Not Her Choice

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Chapter 15 [Part 1]

A week later

Jack’s pov

What the hell have I done? What possessed me to do it? I know she’s my wife but I had no right to do that and I deserve the silent treatment she has been giving me the past week. I absolutely hate it but what do I expect after what I did? Things were already weird with whatever Sienna is hiding from me and I made it 100 times worse with what I did.

I thought my life would change after marrying Sienna. I thought I would be happy. I thought I’d finally met someone to love. I truly do love Sienna but now I’ve messed it up. I knew I would fuck over a good thing once I got it. Sienna is the best thing to ever have happened to me but now she isn’t talking to me and I could lose her.

I’ve tried apologising but whenever I say one word to Sienna, she just leaves the room or doesn’t acknowledge anything I say. What else can I do? I deeply regret what I did and want to tell her that but she won’t even listen to me. I have to do something before I lose her. I have to make her listen. She may hate me even more but I have to do this to get her to forgive me so we can both move on together and start our marriage properly.

She hasn’t left me yet so that is a good sign. If she had left me, I wouldn’t blame her. Who in their right mind would stay in a marriage after what I did? Maybe she doesn’t want to give up on our marriage since it’s only been a week. At least that is what I am hoping she is feeling. If she does leave me, I’ll have to let her go but not before a fight. I will fight for what I want. I will fight to have Sienna and I will win.

“Sienna, this is ridiculous,” I commented softly as I took a seat beside Sienna on the couch where she was watching a TV show. “You can’t ignore me forever, I am your husband,”

“Sienna?” I repeated when Sienna completely ignored my presence as usual. “Please,”

“Shut up, I heard you the first time,” Sienna snapped without glancing my way. “I’m trying to watch this,”

Ah my little firecracker is back.

“Can we please talk about this?” I pleaded.



“I said no. Leave me alone,”

“Not until you let me explain,” I insisted.

“Ah,” Sienna screamed quietly. “If it will get you to shut the hell up. Explain. You have 2 minutes,”

“Sienna I’m really sorry for what I did last week. I don’t know what came over me. I’m not that kind of person, I am a nice guy. Really I am. I just don’t know what happened. I was upset with you because you are clearly unhappy being married to me. I just wanted to know why you married me if you weren’t happy. You wouldn’t tell me and I grew angry. I know it wasn’t your fault and I shouldn’t have taken my anger out on you. I promise I will never do anything like that ever again,” Unless you ask me to.

"Good because if you pull anything like that again, I won’t be the only thing you lose,” Sienna glanced down at my private area where the pain had stopped a few days ago. I think Sienna hit me harder than she intended to and I dread to think of more pain she could cause. “Capishe?”

“Yes,” I agreed with a smile. I knew Sienna would forgive me eventually. “I really am sorry. I never meant to ever hurt you like that. Can we please forget it happened and move on. I really want to give our marriage a go. It would be a shame to separate for my stupid actions when we just married. What do you say?”

I held my breath to here Sienna reply.

“I’ll think about it,” Sienna replied. “Now get lost, I want to watch my show in peace,”

Without another word, I left the room with hope. Sienna said she’d think about it which is a good enough reason for me to believe I haven’t blown everything and still have a chance at having a future with her.

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