The Mischievous Ava Petrakis

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Chapter 9: The Decision

Chapter 9

Inigo Petrakis’s POV
I gaped in shock at this information. I did not know that Rome was the COO. Shaking his hand, his eyes held a knowing look before I can see it further.

“What did I miss?” Rome asked seating beside us.

“We were talking about the company’s latest news.” Gregory said.

“Oh yes the board would like to know. But I can assure you Gregory that Iñigo and Ava are in a good relationship.”

“Yes we are. We are currently fixing the issue of our relationship.” I said.


“Oh hush now Gregory. You heard the boy.” Rome said helping me out. “His private life won’t affect the business. Besides you could have seen the two last night, they look just like Grace and I when we were young.”

I reigned in the cough on my throat. I am assuming they think Ava and I are in a relationship.

“Thank you Rome.” I sincerely said “Our company may be rumoured to be having financial difficulties but we have stretched our resources for it to continue operating. As to my private life I can assure you that it will not affect the standing of our company. Ava and I are good friends and it is an honour to be one for her. Now have we arrived at a decision to close the deal?”

Rome nodded urging Gregory as well. Once they have renewed the contract and Gregory left, I turned my attention to Rome.

“Thank you for helping me earlier.”

“Oh I wouldn’t have helped you if Ava didn’t let me meet you last night.” Rome honestly chuckled “Forgive me but I wasn’t a fan at first but I saw the way you looked at her while you were dancing, it was gold.”

I was dumbstruck at what he has said.

“There are many like Gregory you will face so I suggest you sort out your private life so it won’t affect your business.” Rome said patting me on the back and leaving me.

I nodded my thanks and watched the retreating form of Rome. Staring at the meal in front of me, I thought of my company and the meeting today. The news of me and Ava wasn’t supposed to be a scandalous affair. it only became highly publicized due to the consecutive scandals I faced in less than a year. I have to think of a plan to stomped down the news, and get enough money to run our business.

Rubbing my hands on my face, I dialled the only person whom I did not want to ever talk to.


“Hijo!” My mother brightly responded on the other side “Since you’re the first one to call me I assume you are accepting my help?”

“Yes.” I calmed myself down as I heard his new boy toy on the other line. If my father loves young women like Leanne, my mother loves young men. They are both sick but at least my mother’s help was genuine.

“Perfect! Come and meet me at my villa.” My mother said cheerfully.

“I prefer to discuss it on the phone.” I preferred. I do not wish to see any of his men.

“You are very difficult like your father Saul.” My mother muttered on the phone “Alright then. I’ll let you access your inheritance. But I have a few conditions.”

“Mother since when did you place conditions?”

“I am not getting younger hijo nor are you. I wish to see my grandbabies before I say goodbye. Hence, I have to do drastic measures!” I am starting to get worried at my mother’s ramblings “I can let you access around P2.0B from your inheritance once you find a bride.”

“What?” I stood up from my seat. My hands shaking as I listen to my mother ramble on.

“I prefer that Marquez girl, she seems to have fire just like me!” she cackled in the other line. I was starting to get a headache from this talk “Second, you can access half of it once you have a child with her and you will gain full access if you stay married for 5 years.”

“Mother are you playing games with me because this is not funny.” I irritably stated, flinging my hands in the air.

“Of course not hijo! I am very serious about this. This has already been stated in my last will and testament.” she arrogantly stated “Now I have to go, I have an appointment in an hour. Goodluck on your bride hunting, hijo! Make me proud!”

Ending the call I rained a thousand expletives in my mother tongue. Get married? Have kids? And play house for 5 years? What kind of craziness has my mother thought of? Is this the result of too much young men in her life?

Pinching the bridge of my nose, I stuffed a few thousand bills and stormed out of the restaurant. Getting inside my car, I was about to drive to the office when I saw a familiar face shivering and walking on the busy street. She was walking from side to side and pain filled her face.

Getting out of my car, I followed her until I was right infront of her.


Pain filled eyes met with mine. “Hey.” She weakly greeted before passing out in my arms. Holding her, I felt her body temperature which was extremely hot. Glancing at her stuff on the floor, I saw medicines littering. Fuck. She was sick.

Quickly, I drove to the nearest hospital. I looked like a mad man as I carry her inside, demanding to see a doctor. It wasn’t long until we were ushered in a private room and a doctor analyzed Ava’s situation.

“She’ll need rest, fruits and proper intake of medicine.” the doctor said jutting down on his notebook “I suggest to lessen the stress for her to recuperate faster. I’ll come back to check on her again tomorrow.”

“Thank you doc.” I shook his hand.

“Anytime Mr. Petrakis ” he replied as I lead him to the door. Turning towards the pale and weak form of Ava, I chose to seat next to her bed and cradled her hand with mine.

Such strong and fierce woman hiding her problems from me. I knew this must be from walking in the rain last night and from the stress of the news in the past few weeks. She should have told me. I would have helped her. Yes, I would help her. I will make everything right.

Slumping on my seat, I stared at her form and closed my eyes. Once she is up and running we will discuss about her proposal. But first I have to ask for her younger sister’s approval.

Ava Marquez’s POV

“Why didn’t you tell me you were sick? I would have flown back you idiot!” Addie furiously glared at me through the phone. It’s been 2 days since I was admitted from the hospital and 2 days of Iñigo being my personal nurse. I would have been embarrassed at my dishevelled state but with Iñigo jumping at my side with nearly a groan from me, it was heaven. Having the man of your dreams care for you was absolute bliss.

Now I’m at my apartment getting ready to work when my sister called from the other side of the globe giving me a lecture on how I didn’t tell her I was sick.

Of course I didn’t tell her. I was sick and I had a sexy man take care of me. What more could I ask for?

“Hello? Earth to Ava?” my sister waved at the screen as she caught me grinning to myself. She sighed “You’re thinking of him again.”

“I can’t help it sis! He was so cute panicking when he was taking care of me.” I gushed. “I do hope he would accept my proposal. That stubborn man doesn’t see that were perfect for each other!”

Suddenly, I saw a text message from him.

“Wait he texted me!” my eyes were twinkling

“What does it say?” Addie asked as she peered at the screen

“It says meet me at Rome and Grace’s restaurant, I would like to discuss your proposal.” I squealed as I read the last part “Omg Addie I have to go!”

Not waiting for my sister, I ended the call, grabbed my bag and literally flew to Rome and Grace’s restaurant.

That straight-laced Spaniard has finally cracked and I would be crazy to say that whatever his question maybe it will be answered by a resounding YES.

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