Not Her Choice

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Chapter 22 [Part 1]

The kiss heated up pretty quickly thanks to Sienna allowing me to touch her. I was surprised by that but didn’t complain. I’m on a roll with her, I’m never going to jeopardise that. Sienna has finally given us a chance, I can’t mess it up because I may never get the chance again. I must do my best to keep the girl I have fallen deeply in love with. I wish she felt the same but I know it is too early for her. Sienna has just accepted me as her husband, it will take time for her to love me. It’s ok, I can wait. I’d wait forever knowing that one day she will love me as much as I love her.

“Hmm,” Sienna moaned as I deepened our kiss as much as I possibly could. I smiled when I pulled away after a couple of minutes to let us both catch a breath.

“Still think that Vampire dude is hotter than me?” I asked when both our heart rates had slowed down a little from the excitement.


“We’ll see about that,”

I joined our lips once more and passionately kissed my wife with as much emotion as possible. I wanted her to know how much she meant to me. I knew she didn’t like me expressing how I felt with words but seemed to be fine with me showing her through physical contact which I had no problem with. I hope this shows her I love her, I don’t know what else will. I want her to feel loved so she will stay with me forever.

After some time of making out and when I thought Sienna was ready for the next step, I carefully carried her upstairs to our bed without breaking our lips apart. Sienna didn’t protest which I took as a good sign. We were going to make love, I knew it would be just as special as our first time if not better.

“I love you,” I declared my feelings to Sienna for the first time. Sienna’s eyes widened in surprise and she became speechless. It was ok, I knew I wouldn’t hear those three special words back from her, it was too soon. I leaned down to place my lips on Sienna’s for a sweet kiss before pulling away to make love to each other.


I had been right, it had been better than our first time and I was so happy. Sienna was quiet. I guess she is still reeling from what we’ve just done and me telling her I love her earlier. I’m glad I haven’t pushed her away by telling her, she didn’t run a mile, she stayed and we made love. I can’t believe it. The beauty in my arms is mine.

“He could never make you feel like this,” I commented.

“Who?” Sienna asked in confusion.

“The Vampire guy from your show,” I clarified through gritted teeth. I hate him, he takes away my wife’s affections when I am right beside her. How could she think he’s better than me? He’s not even all that, he’s-

“I will never know, he’s married in real life,” Sienna told me. Thank god, if they ever meet then nothing will happen between them but what if it does? Sienna is beautiful and he does have eyes, what if he likes what he sees and steals her away from me?

“You’re married too so why bother thinking of him in such a way?” I asked. “You’re mine, I won’t let anyone ever take you away from me no matter how famous they are,”

“A girl can dream,” Sienna shrugged.

“You don’t need to, you have me. I’m yours,” I told Sienna as I tucked a few stray hairs behind her ear then pecked her on the lips. “All yours as you’re mine,”


Sienna’s pov

When Jack told me he loved me, I wasn’t surprised but it felt so surreal. I never thought I’d ever meet anyone who would love me. I just can’t believe it. I wasn’t ready to say it back to Jack. Although I would never admit it to Jack, I like him a lot, I know I do. I’ve given him a chance to prove himself and he has. He is such a great guy, it’s a shame we will only be together until I am over my Dad’s death when the time comes. It will be difficult to leave Jack, he loves me and I think I am beginning to fall for him.

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