From Luna to Alpha

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Chapter 3

The packhouse seemed more like a frat house than a home. It was full of jocks who were all drinking and trying to out prove each other. Isabella swore to Charlie that it's not always like this that they were celebrating her transformation. Though the biggest surprise in the entire packhouse was Samantha who was keeping her distance from Isabella. Samantha spent most of the night glaring at Charlie which would have bothered her more if it wasn’t for Isabella’s hand on her hip the entire night. Her hand was like an anchor keeping her under control despite Samantha constantly pissing her off. Though despite it being a party Charlie didn’t feel like she belonged.

“I can take you to our room” Isabella spoke inside of Charlie's head.

“I really need to remember that you can read my mind” Charlie admitted.

“You’ll get used to it” Isabella smiled “Now let's get you out of here I know you have questions” she grabbed Charlie's hand pulling her upstairs into a room that looked like it was made for a king. Isabella laid down on the bed and patted the spot beside her. Charlie's heart began pumping out of control as she took each step near the bed. When she finally laid down, she looked toward Isabella who gave her that one of a kind smile.

“Which question do you want me to answer first?” she asked Charlie.

“Can you explain the mind-reading first” Charlie answered.

“It’s called the pack link, when you transform into your wolf form you’ll be able to hear everyone’s thoughts helps us work better as a team. You can read mine outside of wolf form because were mates so no one else can hear it then” Isabella explained.

“Mate. I keep hearing a voice say that in my head every time I see you” Charlie acknowledged.

“That’s your wolf, she gets more vocal as you go on, but you can never lose control of your wolf. If you lose control shell take over and you’ll go wild.”

“What happens when you go wild,” asked Charlie.

“You never change back. You lose what makes you human and eventually go on a rampage. Wolves are not meant to be alone, once you go wild you disconnect from the pack. It makes you go insane I had to kill one last year it was horrible, to be honest. They were something worse than an animal and their eyes were like they had lost their soul.” Isabella stared off into space as she explained.

Charlie reached over and held Isabella’s cheek in her hand. She watched as her eyes sparkled in excitement before she pulled Charlie on top of her to kiss. Charlie could never get enough of kissing Isabella she was pure fire on her lips. She began to pin Isabella to the bed who began to struggle trying to gain dominance. As if she was in a trance Charlie felt drawn to Isabella’s neck causing her to struggle more beneath her. “Don’t” snapped Isabella beneath Charlie. Though all Charlie could hear was her wolf inside her head saying, “Bite her.” Then just as Charlie was going to bite her the bedroom door slammed open causing Charlie to snap back to reality.

Standing in the doorway was Charlie's father being held back by four other wolves. His wolf eyes were a piercing green and were breathing uncontrollably from anger. “Your coming home” his voice boomed through the house. Charlie instantly jumped off of Isabella and had her back against the wall.

“She’s my Luna and she’s going nowhere” Jumped up Isabella.

“Oh really because that’s not what it looked like to me, my so-called Alpha” grinned Charlie's father “To me, it looked like she was about to mark you”

“Well, you would be wrong because as we all know only an alpha can do that” growled Isabella. This made Charlie's father laugh which made Charlie feel like there was a joke she didn’t get.

“You’re not the true alpha and ill prove it soon enough. Charlie your mother is worried please come home and let's talk” his toned softened as he addressed his daughter. Charlie began to walk towards her father when she was stopped by Isabella grabbing her hand.

“You don’t have to go. You belong here with me and my pack” Isabella pleaded.

“I'll be back I promise but I need to go back with him. I have questions that only they can answer” Charlie explained and walked toward her father. He instantly wrapped his arms around her and whispered, “I’m so proud of you pup.” They turned to face the pack that had crowded on the stairs ready to defend their alpha.

“Move” growled Charlie’s father but had no effect on the pack.

“Please” Charlie added and the pack slowly made room for them to head down the stairs and out of the house.

Once down to the yard Charlie's father transformed into his wolf form which was a rather large red wolf. He nudged his head to signify that Charlie that she needed to transform too. She wasn’t sure but figured if she had to think human to transform earlier than it had to be the opposite this time. She began transforming back into her wolf and noticed it wasn’t as painful this time.

“It gets easier every time. Pretty soon you won't have to think about it” her father's voice ran through her head.

“You should have told me when I got sick” snapped Charlie.

“I know we'll talk about it later but for now we need to get home to your mother” he reassured her.

As they began running through the woods Isabella's voice appeared in her head “I don’t want to be away from you”

“Come back to my house later tonight I’ll let you in through the window” Charlie answered. Excited Isabellas how filled the woods and soon the rest of the pack followed. Charlie stopped in her tracks and was tempted to go back but her father nudged his head against hers.

“There will be plenty of time to bond with the pack but for now you need to come home” he insisted. Reluctantly Charlie followed her father and ignored the pain in her chest of wanting to be with the pack.

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