Not Her Choice

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Chapter 9 [Part 1]

Sienna’s pov

The day I was dreading finally arrived. My wedding.

The last 2 weeks were hectic with getting everything ready for the wedding. It would have been nice to have a little longer to plan it all but unfortunately there was no option thanks to the venue already being booked. It wasn’t wise to cancel according to my Dad and father in law because the next available date was in a few years time. They want us married now. I understand Dad’s reasoning for wanting the wedding so soon because we don’t know when he could leave this world but what excuse does David have? He is completely healthy and has no illnesses that I am aware of so a few years won’t hurt him.

I’m very nervous about this marriage. I only agreed to it because of Dad. I’m not sure if it will last when I didn’t get to choose my groom. Although Jack is very handsome, looks aren’t everything and can be deceiving. Speaking of Jack, I was very surprised to see him turn up at my house a few days after meeting him for the first time. I know he knew something was up after he asked me if I wanted to marry him. I managed to assure him I did, otherwise the wedding would have been off and Dad would have been disappointed in me then wouldn’t be able to die peacefully knowing I was alone.

The white dress I chose is quite traditional. Not an ounce of skin is showing apart from my neck and hands. It includes scattered lace embellishments and silk.

I put on my face veil just as Dad came into the room to ask

“You ready?”

“Yes,” I replied even though I was nowhere near ready. After the wedding ceremony, I will leave with Jack and live with him for the remainder of our marriage.

I glanced at the mirror for a final check of hair, makeup and my dress. All was in order and we made it out of the house into the fancy car hired for the day.


We made it to the venue a while later. We were a little late but we made it. I took a deep breath before I placed my hand on Dad’s arm and walked up to the double door where the ceremony would take place. I was beginning to feel nervous. I didn’t know how I was going to get through it when I didn’t love the man I was about to marry. If we were in love, I would have been excited but I was feeling anxious instead and wanted to get it over with. Without further ado, Dad opened the door and we walked into the room full of guests. Also where my groom was waiting for me.

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