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Dr Wrights Mr Right

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Dr Laura Wright moved to Montana to start a fresh. After her husband or ex husband cheated on her she just wanted to start over in a new place. Concentrate on herself and her career. That all goes south though when the ex husband appears trying to win her back and Tank the Vice President of the Devils Dare MC sets his sights on her as well. Who will win her heart in the end.

Romance / Erotica
Kate Donaldson
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I look up at the new apartment I bought, after I got my transfer papers through for starting my new job, i at the hospital here in town. This is my new start, I think to myself as I sigh and grab a box from the back of my jeep. I won’t allow myself to think about everything I left behind in Washington. My friends, family, husband... or I should say soon to be ex husband.

Getting into my apartment on the 5th floor and dumping the heavy box on the kitchen island I look around. It’s a new modern build, with an open plan kitchen living area. Two bedrooms at the back with a shared bathroom. It’s small but plenty of space for just myself. It won’t take long to make this feel like my home. My favourite bit about this apartment is the huge balcony that leads off the living area. I can’t wait to have my morning coffee sitting out there looking out over the town.

I hear a toot before I can do anymore looking around and look down over the glass balcony to see the removal van pulling up. I didn’t have much to move from Washington but I wanted to bring the few bits I did have. No way was I leaving them for him to get rid of. I smile and wave at my sister who’s jumping out of the van with my dad.

That is what I’m going to find hardest about moving here. Being away from my family since we’re so close. I see them at least twice a week and my sister was always dropping by. I didn’t even move out of the family home when I first went to university to start my doctors degree. I only moved after James convinced me to move in with him and that’s probably the biggest mistake of my life.

Before I can get myself down thinking about my past the door to my apartment bursts open and Rachel comes bouncing in with a box in her arms.

Wow this place is real nice! You sure you don’t want me to move here with you?” She says as she drops the box next to the door and wonders down the hall towards the bedrooms “I mean it even has a bedroom for me!” She shouts back.

I laugh “as much as that sounds like an amazing time I don’t think mum would be to happy about that. Me moving here is hard enough on her. Plus you need to finish high school first!”

She huffs and I laugh. There’s fourteen years between us. Yeah a massive age gap! It was a huge shock for my mum and dad when they found out they were having Rachel. They had me young when they were 20 but I don’t think they ever planned on having another baby after so long. Now I couldn’t imagine my life without my high spirited bouncy sister.

Jeez! Thanks for taking one of the heavy items Rach!” My dad says as he puffs in through my still open door with a side table for my bedroom.

Dad! You should have waited I would help you with the heavier stuff!”

“If I waited for you two all day I would still be here by the end of the week. I need to get back to your mother as soon as possible, she’s ready to have a breakdown!” He says as he places the table down and stands with his hands on his hips looking around “this is real nice Laura, proud of you baby girl!”

I smile and give my dad a side hug “thanks dad. Means a lot to hear that. Let’s go get the rest of this stuff in here so we can go get dinner”

“Oh! Can I pick!! Please!” Rachel whines while heading out the door and back to the lift.

“Of course! You always pick!” Myself and my dad say at the same time causing us all to laugh again.

Still don’t see why I can come out here to stay” Rachel moans while pouting her bottom lip and folding her arms as we go down in the lift.

“That will be because you have school to finish first! Plus your never allowed to move out of our house, your mother is going to lock you in and through away the key” my dad says chuckling.

Yeah your not kidding! She’s still so upset about Laura moving here!”

“Tell you what why don’t you come out here for a few weeks when you finish school? We can have some proper girl time. Ill take some time off work and everything”

“Oh yes! That sounds so good! Can I dad?”

“Well I’m sure your mother will be upset again but I can’t really say no either. You will be 18 by then” he shrugs.

Woo!” Rachel jumps up and down clapping and smiling as we walk to the rental moving van and start taking out the rest of my stuff.

Three hours later were sitting in my livingroom on the floor eating pizza and chicken wings while drinking cans of soda.

Thank you so much for helping me move guys. I would never have managed it on my own”

“Of course we helped baby girl, it’s what family does. Just promise me that if you need us for anything you phone!”

I nod my head at my dad while wiping my greasy fingers on a napkin “promise”

He then looks serious “what will happen with the divorce now your here? How will it work?”

I take a gulp of my soda before I answer him not really wanting to think or talk about the fact I’m getting divorced at 30 “Well when I spoke to my lawyer and explained everything he said it wouldn’t be an issue since everything is pretty much settled and it’s just the final papers that need signed which he can have sent to me and then I just send them back” I shrug.

Ok. Any idea when that will be?”

I shake my head “no it should be soon though. I can’t see how James can prolong it anymore”

My dad narrows his eyes but before he can say anything Rachel buts in “what’s he prolonging anything for! It’s him that cheated on you! It’s him that got another women knocked up when you were trying to get pregnant! Why can’t he just sign the papers and let you move on”

My face drains of all colour as I remember the betrayal of my husband. We had been together since we first started university together. He was my first serious boyfriend my first love my first everything and I thought we would be together forever. Instead he turned out to be a cheating asshole who knocked up a nurse at the hospital we both worked in. So not only was it heartbreaking when everything came out, I still had to go into work everyday and face the nurse who had been sleeping with my husband behind my back for almost two years.

That’s why I’ve moved here. I needed to get away from everyone that knew me, knew us as a couple and the hospital where my life had became a soap drama. I just want to be Dr Laura again not the poor women who’s husband cheated on her and found out because the women he was having the affair with got knocked up.

My dad stands “well why don’t we get out of here Rach and let Laura get organised. It’s been a long day with the travelling let’s go check into our hotel and we will see you tomorrow before we leave ok?”

I had told my dad and Rachel to stay here but with me only having the one bed and no couches just now it wasn’t really going to work. They booked a hotel near though and my dad can obviously tell I need some time alone now.

I stand and hug them both before locking my door and turning out all the lights heading to my bedroom that has a new king size bed all for me. I decide to have a shower first and strip out of my clothes and into the hot soothing water sighing. I lean my head against the wall and allow the water to run over my aching shoulders. I am tired from carrying so much today and I’ve not slept great since I found out about James’ affair so I feel like I could sleep for days.

When I get out the shower and get back into my bedroom I see my phone flashing on my bed. When I pick it up and see it’s James that’s text I hesitate before reading the message, but decide I can’t ignore him it it’s about the divorce.

JAMES: I miss you. Please talk to me. Let me fix this. I will move to Montana with you. I love you. J.

I shake my head as a tear drops down my cheek and then I delete the message. How could he think I would just forgive him so easily and let him move out here as if nothing happened. How could he do that anyway when he is having a child with another women.

I turn my phone off and climb into bed sinking into the fluffy pillows and comfy mattress hoping that my new surroundings will allow me to sleep better and move on with my life finally.
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