From Luna to Alpha

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Chapter 2

The next day Charlie woke up with her entire body feeling like it was on fire. She screamed in pain causing her parents to burst into the room. She thrashed her body around when she heard her father scream, “CALL THE DOCTOR SHE NEEDS A SEDATIVE.” Her mother ran out of sight and downstairs. Charlie blacked out from the pain and was woken up by Isabella and her father screaming.

“She should be with me, not sedated,” Isabella screamed at him.

“She’ll go nowhere near you. Doc should have never called you!” Growled her father.

“You’re no longer alpha. She is mine and you need to trust me,” she pushed Charlie’s father. They began to fight resulting in Isabella slamming Charlie’s father into the wall.

“Don’t test me. We both know who would win,” she warned him. Charlie reached out despite the pain her body was in. She couldn’t speak but she had to stop them from fighting. She screamed Isabella’s name in her head and almost as if she could hear her, she turned around. Those emerald eyes filled with such sadness. She instantly ran to her side holding onto Charlie's hand. She pushed back Charlie’s bangs which clung to the sweat on her face.

“Listen I can’t stay but at midnight come find me okay? I’ll wait for you. This is almost over and we’ll be together soon,” she kissed her forehead.

Isabella walked out of the room but stopped at Charlie’s parents. “I didn’t choose this. It was destiny and you will not keep us apart.”

When Charlie woke back up, she noticed Doc standing in the room with a needle.

“Are you sure? This goes against the alpha’s orders,” Doc asked her father.

“She is not a true alpha. Now do it.” Her father snapped. Charlie watched as the needle grabbed her arm then a voice deep within her growled. She felt her body jerk as she grabbed the doctor’s arm crushing it in her hand. Her bones began to break all inside her and the fire intensified. Her body shot through her bedroom window the sound of glass breaking filled the air as she landed on the ground. She screamed in pain as her bones continued to break. Then it all stopped, a silence overcame her then all at once all her senses became aware of everything. Though one thing stood out the most: a smell, then the voice in her head came back “Mate” it growled throughout her body.

She began running on all fours towards the smell, the voice screaming mate the entire time. Charlie felt excited as she ran through the trees causing her to run faster until she came face to face with a silver wolf with emerald eyes.

“Isabella?” she tried to speak but only managed to whimper. The wolf walked towards in excitement and began to jump all around.

“I thought you might not come,” Isabella’s voice rang through Charlie’s head.

“You’re a wolf,” Charlie looked at her curiously.

“So are you,” Isabella laughed.

“What are you talking about? Am I dreaming? It feels like a dream,” Charlie looked around.

“Follow me,” Isabella lead the way. She took them to a river nearby and instructed Charlie to look at her reflection. When Charlie leaned over, she noticed a black wolf with orange-tipped ears looking back at her. She jumped back only to noticed she made a loud thud when she hit the ground which caused her to look down and notice that her hands were orange-tipped paws.

“This is a dream,” Charlie told herself.

“It’s not a dream you’re a werewolf,” Isabella corrected her.

“You can hear my thoughts?” Charlie began to panic. Knowing that she had been hiding her feelings about Isabella.

“I’ve been waiting for you to transform for so long, my Luna,” Isabella nudged her face against her.

“Luna?” Charlie stepped back blushing.

“An alpha’s mate is called Luna,” Isabella explained.

“I heard you talking to dad about him not being an alpha anymore,” Charlie tried to recall their conversation back in her room, but it was all a blur.

“There’s a lot to talk about. Let’s go to my place,” Isabella told her.

“We can’t, my dad,” Charlie sounded worried.

“No, not my parents’ house. My pack’s house, it’s not far from here,” Isabella nudged her head in a direction. The walk was playful and honestly the most wonderful thing. Isabella made sure she was always right up against Charlie and she loved every second of it. They continued to walk in the middle of the woods until the smell of meat filled the air. Out of instinct Charlie ran full force towards the smell and found herself in front of a mansion in the middle of the woods.

“You’ll have to transform back before we can go in,” Isabella told Charlie and was now in her human form, completely naked. Charlie immediately turned her head and blushed trying not to look but she found it difficult. Isabella was beyond fit due to all the sports training she received past the 18 years of her life. Charlie had only dreamed of seeing the rest of her and she did not disappoint.

“I don’t know-how,” Charlie tried to explain but stuttered.

“Just relax your mind and only think about your human form and you’ll transform back,” Isabella explained. Charlie took a deep breath and thought about looking at herself in a mirror. She began to feel her bones shift again; this time not as painful. It took her about 20 minutes, but she was finally back in her human form.

“Did I do it?” she struggled to breathe.

“Yes, your back,” Isabella told her as she put a cloak around her shoulders making Charlie aware that she was naked. She quickly gripped the cloak tightly around her body.

“I can’t believe she just saw me naked,” Charlie thought to herself.

“Well you saw me naked first and honestly it will happen again so don’t worry about it,” Isabella answered her.

“I almost forgot you could read my mind,” Charlie blushed.

Isabella stepped toward her and pulled Charlie into her arms then whispered, “I know this is new to you, but I’ve been waiting years for you and I can’t hold back another second.”

Then in one swift motion, she kissed Charlie. The wolf inside her screamed, “More give me more.”

Charlie pulled herself under Isabella’s cloak, their naked bodies touching for the first time. Charlie’s hands began to run over every inch of her alpha’s body. Though as soon as it began it ended when a pack of howls came from the house pulling them apart. A whole group of people stood on the front steps of the mansion cheering for them. Charlie blushed and tried to hide behind Isabella and gripped her cloak back close.

“Ready to meet the pack?” Isabella grabbed Charlie’s hand.

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