Not Her Choice

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Chapter 20 [Part 1]

When the deed was done, we were in a tangled mess with the sheets. I can’t believe what just happened. When I vowed to never let anything happen after we kissed, we had to end up sleeping together. I guess it was good but it was a mistake that must never repeat itself. Pull yourself together Sienna and get a grip. I need to stop this now before things get out of hand.

I pushed Jack's arm off me and pulled the sheets around me to get to the bathroom. I didn’t care that Jack was now fully exposed to me. It didn’t matter, there wasn’t an inch of his body that I didn’t know after what had just happened between us. I am so ashamed. I was forced to marry a man and now I have slept with him giving him the idea of a future between us.

“Where are you-” Jack began to ask but didn’t get to finish as I slammed the bathroom door shut and locked it behind me. I dropped the sheets from around me, turned the shower on and stepped under to wash away the sins of what had just happened. All the while, I couldn’t stop thinking about every detail of what had happened. It was stuck on replay in my mind. It had been a beautiful moment for me and I was sure it was the same for Jack. I must put a stop to it before I hurt him.

After my shower, I returned to the bedroom with a towel to cover my modesty. I ignored Jack and grabbed some clothes to wear. Jack sighed before I heard him get out of bed and head to the bathroom.

I gave a sigh of relief when I heard the shower running and got dressed before drying my hair.

When it was dry, I tied my hair up in a bun by which time Jack had returned from his shower. He got dressed before he tried to pull me into his arms.

“What are you doing?” I asked as I stepped away.

“Sienna?” Jack looked hurt. “I thought we were ok now. We just made love,”

“No we didn’t,” I disagreed. “It was a mistake and will never happen again,”

“How long are you going to kid yourself Sienna? We both have feelings for each other. We wouldn’t have slept together otherwise,” Jack addressed the elephant in the room.

“People sleep together all the time, it doesn’t mean a thing. Just because we slept together, it doesn’t mean we are in love or something,” I remarked.

“I’m not talking about other people, I am talking about us. You can deny it for however long you want, even forever but the truth is we are a married couple in love,”

“You got no proof,” I huffed.

“Oh but I do,” Jack smirked before his face turned serious. “You were a virgin which proves you have feeling for me. You would never have given me your virginity otherwise,”

Crap! He’s right but I can’t have feeling for him. My body just craves his and that’s all there is to it right?

“Just accept it so we can both have a chance at happiness, together,” Jack added before he sat on the bed and gestured for me to join him.

I sighed. Jack wasn’t going to let me win this argument today so today he had won.

I reluctantly made my way to the bed where Jack pulled me into his arms and lay us down together. It felt like home, like we were meant to be.

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