Addie frustratingly spoke on the phone “It’s like the man has ninja skills. One second I’m alone boarding the plane and the next I was being hurled on his back towards his private plane! I couldn’t catch a break with this man!”

“He loves you Addie, that’s why and I would be too when I find out you’ve been secretly investigating again.” I pointed out to her. She sighed on the other line.

“I’ll be careful.” She spoke “Besides I have been training with Calyx for years. I can take down a man.”

Calyx and Addie have been together for 2 years now. They apparently got along with their detective and law skills. Addie, of course, gave him a hard time considering he had sex with Emma before but they eventually worked on their differences.

Emma and Leanne were sentenced to life in prison. Calyx gave back the land to Emma’s mom while Addie honestly spoke to me of her hacking skills. She wanted to become a lawyer, so after college she went to law school. Calyx followed her like a puppy. It was funny watching them bicker. Saul was released and went home to Greece. As for Iñigo and I we worked on rebuilding our company. There was so much damage we had to fix, but we did it. Together.

“Be back as soon as you finish over there.” I told her “You have exams.”

“Wouldn’t miss it. I can’t wait to become a lawyer.” She dreamily spoke “With the amount of protesters being jailed today, we need more lawyers to defend our people. Our human rights will be violated with the new Bill passed by the congress. Have you read it?”

“Yes, I did. The Bill was passed to stop terrorist attacks in the country. The state specifically the ATC has the power to define terrorism, and who are to be considered as terrorist. Any suspicious person can to be tagged as a terrorist. It gives the state the power to tag whomever they think is a terrorist, MAY YOU be a law abiding citizen or not.” Ava spoke and Addie nodded her head on the phone.

“Indeed. It gives the ATC the power to state who is considered a terrorist instead of giving it to the court. If a person is arrested, they can be detained for 24 days and there is also no payment in case they were wrong in detaining you. This gives the police the power to detain you since they won’t have to pay you for the damages.” Addie sighed on the other line “What if a person from the state hated you and you were seen going out to a friend’s house for a school project. They can easily classify it as planning for a future act of terrorism and arrest you without a warrant of arrest. Anyone can be red-tagged. And with the state of our current justice system where the people in power are given “compassion” while the poor are oppressed and jailed, this is a recipe for abuse and destruction of human rights.”

I sighed massaging my forehead. I wanted to remain positive and just focus on my business. But with our current state, now is not the time to be apathetic. Every voice matters. There is a need to combat terrorism and anyone would want to end these terrorist attacks, but surely they can amend the bill because it is too broad. The state can abuse it and use it to silence critics. You are guilty until proven innocent.

I hate how many privileged people can sleep and look the other way. These influencers have a big platform to show and share their voice but chose to remain silent. A lot has happened for the past 2 years, I learned that I can grow my business and be of help to my country as well.

It is nice to have a wealthy and positive mentality, but it is not an excuse to be silent on political issues, to be apathetic to the lives of our poor brothers and sisters, and to follow leaders who are the biggest joke in the country. We have a voice and we must use it for the betterment of our country.

“Anyway, I have to go. Take care and love you!” Addie spoke on the other line.

“Love you too,” I spoke on the other line and shut my phone. Massaging my temples, I sighed in my swivel chair and looked at my calendar. I have a photo shoot for a bridal magazine this weekend. It was for a friend of mine. I owe her for promoting my company to her friends.

A knock from the door disrupted me from my musings. Turning towards the person on the doorway, a smile formed on my lips when Iñigo walked in. He had take-out in his hand and showed it to me.

“Your secretary told me you haven’t eaten yet.” Iñigo spoke moving towards me and kissing me on the lips “It was a good thing I was in the area.”

“Thanks honey.” I kissed him back “I’m actually starving.”

Chuckling, he prepared our meal and began to eat.

“I won’t be able to assist you in the photo shoot this weekend.” Iñigo spoke as my forehead scrunched in confusion.

“Why not?” I asked. “Aren’t you the one who insisted to come because you hated the thought of a male model touching me?”

“True, but I have a bit of work to do.” He spoke “I’ll meet you after your photo shoot.”

“Fine,” I grumbled “I was hoping to make jealous.”

Iñigo laughed out loud and kissed me on the cheek, “You always like to cause trouble.”

“Only when it comes to picking your jealousy,” I haughtily grinned. “I’ll send you photos of me and the hunky model.”

His eyes twinkled as he sipped his drink, “Are you sure it will be a hunky model?”

“Duh, I asked Melanie to pair with me the hottest looking man in the earth.”

“Very well then Ava.” Iñigo laughed, a knowing grin on his face “Have fun this Saturday.”

“Oh, I will.”

Why do I feel that he knows something that I don’t know?

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