The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 6: The Ex-Wife

Ava Marquez’s POV

Iñigo’s lips crashed with mine, demanding and imploring me for more. A soft gasp fell on my throat as millions of fireworks erupted in me. He kissed me fiercely, devouring me with his lips and tongue, sending me arching towards his, craving for his touch. He must have heard my thoughts for he trailed his lips down my throat and towards my chocolate covered breasts.

Humming in approval, my back arched off the sofa as he sucked on one nipple and flicked the other. He sucked, tweaked and bit, devouring every inch of my body. I was whimpering and gasping for breath as I fisted my hands on his hair.

“Time to eat my dessert.” Iñigo grinned as he settled between my thighs. Lowering my lust filled gaze towards his, a groan fell on my lips as he planted his tongue on my clit and sucked on it.

“God you’re sweet.” He whispered tickling me with his breath and stroke me with his fingers.
I bucked under his grip, lost in ecstasy as he licked, sucked and dominated my pussy.

I didn’t know which way was up or down for all I can do was feel at the amazing pleasure being given to me by Iñigo.

He continued playing my body until I could feel the pressure building up. Gripping the edge of the sofa, I whimpered and groaned, climbing the peak.

“Iñigo.” I whimpered

“Tell me what you want baby.” He groaned eating and sucking me “I want to hear it. Tell me what you want. You want me to make you cum? Make this sweet pussy drenched from all your juices?”

“Y-yes.” I sobbed, too strung up high to form any coherent words

“Say it.”

“Make me cum Iñigo.” I sobbed “Please make this naughty pussy cum.”

“Hell yeah.” Iñigo groaned in approval. Stroking my insides, he clamped on my clit and I screamed my release.

My heart was pounding and my throat was hoarse as I slowly gasped for breath and opened my eyes. Blinking them, I stared in awe at a pleased Iñigo.

“Damn that was hot.” He whispered. Crawling on top of him, I pulled the zipper of his pants. I’m not going to take a chance that he might change his mind. I’m going to get my dessert.

“It’s my time to eat my dessert.”

Iñigo Petrakis’s POV
Every reason on my head blew out of the window when Ava walked out of my bathroom wearing nothing but chocolate syrup on her body. Now she was kneeled before me, unbuckling my belt and shoving my slacks down.

I should push. I should. But I was weak. I wanted her just as much as she wanted me.
Gazing at me with her soulful eyes, I gulped as she coyly grinned and wrapped her hands on my dick. It jerked on her hands and I had to stifle a groan.

“I have a proposition.” She grinned at me blowing at the tip of my cock and licking it

Seriously? She wants to talk?

“If I can make you cum in 5 minutes, I’ll have your word that you’ll consider marriage with me.” She said stroking my cock.

“Has anyone ever told you that you are too bold and aggressive?”

“Many times.” She gave me a wan smile undeterred by my words “Now would you like to say yes for my proposition or I won’t get my dessert?”

“Make it 2.” I challenged her.

“3.” She rebutted tilting her chin up.

“Fine.” I agreed “It’s a deal.”

“It’s a deal then.” Her eyes gleamed.

Starting the clock on my phone, I thought of all the business proposals I shall be sending out when it was quickly obliterated with Ava’s mouth on my dick.

Holy fuck. I will not let her win.

Clutching the sides of the sofa, she swirled her tongue on the sensitive head and stroked the base of my cock with her hand. Wrapping her lips at the top, she took me in, making me buck against her throat.

Her moist wet heat enveloped me, reminding me of how good it was buried deep in her. Wait Iñigo. Focus. Focus. Breathing hard, I reined my pleasure in when I felt the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat.

Fuck. She did it again. Double fuck. Finding a rhythm, she deep throated me while I fisted the chair in my hands. Stopping from bucking my hips to each thrust of her mouth.

Ava bucked her head up and down sucking me from the tip until the base of my cock, enveloping me in her warm heat. She moaned sending a thousand bolts in my spine.

Groaning, I bucked my hips to meet hers, unable to control my movements. A pleased grin fell on her lips as she began to suck harder, teasing me with her fingers, and her tongue. Trailing it down, she lowered her hand to my balls and cupped my sac. I grunted. 1.5 minutes left.

Cupping her hand with the base of my cock, while the other cupping my balls, she began to stoke timing her movements with the sucking of her mouth. A tremor fell on my body as I tilted my head up at the pressure building in my body. I was close. So close.

My release coiled at the back of my head and my balls drew in, tightening at the release that was about to burst. I tried to rein it in. I have to rein it. Only 40 seconds left.

But she firmly stroked me and sucked me until my whole body tensed when I hit the back of her throat.

A million stars exploded in my eyes as I growled out the release shooting out of my cock. Seed after seed dribbled inside her mouth. But she continued to suck me, lapping every inch of my seed.

By the time I was able to catch my breath; I lay limped on my chair while she crawled on top of me and peppered me with kisses.

Slowly opening my eyes, a cheschire grin was on her face as she dangled my phone on her hand which has 2:40 in it.

“I just won Mr. Petrakis” she grinned kissing me on the lips where I can taste myself “Guess you’ll be seeing more of me in the coming weeks.”

Grinning, she grabbed her clothes, quickly changed and sauntered out of my office like she owns it. Leaving me with my slacks on my knees and the definitely satisfied look on my face.

What the fuck just happened?


Ava Marquez’s POV
The looks on everyone’s face as I walked out of Iñigo’s office was enough to cause a talk. I didn’t let it bother me because step 2 on seducing him went successfully. A grin was plastered on my face all the way to my office as I remembered the look of abandonment and ecstasy in Iñigo’s face.

The veins in his throat were about to pop and his eyes glimmered as he screamed out his release. And gosh his voice, the sound of his voice grunting and cumming was enough to earn a release from me too.

I giggled as he easily succumbed to my seduction. I was so lost in my head that I didn’t notice Emma staring down at me as I entered my office.

“You look like you’ve been fucked.” She tactlessly stated. I shushed her closing my door so no one can hear. “I was going to ask how it went but the look on your face was enough.”

I grinned at her as I sat on my desk and opened my laptop.

“It did.” I happily stated. “He is a very difficult man but I believe I can do it. I want him Ems. I really like him although he mostly broods and scowls at him.”

“You liked him since you were 15.” She sat across from me and slump her head on her arm. “I know I shouldn’t pressure you and I do know that you’re doing this because you like him and not because of this whole scandal, but you have to hurry. Some of our investors are considering of backing out.”

“Like who?” I asked her. Emma gave me a list.

“Hmm.” I thought to myself “I might just have the plan to get to their graces.”

Emma and I planned on how we can keep the company afloat. By the time 6pm rolled, we headed our ways. I didn’t want to come home yet. Addie wasn’t there since she stays at the University dorm and the thought of eating dinner alone didn’t seat well with me. So, I went to the local library.

Greeting Ms. Beth, the librarian, I grabbed my favorite book Remembrance by Jude Deveraux and chose the table at farthest corner.

I was giggling to myself as I read the book when I heard two people angrily whispering at the shelves at my back. Peaking at the two, I saw it was a male and a female arguing with the way they were wringing their hands.

Their voices were getting a bit loud and they could easily be kicked out of the library since only a few were in the area. I was the only one in the farthest corner. I didn’t want to be kicked out of this place just because of them. So, I started to stand up only to stop when I hear a familiar voice.

“I said enough Leanne.” Iñigo’s hard voice said “We’re over.”

“Iñigo please you don’t mean that.” the woman who was obviously Leanne pleaded. Oh my goodness. It was Leanne and Iñigo arguing at the shelves. What are they doing here? Together?

I sat back on my seat, pulled my book to hide my face and listened to them.

“I know you still love me Iñigo. No matter how hard you try I know you still do.”

“I said enough!” Iñigo angrily said. This shut her up. “You tricked me, stole money from my company and ran away with my father who is twice your age. Do you believe I would still love you? Would stand the sight of you, after everything you just did?”

“You are mine.” Leanne angrily snarled “Your heart is mine and will always be mine!”

“I am not yours!”

“Tsk tsk I know you’re only using that good for nothing whore, Ava Marquez, to hurt me back.”

Did that bitch just call me a good for nothing whore?

“Why would I do that? Who are you for me to take revenge on? You are not my wife nor do you hold my heart.” Iñigo haughtily replied. This must have stung Leanne because I saw her step back.

“Who is she then to you?” She angrily asked. “Your new whore to warm argh!”

I couldn’t stand hearing her insult me. Standing up, I marched behind her and gripped her perfectly styled hair with my hands. Iñigo’s eyes widened upon seeing me. Well mister you’re next after I’m done with your ex-wife who needs a lot of washing.

“Don’t you dare insult me again bitch or I’ll do worse than rip your hair off of your head.” I angrily snarled slamming her to the floor. Walking over to her, I grabbed Iñigo’s hand in mine and saucily grinned at her. “Who am I to him? Well I’m his fiancé and you are his worthless gold digging ex-wife who wanted shrivelling balls for dinner. So if you’ll excuse us, were off to get dinner and dessert where there’ll be likely hard bananas ripping a juicy fruit ”

I mentally cursed myself at the metaphor when I catched the amused grin on Iñigo’s lips.

Hard banana? Juicy fruit? He mouthed.

Hays Ava Marquez you are crazy.

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