Not Her Choice

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Chapter 10 [Part 1]

Jack's pov

I gave a sigh of relief. I was getting married after all and would be spared the shame of being left at the last minute which I was grateful for.

Sienna looks amazing in her dress which isn’t over the top, it’s simple but elegant. I’m sure she is the most beautiful bride I have ever seen and once the ceremony is over, she will be all mine. I can’t wait to hold her in my arms and tell her how I feel about her. It won’t be straight away obviously but it will be soon.

I gazed at my bride with adoration. I can’t believe she’s actually here and we are about to get married.

I didn’t take my eyes off my gorgeous bride while she walked with her Dad to get to me. I couldn’t, she is too beautiful for her own good.

When Sienna was stood beside me, her Dad gave her hand to me and I gladly cherished it in mine. I can’t wait for when her face veil is removed to reveal her beautiful face. I think it is time now.

I reached over to the veil and carefully placed it over Sienna’s head to reveal her beautiful face. It took my breath away. I waited for Sienna’s eyes to meet with mine so I could give her a smile but it never happened. She didn’t look at me, she refused to meet my gaze. What’s going on? Why won’t she look at me?

My mood changed. I was happy to be in this moment but it wasn’t perfect with my Bride refusing to look at me.

I took both her hands in mine and turned her to face me. Now she had to look at me but she didn’t, she kept her gaze lowered throughout the entire ceremony even when we said I do and exchanged rings. We were soon pronounced as husband and wife.


I was finally able to take my bride home after she bid her dad farewell. The entire journey to my home which was now ours was a silent one. Not one word was uttered between us and I began to worry. I wanted to know what was going on. Why is Sienna so quiet? Why won’t she speak to me? Is she alright.

Once we had arrived home and were inside the house with Sienna’s belongings, I couldn’t take the silence any longer and demanded to know what was going on.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“Nothing is going on,” Sienna replied without looking at me and began to look through a suitcase for a change of clothes.

“You haven’t said two words to me today and you can’t even look at me. Something is definitely going on. What is it?”

“Nothing is going on. I’m just tired, it’s been a long day,” was Sienna’s short reply before she began to take the stairs with the clothing she’d taken out of the suitcase and a small bag.

“Where are you going?”

“To get changed then go to bed, I am exhausted,” Sienna explained before continuing up the stairs. I followed her into my room which she’d chosen to go into. She made her way to the adjoined bathroom and locked the door behind her. I took that as an opportunity to change out of my suit into some black sweats and loose shirt. Usually I don’t bother with clothes to bed but since Sienna is here, it’s best if I do.

Sienna came out of the bathroom a couple of minutes later with her hair down and makeup removed. She was dressed in shorts and a sleeveless shirt. She looks hot. She still didn’t look at me and made her way to the bed where she instantly got in and lay down with the covers over her. I hesitantly joined her.

“Sienna-” I began to say.

“That’s your side of the bed,” Sienna cut me off as she turned around to face me and pointed to my side of the bed before pointing to her own side of the bed. “And this is mine, don’t even think about coming to my side,”

I gasped in surprise. What Sienna said really hurt. I can’t believe she wants distance from me. We are married now.

"but-" I began to protest.

“No buts,” Sienna cut me off once again.

I sighed and got into my side of the bed and lay down beside Sienna to face her. She glared at me and turned over so her back was facing me which hurt me even more. I sighed. What the hell have I gotten myself into?

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