Not Her Choice

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Chapter 25 [Part 1]

“Dad what are you doing?” I demanded once Dad had shoved me into his car and had started to drive.

“I’m doing what is best for you. You are better off without Jack,” Dad replied before concentrating on driving to who knows where.

“How am I better off without him?” I questioned. “He’s my husband, I should be with him,”

“He’s just using you to get his Dad’s business. David wouldn’t give it to him until he got married,”

“That may be true that David would give him the business after he married but Jack doesn’t seem interested in the business. In fact he’s never spoken about taking it from his Dad and I can see he genuinely loves me. If he was faking it, I would know,” I said confidently. I know our marriage didn’t start off well but I know Jack well enough to say he isn’t interested in taking over his Dad’s business. He would have always talked about it if that was what he wanted but he rarely talks about work and when he does, I get the impression he isn’t really into it. I know his love for me is real. I don’t believe a word that comes out of my Dad’s mouth after he’s done the unthinkable, kidnapping his own daughter to keep her away from her loving husband. I miss Jack so much, I wish I could be with him now and tell him how I feel. I know it will make him the happiest man alive. I know it’s been upsetting for him to tell me he loves me everyday but not have me say it back. I doubt I will get the chance to tell him now because of Dad.

“You’re only kidding yourself if you believe that,” Dad muttered and after that no word were said between us. I had no intention of speaking with my kidnapper even if he happened to be my Dad. It doesn’t excuse what he’s done and if his actions mean I will lose the man I’ve just come to realise I am in love with then I will never forgive him.

We didn’t go home like I expected us to go. I soon realised we were heading to the airport. I was correct when Dad pulled up outside the airport a while later.

“What the hell are we doing here?” I demanded when we got out of the car.

“You didn’t seriously think we were going home were you? That’s the first place your husband will think to look. We can’t allow that can we? No, we’re going abroad,” Dad replied as he took out 2 passports from a bag. I grabbed them off him and saw that it was mine and his.

“How did you get my passport?”

“When you married, you left it behind in your room,” Dad smirked. Damn! I knew I had forgotten something after I had packed before my wedding day but I didn’t know what. Now I know.

“Where are we going?”

“Barbados, call it a late wedding present,” was all Dad said before he grabbed the passports, shoved them into the bag before grabbing my hand and I was dragged through the airport to the correct terminal to board the plane that was waiting for us.

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