The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 39: Photoshoot


Ava Marquez-Petrakis

“Ava!” my good designer friend, Camille Gallego, welcomed me. Removing the sunglasses on my eyes, I enveloped her in a hug. “I’m so glad you accepted my invitation.”

“The honor is mine Camille.” I honestly told her, pulling back and smiling at her.

“Come, the makeup artist shall do your makeup then we’ll have our photo shoot in the gardens.”

I was at Memphis Hotel. It was known as the country’s most expensive and exclusive resort and hotel. The hotel was situated in a cove with its sandy white beach and crystal blue skies. It also has a small church in the forest and fairy garden where many weddings took place. Camille spent so much for this photo shoot.

Ushering me inside the hotel room the team worked on my makeup. Afterwards, they took photos of me wearing only my bathrobe and a bouquet of roses. When Camille went inside to reveal the gowns I will be modelling I almost wept with joy. They were straight out of a story book. Pale pinks, blues, and greens with floral and crystal design were carefully crafted in the dress.

“Ooh Camille, you truly are an artist!” I spoke to her admiring the beautiful gowns. “I’ll get to model all of them?”

“Yes! But only a few. I have something else for you, it is my best creation.” Camille spoke and revealed to me a beautiful and whimsical dress. It was sleeveless a heart-shaped neckline adorned by Swarovski crystals on the dress. I instantly fell in love with it. “How about you model this first?”

“I would love to!” I giddily replied and put on the dress.

“We’ll take photos of you in the garden first then we’ll move to the chapel.” Camille instructed. I nodded my head and we headed to the garden. Shots after shots I posed. I was happily enjoying myself when I noticed I still haven’t seen my male partner.

“Where’s my partner Camille? I thought you promised a hunky male model for me?” I asked her as we went inside the chapel. I frowned when I saw people inside and the elaborate decorations “I think we shouldn’t be here. There must be a wedding.”

“Indeed there’s a wedding Ava.” Camille spoke brightly at me “Your wedding actually.”

“W-wait what?” I confusedly asked. She laughed out loud and pointed towards the people staring at me inside. Looking at all of them, I realized they were my friends and at the altar was a handsome looking Iñigo.

“Surprise!” Addie spoke from behind and I jumped up in fright “Geez Ava, you actually didn’t suspect Iñigo’s plan?”

“No! He said he---ooh. That man!” I loudly spoke before chuckling and turning to them “I’m really getting married again, am I?”

“You are.” They vigorously nodded their heads “Now, come on along because the poor man had been waiting for you for hours!”

Chuckling, Ava nodded her head for the start of the ceremony. Camille fixed me up a bit and Saul arrived on my side. I laughed out loud when I saw him and hugged him.

Iñigo and him were actually able to reconnect. He repented for his sins and built a relationship with us. He told me stories of my father and I thanked him for it.

“You look beautiful Ava. Your parents would be proud.” Saul spoke with a gentle smile on his lips.

“Thank you Saul.” I spoke to him.

“Patri would be nice.” We both chuckled. Sliding my hand in his arm, Camille placed my veil and gave me my bouquet of flowers.

“Patri it is.” I smiled at him.

“Thank you for showing him love Ava.” Saul gravely spoke to me “You are his miracle.”

Turning towards the man in the altar, I smiled at him and nodded my head at Saul. “He was my miracle too.”

Walking towards the man I love, I couldn’t help the flutter in my chest as he gazed adoringly at me. His eyes were full of tears and a smile was on his face. Calyx joked beside him and handed him a tissue.

“His been crying relentlessly these past few days whenever he thinks about you,” Saul spoke beside me and chuckled “He couldn’t believe he’s happily married and fulfilled in life.”

“Stop embarrassing me Papa,” Iñigo spoke as we reached the altar. Giving my hand to Iñigo, he took my hand with his and kissed it.

“I think I understand now.” I spoke to him “Why you’ve been sick every morning, and moody.”

I didn’t actually believed in old sayings but Iñigo was showing signs that should have been mine. Was it possible that the husbands carry the signs instead of the wives?

His eyes widened and his mouth stood agape. It flew on my flat belly before he broke out into a grin.

“You’re pregnant?”

“I am.”

“Fuck! Yes! We’re pregnant!” Iñigo jumped like a child and kissed me. Everyone congratulated us. “I fucking love you Ava Petrakis.”

“I love you too Iñigo Petrakis.” I spoke against his lips, grinning as he held me close in his arms and turned towards the altar.

Maybe life did fucked us up a bit. We may have faced challenges and scandals in life, but it lead us here, right here, in each other’s arms.

I loved Iñigo Petrakis when I was 15, and I will love him until the last moment of my life.

You’re mine Iñigo, and I can’t wait to spend my forever for you.

And that folks is how you seduce the billionaire Iñigo Petrakis.

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