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From Luna to Alpha

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Charlie had a completely normal life until her the day before her birthday where she finds out that she is in fact a werewolf. She was already struggling to make it through school but now the Alpha who has been her best friend since childhood has claimed her as her mate. Though hidden secrets in Charlies family make it more difficult for these two to join as mates. Can they move past their families rivalry or will they be doomed from the start?

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Charlie hated the sound of her own alarm but today was worse than others. She had a terrible migraine and the sound of her alarm was amplified. She turned the alarm off and laid in her bed with the blanket pulled over her head. She hated school, not that she was bad at it, she was quite good and was a straight-A student. What she hated was everyone else in the school. She went to a prep school full of rich snobs that rather be good at sports than use their brains.

She got dressed and went down to see her parents making her breakfast in the kitchen.

“Good morning sweetheart how is your head?” her father asked her.

“Still hurts are you sure we can’t go back to the doctor?” she begged.

“You heard the doctor, it will go away in a few days. Your birthday is right around the corner I’m sure it will clear up then,” her mother answered.

“I don’t see how my birthday is supposed to help,” Charlie complained.

“Everyone feels better on their birthday,” her father kissed her head. That might be true for most, but Charlie didn’t particularly care for her birthday. Every year her parents would throw a huge celebration and only a couple of kids from school would come. It reminded Charlie how much everyone hated her at that school. Though there was one person who always showed up no matter what anyone thought.

A knock at the door pulled Charlie out of her thoughts and she almost jumped out of her chair in excitement.

“Don’t,” her father growled. “You need to finish your breakfast I’ll get it.” Charlie knew exactly who it was. The only person she could personally stand at school but for whatever reason her parents did not share the same feelings. Her father opened the door and Charlie immediately smiled. She always looked so perfect with her long brown hair and emerald eyes that caught the sun just right.

“Good morning Isabella,” her father greeted her.

“Good morning, sir. I hope I’m not interrupting but I have early practice and wanted to see if Charlie was ready,” she politely addressed Charlie’s father.

“Well, she’s still eating so…” Charlie’s father started.

“No, I’m done!” Charlie interrupted him, running to the door. Isabella smiled as soon as she saw Charlie. She could swear that smile was only for her and that was fine, Charlie wanted to keep it all to herself.

“Good morning,” Isabella couldn’t stop smiling.

“Good morning,” Charlie blushed.

Her father cleared his throat, which sounded more like a growl, that broke their gaze.

“Well we’re off then,” Charlie kissed her dad on the cheek and left with Isabella.

“Your dad hates me,” Isabella pouted.

“He doesn’t hate you. You’re invited by them every year to my birthday party. They wouldn’t do that if they hate you,” Charlie explained.

“I think that’s because they invite the whole school,” Isabella continued to pout.

“You’re the only friend I have, and the rest of the school hates me. It’s natural for him to be suspicious. He’s just overprotective,” Charlie finished explaining.

“Once upon a time no one liked me either,” Isabella pointed out.

“Yeah I know then your parents came into that new business and now you’re everyone’s favorite,” Charlie complained.

“Hey,” Isabella nudged shoulders with her. “I never forgot my one true friend.”

“True,” Charlie smiled but hated the word friend. She wanted so much more with Isabella, but she was already taken by a cheerleader that Charlie hated the most, Samantha.

Once at school they went their separate ways. Charlie hated this part, but Isabella was the school’s star athlete and Charlie was nothing but the school’s nerd. Charlie watched in pain as Isabella ran up to Samantha on the field and gave her a good morning kiss. She pulled herself away and went towards the library. Charlie never did her homework at home, thanks to Isabella always having early practice she had plenty of time to do it in the morning.

After about 30 mins Charlie was surprised to see Samantha walk in and head right towards the table she was sitting at. Once she reached her table, she took a seat next to her and just looked at her for a while.

“It’s funny Charlie, I thought I told you last week to stay away from my girlfriend,” Samantha spoke in a quiet tone.

“We’re neighb…” Charlie tried to speak but her face was slammed into the desk. Her lip was busted and Samantha handed her a Kleenex.

“Clean yourself up before a teacher comes,” Samantha warned her. “I don’t like acting this way, but I will not hesitate to kill you, Charlie”

She walked out of the library and left Charlie with a busted lip. This was usually between them, Samantha was controlling and jealous of their friendship. Each week she busted something else on Charlie and gave her the same threat to stay away from her girlfriend. Though Charlie never cared, there was only one thing that brought her joy in this stupid town and she wasn’t about to let it go.

Charlie began cleaning her lip up in the girl’s bathroom and on cue Isabella walked in to catch her. She ran towards her grabbing her face to examine her lip. Isabella’s touch felt like pure fire to Charlie and she wanted nothing more to be burned by her. Isabella ran her finger against her lip causing Charlie to wince in pain breaking their touch.

“Who did this?” Isabella snapped.

“No one. You know how clumsy I am, I just dropped my phone on my face it happens,” she tried to cover the truth.

“Don’t lie to me, Charlie. This happens too often, just tell me who’s doing this to you,” Isabella growled.

“So what? You can find them and do what exactly? Something to get you expelled or kicked off the team? Then everyone will just blame me and things will only get worse,” Charlie snapped back.

“Why won’t you just trust me? I can protect you if you let me,” Isabella continued to argue.

“I don’t need your protection,” Charlie glared at her. If she knew it was Samantha, she would just break up with her and maybe Samantha really would kill her.

“Fine be stubborn,” Isabella screamed at her and slammed the door as she left. Charlie chased after her but only to see her storm past Samantha shrugging her off as she reached for her. Samantha turned towards Charlie and gave her a warning glare before chasing after Isabella.

She sat all day in class worrying if she had gone too far with Isabella. They always had these fights, but today it just seemed worse. She was surprised to see Isabella waiting for her after school in their usual spot to walk home together. She slowly approached her and Isabella gave her a weak smile.

“Look I’m sorry I lost my cool. I just hate someone is doing that to you. Will you forgive me?” Isabella begged.

“Of course,” Charlie answered happily that the fight didn’t push her away.

They walked quietly back home, and it felt like Isabella was walking more closely to her than she was before. Which of course just made Charlie’s heart feel like it was about to jump out of her chest. Then suddenly her migraine came back, causing her to hunch over in pain.

“Are you okay? Is it your head again?” Isabella panicked.

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I just need to get home,” Charlie explained. Without hesitation, Isabella lifted Charlie in her arms to carry her.

“What are you doing?” Charlie began to flip out.

“Just let me do this. We’ll get home faster this way if we don’t have to stop when your head hurts,” Isabella began to walk. Charlie didn’t dare argue, not after their fight this morning. She placed her head on Isabella’s chest and inhaled her smell. She always smelled like lavender and wood, which was the best smell in the world to Charlie. She felt herself relax in Isabella’s arms and honestly didn’t care about anything else.

About a block from their houses Isabella put Charlie back down. “I don’t want your dad to see,” Isabella blushed.

“You’re really afraid of him,” giggled Charlie.

“I just don’t want him to hate me anymore. He’ll probably accuse me of being the one who busted your lip,” Isabella pointed out.

“Well I’ll make sure he knows it wasn’t you, so don’t worry,” Charlie reassured her. They stopped in front of Charlie’s house and Isabella gave her one of those “only for her” smiles.

“Here’s your stop. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“You’re coming to my birthday party, right?” Charlie checked to be sure their argument didn’t ruin anything.

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss it for anything,” she told her as she walked towards her own house, waving goodbye. Charlie couldn’t wait until Saturday when she could have Isabella all to herself outside of school.

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