Not Her Choice

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Chapter 23 [Part 1]

“I love you,” Jack told me one morning. It became a thing ever since he first told me he loved me, he never left for work without making sure I knew he loved me. He joined our lips together for a lingering kiss before he pulled away and left for work. It’s quite upsetting, he loves me but I can’t say it back. I’m just starting to fall for him, I don’t love him and can’t say it back but hope one day I can love him back then tell him how I feel. Jack has proven he is truly sorry for the towel incident at the beginning of our marriage and has been a gentlemen since. I feel so bad, I know he wants my love but I am nowhere near ready to give it to him. I don’t understand why I can’t. I gave my virginity to him and we’ve been sleeping together ever since, we’re like a real married couple in love now but I am yet to say the three special words to him.

I hated being apart from Jack, he worked long hours and I missed him when he wasn’t with me. I wanted him with me. I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m on my own, I just want Jack here with me. I really need to find something to do, all I do is watch boxsets or spend the day on phone apps. It sounds so boring when you think about it. I really need to find a better hobby.

Later in the day, I began to cook a meal ready for when Jack came home. By the time I was done, it was time for Jack to arrive. I had my hands around his neck and my lips on his before he could step into the house. I felt Jack smile against my lips before he stepped into the house and closed the door. He placed his hands around my waist and deepened the kiss as he stepped further into the house taking me along with him.

“What a lovely way to greet your loving husband when he comes home from a long day at work,” Jack commented with a smile when we pulled apart a few minutes later.

“That wasn’t a greeting,” I denied before Jack could takes things to the next level. I’ve been slaving away in the kitchen for hours, Jack has to have what I’ve cooked before he can even dare to think of anything else. I let go of Jack and headed towards the kitchen, Jack quickly caught up with me and grabbed my hand in his.

“So what are we doing in here?” Jack questioned once we had stepped into the kitchen.

“I made dinner,” I answered. “I just finished,”

“Really?” Jack questioned with a smile. “You cooked dinner for us?”

I didn’t answer as I began to plate up the food and got everything ready to eat.

“This looks great,” Jack commented once we were seated at the dining table.

“Thanks,” I blushed before taking a bite of the food and my was it delicious. I am proud of myself. This meal of chicken roast, mash and veg turned out to be amazing.

“This is delicious,” Jack complimented when he was half way through his plate. “Thank you,”

“You’re welcome,” I blushed again. I don’t know what’s gotten into me, I don’t blush but I am now. It must be because I am falling for Jack and whatever he says to me means something now.

Once we had eaten, I cleared the table and Jack helped me wash up before we went to the living room couch.

Jack took my hands in his as we sat down.

“You’re amazing,” Jack said as he looked deep into my eyes with love. “Thank you for giving us a chance,”

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