From Luna to Alpha

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chapter 4

Her mother was waiting for them at home she instantly wrapped her in a hug. “I was so worried about you where did you go”

“To her pack like a true alpha,” her father boasted.

“But I'm not the alpha Isabella is” she looked at her father confused.

“Follow me” he ordered. He led her down to the basement which had always been locked. What she thought was a workshop was actually a room filled with statues, maps, and books about werewolves.

“What is this?” Isabella asked.

“Our family history. Everything about our lineage can be found in this room” he then handed her a book. She flipped through the pages looking at photos of her grandparents and their grandparents. As far as the book went back there was one thing listed in red letters under their photo “Alpha”.

“They were all Alphas?” asked Charlie.

“Yes, as far as these books go back our family has lead this pack and it will continue with you” her father instructed.

“I told you Isabella is the Alpha” glared Charlie.

“For now she is but I saw what was happening when I walked in that room. You were going to mark her” her father insisted.

“I don’t know what you mean” blushed Charlie.

“In our world when we find our mate the dominant one marks the submissive with a bite. I know your wolf was telling you to mark her” he explained.

Charlie stayed quiet thinking about everything she felt when she was lying on top of Isabella and knew her father was right that she wanted more than anything to bite Isabella. Which confused her even more knowing that Isabella was already declared Alpha.

“But Isabella…” began Charlie again.

“I know she’s your mate but you’re the true Alpha and we must challenge her” her father placed his hands on her shoulders “Its what's best for the pack”

“No iv seen it they love Isabella” Charlie pulled away from her father.

“Only because they haven’t seen what an alpha you could be. Please spend some time with the pack and think about this. We can begin training whenever you want” her father finished their discussion and walked upstairs.

Charlie was left alone in the room and decided to use the opportunity to really look through all the items in the massive room. She spent hours flipping through books about werewolves and reading journals of the Alphas before. She eventually fell asleep reading through her father's journal which ended with him angry that Isabella became the next Alpha. She began dreaming of Isabella running through the woods than sitting outside her window. After a minute of watching her, she realized it wasn’t a dream and woke herself up. She quietly crept up the stairs not wanting to wake her parents knowing how her father felt about Isabella.

Once she reached her window she watched has Isabella smiled at the sight of her. She would do anything for that smile even if it meant letting her father down. Before Isabella finished climbing through the window she instantly kissed Charlie. It was warm and passionate leaving Charlie breathless. Every night she dreamed of having Isabella like this and now it was finally real. Charlie pulled away first and placed her forehead against Isabella’s and just breathe in her scent.

“So you're father hates me right” Isabella broke the silence.

“I guess you were right but he does recognize you as my mate” Charlie led her to the bed.

“Well, that’s some good news” Isabella shrugged. Isabella laid on the bed first and held her arms open for Charlie to lay on her chest. Everything felt so perfect like Charlie had been missing out on this huge piece of life until now.

“Did he show you the Alpha room?” Isabella asked.

“He did its incredible. That’s what took me so long I was catching up on my werewolf 101” Charlie laughed.

“It used to be in the packhouse until” Isabella trailed off.

“Until you became alpha?” Charlie looked up at her.

“Yeah. The way it should go is only alphas are allowed to read the history but your father said since it was his family history that it would go with him” Isabella explained.

Charlie thought about what her father said and how he wanted her to challenge Isabella for the right of alpha. The idea seemed impossible everything felt perfect at this moment and she wouldn’t do anything to ruin it. Though she couldn’t help the urge from her wolf that kept drawing her to Isabella’s neck she wondered if Isabella had the same urge.

“Isabella do you want to mark me” Charlie mustered the courage to ask?

“W-what” Isabella panicked.

“My father told me about marking your mate and I was just wondering..” Charlie explained.

“Of course I do but well it's very sexual and I'm okay with waiting” Isabella didn’t make eye contact.

“Sexual?” Charlie blushed so hard her face went red.

“Well yeah marking your mate makes them go in heat and you know. It’s the joining of two souls becoming one” Isabella explained.

“Oh, sounds beautiful” Charlie closed her eyes and imagined her soul becoming one with Isabella’s.

“Everyone I know who has done it. Are like in perfect synchronization with each other. Like your dad before I became alpha I used to watch him cook for your mother and it was exactly what she was craving every time. I always wanted that with someone” Isabella admitted.

“Well have that wont we?” Charlie asked her.

“Of course we will but like I said there's no rush. There's a lot you still need to learn about your wolf first” Isabella told Charlie.

“Can we stay with the pack tomorrow?” Charlie asked.

“Of course if your father lets you” laughed Isabella.

“I'll convince him” Charlie smiled.

She pulled Isabella closer as she engulfed herself in her scent. She slowly drifted off thinking about her new future with her and the pack. She was excited to have a whole new life and couldn’t wait for morning to come.

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