From Luna to Alpha

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Chapter 5

Charlie woke up curled in Isabella’s arms and didn’t dare to move an inch. It's hard to imagine that in a single night everything she ever wanted was coming true. Though to her disappointment, a knock on the door ruined her sweet moment.

“Sweetheart why don’t you and your guest come down for breakfast” her mother's voice spoke softly through the door.

“Thank you ma’am” Isabella responded as she stretched her arms. She pulled lifted Charlie's chin so she could kiss her good morning.

“Hi” blushed Charlie.

“Good morning. We should get going before your father gets too angry” Isabella told her.

“How did they know?” Charlie asked.

“Well considering your mother is human it’s a good guess that your father smelt me” Isabella laughed.

“I guess there’s no way to hide you huh” Charlie began changing her clothes. Isabella walked behind her and pulled her body into hers.

“Oh I don’t plan on hiding” she growled in Charlie's ear and ran her hands over her bare skin. Charlie was frozen in pure delight goosebumps appearing wherever Isabella touched.

“W-we should really go” stuttered Charlie as she handed Isabella some of her clothes.

As they walked down the stairs Charlie noticed her father trying to keep himself busy in a newspaper not wanting to make eye contact. Charlie's mother was busy making her usual birthday breakfast but she couldn’t help but notice this time there was a lot more food than normal. Though the smell of the food alone sent Charlie’s stomach gurgling and she realized she was starving. She sat down and instantly began piling food on a plate. She began instantly cramming the food in her mouth as if it was nothing. Her father laughed as he looked up from his paper watching his daughter's new appetite take over.

“You need to slow down or you’ll make yourself sick” Charlie’s mother explained. She stopped shoving food down when she realized how much she actually ate and how embarrassing it looked.

“It's your wolf. Youll be eating a lot more now” Isabella smiled.

“Its an alpha’s appetite” growled Charlie's dad glaring at Isabella.

“Not today you two” Charlie's mother interrupted. Charlie watched as her father went back to his paper and Isabella played with her food obviously angry.

“So I was wondering is it okay if we have my party at the packhouse?” Charlie bravely asked.

Charlies father sighed and put his newspaper down to give her his full attention.

“We figured as much. Plus what’s important right now is that you bond with the pack. Your mother and I will let everyone know to show up at the packhouse” he told her.

Charlie looked at Isabella whos green eyes shined brightly in excitement.

“See I told you,” thought Charlie.

“Only because bonding with the pack makes your wolf stronger. Getting you to spend the night is the challenge” Isabella thought back.

“I'll talk to them later don’t worry” Charlie reached for Isabella’s hand under the table.

Isabella left to make preparations for the party Charlie's father insisted she stay back so he could teach her more about being a werewolf. He explained to her that the pack bond was the greatest weapon to the Alpha. The closer the bond to the pack the more power an Alpha received.

“The pack is strong but it isn’t what it used to be that’s how I know you’re the true alpha” Charlie's father explained.

“I won't go against her shes my mate” Charlie argued.

“You won't have a choice pretty soon your alpha blood will kick in and take over. When that starts happening well start your training.” Her father insisted.

Charlie hated how persistent he was about her becoming an alpha everything was perfect the way it was and nothing would ruin it for her.

“I don’t want to talk about this today” Charlie pouted.

“I understand. I'll drop the subject today but whenever your ready ill be here” her father kissed her forehead.

“I do have a birthday request” Charlie decided now was the best time to ask.

“You want to stay at the packhouse” sighed Charlie's father.

“How did you know?” Charlie looked at him confused.

“Because I wanted the same thing when I first turned. The pull of the pack is strong and its only natural you want to move out of the house” her father sighed.

“Wait I don’t want to move I just want to stay tonight,” Charlie told him.

“I see well if that’s the case only under one condition. That you don’t allow Isabella to mark you tonight” her father gave her a stern look.

“What!” Charlie turned red from embarrassment “We weren’t even thinking about that!”

“Well I just wanted to make sure” Charlie's father didn’t make eye contact.

“So it's okay then?” Charlie asked for confirmation.

“Yes you can stay the night but we're still coming to the party” he informed her. Charlie hugged her father in excitement and instantly called our to Isabella in their mind link.

“I CAN STAY” she screamed.

“What no way how did you manage that?” Isabella asked.

“He said he understood the call of the pack and we made a deal” Charlie explained.

“What deal?” Isabella asked.

“That you wouldn’t mark me” Charlie informed her as she made her way back to her bedroom

“Geez that’s embarrassing” Isabella blushed.

“I know I thought I was going to die when he mentioned it but I’m just happy I can stay the night,” she said as she packed a bag for the packhouse.

“Me too I just sent some of the guys out to get all your favorite snacks. They’re so excited to run with you.” Isabella told her.

“Were running tonight?” asked Charlie.

“Oh yeah, its tradition that you run with the pack on your birthday. Well even go hunting together its so much fun” Isabella explained.

“But iv never hunted before” Charlie pouted on her bed.

“Don’t worry your wolf instinct will kick in. I’m sure you’ll be great at it you’re already picking up on everything so fast” Isabella reassured her.

Charlie laid on her bed and closed her eyes imagining running in the woods with the pack hunting. She couldn’t help but feel her wolf get excited and knew that Isabella was right she would love her birthday tonight.

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