From Luna to Alpha

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Chapter 6

You could hear the packhouse before you saw it. The pack was excited about the party and even though Charlie had just arrived it was obvious the party had already started. Isabella ran out to greet Charlie and her parents.

“Welcome back” Isabella grinned “The pack is excited to see you”

“Obviously” her father mumbled. Isabella held out her hand for Charlie to hold and intertwined their fingers. She led Charlie into the house and the whole pack stopped and gave Charlie their full attention.

“Happy birthday Luna” a curly brown head boy walked up to her.

“Charlie this is Ethan my beta” Isabella introduced them.

“Sorry we started the party without you the pack is excited to have a Luna” Ethan explained.

“It's okay I'm excited to meet them too” Charlie smiled. Isabella tugged on her hand leading her into the main room. The pack instantly swarmed on Charlie making her push against Isabella to protect her. Isabella wrapped her arm around her waist and told the pack “Alright you guys one at a time you'll scare her away”

“Are you going to live with us” one of the guys asked.

“Um I will stay tonight” Charlie answered through her shyness. The pack erupted in joy shoving and smiling at each other.

“Come with me I have something to show you,” Isabella told her over there cheering. She led Isabella back up to her room and just thinking about what happened here last night made her blush. She would never get used to how much Isabella made her blush.

When the door closed Isabella pulled Charlie in her arms and kissed her. Charlie pulled Isabella so she was tighter in her arms. She was no longer shy to kiss her and wanted every second of it to last forever. Isabella laughed during the kiss and pulled away.

“Calm it down well have plenty of time tonight” she winked at her.

“I thought that’s why you brought me up here” pouted Charlie.

“I brought you up here to show you your birthday present” grinned Isabella.

She went to the closet and pulled a neatly wrapped box from a shelf. She handed it to Charlie who looked up at Isabella excited. She loved every present that Isabella had given her but she had a feeling that this one was special. She carefully pulled the ribbon off and opened the box to find the most beautiful black cloak with blue and gold symbols. Charlie ran her hands against the symbols and recognized some of them in a book she read in their family room.

“Iv seen these before” Charlie spoke in a quiet voice.

“It’s the language of the wolves. Our ancestors left it to us and now the language is passed down to every pack” Isabella explained. Charlie rubbed her hand over the biggest symbol on the robe and watched as the symbol transferred into a single word.

“Wildwood” Charlie whispered knowing that was Isabella’s last name.

“Iv waited so long for you. I can't wait another second. I want you as my mate for life” Isabella said as she got down on one knee and opened a small box with a ring inside. “Will you marry me?”

Everything happened so fast that all Charlie could do was cry not from sadness but pure joy. She fell to her knees in front of Isabella and saw the concern written on her face. Unable to speak she shook her head yes. Isabella wrapped her arms around her and whispered in her ear.

“You scared me for a second”

“I'm sorry, I'm just so happy this is all like a dream come true” Charlie spoke through her sobs.

“I thought maybe it was too soon but I honestly couldn’t wait” Isabella confessed.

“My parents!” Charlie looked shocked.

“Don’t worry. Iv talked to your dad you were right he hates me as an alpha but respects me as a mate” Isabella grinned.

“He knows?” Charlie gasped.

“Yeah, I had to ask him. Your mother was a big help, to be honest” Isabella ran her hand through her hair.

“This can't be real,” Charlie said in disbelief.

“It is” Isabella reached to cup her face with her hand “Trust me I know the feeling. I felt like I had to hide everything until you changed. I wanted so badly to hold and kiss you”

“Why didn’t you,” Charlie asked.

“Your father was strict. He wanted to be the one to tell you but only if you didn’t change. Me being the new alpha didn’t help he wanted me to keep my distance, he's the reason I started dating Samantha. I thought maybe he'd go easier on me if I kept my distance. Boy was I wrong” Isabella sighed.

“so you don’t like her at all?” Charlie asked.

“Of course not. She's part of the pack and suggested the idea to help me out” Isabella told Charlie.

“She wasn’t helping you” screamed Charlie her wolf eyes flashing in anger her voice deepened to a growl “She wanted you for herself and made sure I knew it every day”

“What are you talking about” Isabella panicked but it was too late. Charlie began shifting into her wolf out of anger and broke down the door to the room. She jumped the stairs in one swift motion and searched the room for Samantha. When she found her she immediately snarled and snapped at Samantha who was cowering in fear behind other members of the pack. Isabella ran down the stairs and jumped in between them.

“What's wrong?” Isabella asked in the pack link.

“Tell her” Charlie screamed in the link allowing all of the pack to hear.

“Tell her what” Charlie's father stepped forward fists clenched. The members of the pack who were protecting her had now stepped out of the way glaring at her. Isabella walked through the pack and picked up Samantha by her shirt then slammed her against the wall.

“What did you do” Isabella growled.

“She can't be your mate. You told me you didn’t have the urge to mark her. I knew it wasn’t meant to be so I made sure she knew it too” Samantha snapped.

“You know nothing” screamed Isabella as she threw Samantha towards Charlie. She slammed her down with her paws and snapped her teeth in front of her face.

“This is for all the times you hit me,” Charlie told her then used her claws to scratch the side of her face. Samantha screamed out in pain and reached for her bloody face. Charlie hopped off her and began changing back as she made her way to Isabella. One of the pack members appeared with her robe and Isabella wrapped it around Charlie with pride.

“From this point on Samantha is banned from the pack for knowingly harming our Luna” Isabella declared.

Two packed members appeared and dragged Samantha away. Isabella held Charlie in her arms and whispered “I'm sorry”

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