Not Her Choice

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Chapter 17 [Part 1]

Sienna’s pov

I don’t know what is going on between Jack and I but I seem to be able to tolerate him now. He apologised for his shameful behaviour and although I will never forget what he did, we seem to have moved on from the incident. We seem to be getting along and our marriage seems to be on track even though I have no intention of us being a proper married couple. It’s only until I have gotten over Dad’s death when the time comes then I will leave Jack and be on my own until I meet someone I will actually have the choice to marry.

Today is Jack’s day off at work and instead of spending his time with a hobby or something, he’s been pestering me all day. It’s so annoying, he’s following me around like a lovesick puppy and I’ve had enough.

“Don’t you have anything to be getting on with like a hobby or something?” I questioned as I flicked through TV channels for something interesting to watch.

“Nope,” Jack replied from beside me. What is it with him always being so close to me?

“Then find something to do, you’re being creepy,”

“I’m quite happy being right here with you thank you very much,”

“Well I’m not,” I disagreed and switched the TV off because there was nothing to watch. I decided to go upstairs to grab my phone but I ended up staying upstairs lounging on the bed with my phone. Finally some peace and quiet. Also distance from the creepy handsome guy I’m married to.

My peace wasn’t to last because think of the devil and he shall appear.

Jack walked into the room and joined me on the bed. He lay down on his side of the bed and closed his eyes. At least he isn’t staring at me intensely like he does sometimes.

I ignored him and played with the apps on my phone with the volume on high to annoy Jack and get him to leave the room but he didn’t budge. In fact, he didn’t seem phased at all or so I thought.

After some time, Jack opened his eyes and sat up before he did something unexpected. He grabbed the phone out of my hands before saying

“That’s enough of that,”

“Hey give that back, it’s mine,” I said angrily and reached for my phone but Jack refused to return it back to me.

“Really?” I questioned with my eyebrows raised. “Give it to me,”

“Nope,” Jack disagreed. He lay down again on his side facing towards me and put his hand with the phone in behind his back so I couldn’t reach it. It didn’t stop me from trying though. I managed to get my hand on the phone but Jack wouldn’t let go of it. Instead, he turned to lay on his back. It was too quick that I ended up laying on top of him somehow with Jack’s free hand on my back. It all happened so fast. Jack let go of my phone to put his other hand on my back and I was caged into his embrace as our eyes met. My heart sped up and I could hear it pounding against my chest as Jack’s eyes went to my lips and lingered there. The next things I knew, his lips were pressed against mine.

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