Not Her Choice

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Chapter 16 [Part 1]

Sienna decided to give me another chance and things quickly got back to the way they were before I had hurt Sienna. She was talking to me now but briefly. I wasn’t happy with that but I accepted it. It was more than I deserved.

I know she doesn’t like me but she is still here which must mean something and that she is willing to give our marriage a go. I wish nothing happened the other day because then we might have made some progress in our relationship by now. Maybe she would have learnt to like me but now it’s going to take a lot longer for anything to happen between us as she is learning to trust me. When I gain that trust, I will never do anything to ever take that trust away. I will spend the rest of our lives together making up for my mistake. I will make her fall in love with me and I will keep her happy for life. She deserves happiness, she is always so grumpy and I want to be the one who makes her happy. The only one.

I decided to take things slowly. I concentrated on work but when I was at home in the evenings and mornings, I always made conversation with Sienna so she would get used to me and to get to know her. It was very difficult when all Sienna wanted to do was be on her own and not talk to me.

She still insists I sleep on my side of the bed and go nowhere near her side. I think it is ridiculous but I’m playing the long game to win her heart. I don’t want to rush things and make her run for the hills. She won’t give me another chance if I blow this one. I have to take my time. One wrong move and I will lose Sienna forever.

Work is so boring and tiring. I wish I could be at home with Sienna. The more time we spend together, the more she will get comfortable with me and the sooner we can move onto the next step to get closer to being how a marriage couple should be together was my last thought as I sat at my desk at work while thinking of the gorgeous vixen of a wife I had at home.

One day the company would be mine and I would have even less time to spend with Sienna. I just hope that isn’t any time soon otherwise Sienna will drift further away from me and we will lose the little progress we have made since my regretful mistake. I wish I had never done that and still am ashamed. I doubt I will ever forgive myself but I will try my best to make it up to her.

I gave a sigh of relief when I had finished my shift and it was time to go home.

As soon as I opened the house door, I felt soft small hands go around my waist and pull me into a hug. I knew it was Sienna immediately. Finally some progress. Being in her arms feels really good. I don’t mind staying this way forever.

“I missed you too,” I commented as I returned the hug happily.

“Hugging you doesn’t mean I missed you,” Sienna disagreed. “It could mean anything,”

Sienna walked away, it crushed my heart but made me more determined than ever to get her to miss me for real, one day.

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